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Why?It's only huge if you really feel like going into the seedier parts and you can clearly tell when that starts to happen.
Here's my advice: Get out of that hell hole as fast as you can - take the train to Versaille even. Spend time in that town or on the camp ground or go on the tour of the estate. If you insist on staying, stop by the Rodin museum. The bookstore you like is a bit cute I suppose, but the tourists in it are not. The flea would be a lot more interesting than going to the Eiffel tower and getting harassed by the Senegalese souvenier hawkers. And if you're impressed by...
Last week I spent a bit of time on Gawker going back and forth with some asshole on Detroit. Evidently the newest theory is that Wall Street destroyed Detroit because they foreclosed on the houses, didn't pay taxes, and are now trying to screw hard workers because they got burned gambling on "risky" muni bonds. By the way, to all who need it, Gawker is a great way to relieve anger without fear of getting banned. I have said things on there that make that crazy Mike...
Yes on black tie.The issue is I need a waistcoat to match a tuxedo in that fabric with grosgrain lapels. Yes I understand that if it's not the same cloth, from the same roll, etc. it won't be a match. But it is what it is.I was thinking of just asking Ercole to do it. No clue if he would have anything similar.
It was silly to have made a completely separate thread about this as I am sure it'll be easier to get answers in here. Kiton has a 14 micron super 180s fabric. If I wanted this in black, or something very similar, what are my options?
Is it possible to have a tailor make something from this fabric without going to Kiton? Can I purchase it separately at a place like TipTop or is that sorta like finding a needle in a haystack? I understand this is exclusive to them but per other postings I am lead to believe that exclusive is a rather loose term here.
I can understand the benefit, but then i have trouble understanding the pricing.
I was reading the reviews.This is a glued sole?? Not even welted?
Yeah it's always funny walking into someone's apartment and noticing really expensive furniture that's been baby proofed. Weird little gates that have been setup, all the electricity outlets have those weird plugs in them, and the coffee and side tables have the rubber thing around it.Just adopt a teenager and you won't have to deal with this. Or, better yet, adopt a 22 year old with limited potential in life and you can skip paying for their education too!
Not sure if any of you realize just how much of your information is out there but google your names. The worst site had my estimated income, email, cell phone, and a google maps street view of my parents home. In my opinion that is a lot more bothersome than the NSA monitoring at this point.
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