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Thoughts? Advice? I'm thinking going to my gym is going to be a huge pain so if there's anything I can do at home, that'd be better.
I went into a store over the weekend and they said they had "digital" lenses. What the heck were they talking about? They compared it to looking at an HD image instead of regular TV if you pay this extra fee.
Quote: Originally Posted by PrimusPilus I always thought frat hazing was homoerotic. Bunch a dudes spanking each other with paddles? Only the black houses did that. Now how do you feel? Racist!!!!
Quote: Originally Posted by Another New Yorker That was rush that wasn't hazing. It's when freshmen and fraternities scout each other out to see who would like to be with who and fraternities threw extravagant events to impress the freshmen they liked. i stopped attending that fraternity's events pretty quickly. but some guys thought that was awesome I know what rush is, I wasn't a gdi. And, again, I would never want an idiot who thinks...
If someone asked me to eat lollipops out of a whore's axe cut, I would never have joined. Anyone that doesn't get that is dumber than a rock. There is fun hazing and then there is just meaningless violence. I support the former. The latter for all the guys I secretly hated.
In my experience in banking, Asian kids were the ones that took criticism in the worst of ways. And I have had 2 Asian bosses and both have been the most anal, get lost in the details, make anyone under you miserable kind of way. I hope (and think) that my experiences are outliers.
dodo case or pen & quill? a review last year went with pen & quill but I don't know if the ipad 2 versions are any different.
If someone is a 7.5E UK in C&J. What size would they be for the darlton loafers?
There is something very interesting about the way you operate/think but I'm having difficulty verbalizing it.
Anyone seen any availability in NYC? I called up radio shacks and best buy and they were all out. And the Apple Store has a line at 8 AM every day because chinese resellers keep buying these things up.
New Posts  All Forums: