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Watch the videos. You will understand. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=oGNT3f02XsE#t=176It is very hard to get the world (minus a handful of shitty states) to completely agree that something is "terrible". Chem weapons does that.
I know the classic white tie outfit uses single cuffs. For black tie, is the same true? Or is it simply preference? Is there a benefit to the single cuff even? Even with the marcella I imagine it still doesn't look as nice holding the links - am I wrong?
Anyone have any ideas where I can source fintes (drago) 180s? Should I take the oregon trail and swing by Tip Top?
Are prices on the hangers better on wingtip.com ?
You joined just to tell us this?And I am sure it's nothing but this is the pattern that was making me suspicious. A guy is a tailor for years, nobody uses him (or at least talks of it), and then the universe magically outs him and everyone joins styleforum just to praise him.
On the road, but I wanted you all to know they will make it in a size S (it is 38 inches). Hope to receive it soon from England.
You look legit. The other commenters who are praising him feel like Pierre et al. is recommending himself.
Something makes me feel uncomfortable about a few of the Pierre reviews on here. I will leave it at that because it's only a feeling.
Do they make them in smalls? Also, Thurston only sells multi-fit online. Aside from ASW, anywhere else to get sized ones?
How does Pierre of Paris compare against Cardelino? I haven't used either. Assume more complicated work like shortening sleeves from the shoulder, altering sleeve pitch, or shortening the jacket itself without throwing balance off.
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