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So has Crane's actually shot someone yet or is it all just part of the Dirty Harry / George Zimmerman fantasy for now?
Not sure if you're planning on putting a bun in the oven anytime soon, but keep that in mind before you start filling your place up with sharp-ish edges.
I hear the devil is Ashkenazi. Is that true?
He can fuck a goat and be a member of whatever religion he wants, but Germans, Peruvians, and Catholics are the only ones blessed to have him as a member of their groups as far as I know.
Yeah well until I see somewhere reputable say so, this guy is just Hispanic to me and the Catholic Church can have him. Also for the record, his ugly mom considers herself part black: http://www.latintimes.com/articles/6341/20130715/george-zimmerman-white-race-peruvian-black-gladys.htm#.UeiNX8u9KSM
Jlibourel, the guy who is given a free pass to say whatever nonsense he wants, has said it. Sure.There isn't a single reputable source I have found that says it. Spend time googling it and you'll end up in all sorts of weird little nooks of internet racism and antisemitism (you would think they'd all congregate in one are given their shared aryan blood). At some point you will come across the fact that his name has one "n" not two so this is a sign he is Jewish. Except...
Care to share where exactly you got that his father is Jewish?
I find old original versions of these "iconic" chairs to be of value. I don't see what's appealing about something mass produced now with no real connection to the artist. It doesn't matter if you buy real or replicas to me; just the fact that it has a replica is an indicator of how unappealing it is.
http://gizmodo.com/5982909/5-apps-to-turn-your-phone-into-a-universal-remoteFor you and Foo.Otherwise, the TimeWarner app lets you control what's on tv as well as to play it on your iPad.
So you have multiple apps to control multiple boxes? I'll be honest - it doesn't sound pleasant.
New Posts  All Forums: