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It was silly to have made a completely separate thread about this as I am sure it'll be easier to get answers in here. Kiton has a 14 micron super 180s fabric. If I wanted this in black, or something very similar, what are my options?
Is it possible to have a tailor make something from this fabric without going to Kiton? Can I purchase it separately at a place like TipTop or is that sorta like finding a needle in a haystack? I understand this is exclusive to them but per other postings I am lead to believe that exclusive is a rather loose term here.
I can understand the benefit, but then i have trouble understanding the pricing.
I was reading the reviews.This is a glued sole?? Not even welted?
Yeah it's always funny walking into someone's apartment and noticing really expensive furniture that's been baby proofed. Weird little gates that have been setup, all the electricity outlets have those weird plugs in them, and the coffee and side tables have the rubber thing around it.Just adopt a teenager and you won't have to deal with this. Or, better yet, adopt a 22 year old with limited potential in life and you can skip paying for their education too!
Not sure if you're planning on putting a bun in the oven anytime soon, but keep that in mind before you start filling your place up with sharp-ish edges.
I find old original versions of these "iconic" chairs to be of value. I don't see what's appealing about something mass produced now with no real connection to the artist. It doesn't matter if you buy real or replicas to me; just the fact that it has a replica is an indicator of how unappealing it is.
http://gizmodo.com/5982909/5-apps-to-turn-your-phone-into-a-universal-remoteFor you and Foo.Otherwise, the TimeWarner app lets you control what's on tv as well as to play it on your iPad.
So you have multiple apps to control multiple boxes? I'll be honest - it doesn't sound pleasant.
OK so good it's not hidden in a side closet. Put the actual remote in the credenza. Use the iPhone/ipad apps as your daily remote. If in the rare case you need some magic button that isn't in the app, go to the credenza. It's the only elegant solution. You putting a box on a table is allowing for clutter but just changing the look of the clutter. It's unnecessary. Heck, if you were going to do that, get one of those fake empty books that alcoholics who don't read...
New Posts  All Forums: