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How does Pierre of Paris compare against Cardelino? I haven't used either. Assume more complicated work like shortening sleeves from the shoulder, altering sleeve pitch, or shortening the jacket itself without throwing balance off.
Well this thread is also on black lapel. With the upgrade to full canvas, they would be the same price almost no? And they offer alterations and remakes, etc. So on what level then is PS better? I'm not asking rhetorical questions; I want to know since it isn't making sense.You are right in that there are a lot of positive reviews. Unfortunately, almost all of the positive reviews are from people who received the product for free.I am not creating a negative review,...
So you have just confirmed what I said.The way to improve the fit in MTM or even bespoke is with the number of fittings, adjustments, etc. It's not a bad thing to have additional fittings.Propersuit measures you once and based on the fact that they have a couple of people who "understand fit" (not master tailors mind you, just guys who "understand fit") they pump out a perfect fit. Although commissions improve over time, you're stretching considerably to make it seem as...
So let me get this straight. Proper Suit will make you a suit. And if they need to make alterations, they won't pay you back for it. In fact they will rarely even offer a "re-make". All they will offer you is credit towards a next suit. So you end up with at one definitely shitty suit but will be incentivized to purchase another possibly shitty suit. Did I get that right? Because if I did, this is ingenious on their part and not quite so genius on your parts.
At the end of the day they are all cunts. I think maybe one didn't know wtf he sent a dicture but for the most part none of this shit was random.
In all fairness, bedroom is not meant to be taken in the literal sense.Also, the list of politicians and rulers who have had women on the side is endless. Even great ones.He talks a little dirty to some cunt who enjoys it and then once she thinks she can get money or fame, she goes public with it.Yeah I will take that. Gladly in fact.
Two things I require for skull fucking:1) Female2) Lots of cryingI fear Tony would provide for none of those.* Note to others, once you watch skull fucking videos, it's downhill from there...trust me.
You can always bargain. The price is the price you want to pay. I doubt you will find an expert on everything there that knows what market value is for everything. Anyway, it's fun to walk around there.Versailles is where I would send anyone visiting Saudi Arabi...I mean Paris.
I hear she's incredibly nice. What's not incredibly nice is the series of network tv vans on park ave outside her apartment since the announcement - trying to get even a glimpse of her.
So is anyone in here able to vote for the Mayor of New York or do you all just like to jibber jabber? I haven't really seen too many NY'ers complaining about him but the amount of liberal twats from Jersey who like to worry about his ability to manage this city is very large. Also there is something amusing about the number of liberals who have no problem saying they don't care what happens in someone's bedroom now all of a sudden caring.
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