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Anyone use Mina for a tux?
8 on label, fits closer to 8.5
Yeah I wrote the guy and he said I can send them back. We didn't discuss return shipping. It does bug me that he really didn't mention anything about this from the beginning. I just didn't know if between the low cost and the kind of dye job Ron would do if it makes sense to keep them, especially if I don't have to go to the post office which I hate with a passion.
So I thought I found a good deal on Santoni goodyears with double soles at $180. The shoes come in and one looks a little lighter than the other. I search on styleforum and evidently this happens often with display shoes. So I walk on over to B. Nelson to ask him. I never remember the guy's name (sorry Nick) but he looks like a Latin American Nick. Anyway, he tells me how the color is applied in layers and how polishing it might not make it match still. And he...
I thought it was you, though I could easily be mistaken, that said they do damage to the sole and each time you do a resole, it gets worse.
Looks roomy enough for tranny hands I suppose.
I wouldn't have thought you'd do pegging...
The only guy I know who got those pockets was overweight and growing. He also demanded that his assistant order him markers "with smell" after she made the mistake of ordering him the no fume ones. He was fired after several late night transactions with transvestites in the office caused concern. In short, western pockets are a no-no.
Jesus - you really wore that?
I'd wait around but I've taken 2 months off before and come out all the worse for it. I'm already upset I can't run but nothing I can do about that. Willpower, those bands you're talking about - where should I buy them and do they actually correspond to a real weight? Meaning if I press X, then I should use a certain band? And do you recommend getting several?
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