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This is what I was going to tell you to do. I have done it. Having an ipad or iphone out looks much better than those remotes. It can also work with other boxes you need to control.Oh and btw, try finding an attractive universal remote - I'm not even sure what half the buttons on those things do, perhaps they help to operate the Japanese ass-washing toilets.What are you doing with your cable box, dvd/blu-ray? The other option is to put it by that. I want FiOS and was...
The product was just revealed for consumer use. It's not even in stores yet although Home Depot is supposedly shipping it. Prior to that I'm not aware of it being sold elsewhere but who knows maybe it was in some commercial use.Regardless you're a fucking idiot. Someone asks about stain repellant, someone else is impressed, and you being the dirty taint that you are feel the need to tell the person you're cooler because you saw it at some trade show. Nice anecdotal...
No way - I've only seen that video. But the guy does use it on fabric and get away with it. I have to imagine it does something to the fabric though.
It's the first time it is being sold to the public. It's nice that you saw it at a trade show - I've seen flying cars at the auto show so I suppose it'll be nothing new when the local Audi dealership starts hawking them.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DZrjXSsfxMQ Use this instead
Is the paget really EG?
From all the comments I've read and discussions I've had with people on here it seems like you have to tell ercole what you want...to direct him. That there is no "house style". So what does this entail if you want a harmonious look? Do you bring him a picture of a solito or rubinacci and you get that? Or does that make it worse? I only ask as I have 5-6 months to have a tux made. I dragged my feet, Foo freaked me out about Mina, and Chan is visiting NY only once in that...
I don't have Foo's photoshop abilities, but it just seems much more pronounced vs many of the other tailors. Interesting on the height thing...I always thought it makes the wearer taller. It's probably just one of those things I think I have in my head from a long time ago so I just assumed everyone wanted it like that. http://putthison.com/post/16924570939/quarter-for-your-thoughts-one-of-the-most http://www.styleforum.net/t/43980/open-or-closed-quarters/0_100
Does no one take issue with the quarters on their jackets? They look like OTR jackets for someone with a huge drop that had to be taken in on the sides. Are there examples of more open quarters? And do both of them create it that way?
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