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I trucked it. And let me tell you, it was a pain in the ass. It was also a practice in patience because for an hour, the guy next to me on the train picked his nose. For an hour. How he wasn't bleeding I don't know. Bay Ridge is a funny area - signs on the stores in chinese, virgin maries on houses, italian flags on cars - a very strange melting pot. But that hour ride was brutal.
You are correct. The bespoke is in-house and can be done more quickly.Exactly. I don't blame Ercole for having higher prices - he should do whatever he can to get paid the most. But I gather that many of the people that want to use him know enough about tailors to no longer choose him at higher prices.I know it was higher for me and I also checked with 2 others here who had the same experience (I was the only new one out of the three). I am not sure why your experience...
More. Much more. But he is in a different class. If I had the time I would have loved to work with him. I only brought him up because people talk about how nice Ercole is and there are comments about Raphael being difficult to work with; I just think all tailors are nice so I don't give a point to ercole/frank/Jeremy only for being nice.But Ercoles prices are not too far from Mina. Chan either. I can't remember Steed off hand but I remember it not being too much higher....
They have increased prices significantly so this is no longer a bargain if you ever thought it was. So then the question becomes do you enjoy paying that price point for what he makes? Yes yes they are a very nice bunch and that goes a long way but when I met with Raphael he wasn't the prick everyone made him out to be and I don't imagine any tailor not being nice. And do you enjoy going at least an hour outside of the city to their main shop? By the way, the real...
Aside from that is there an actual benefit? Its thinner but not as soft.
I know the classic white tie outfit uses single cuffs. For black tie, is the same true? Or is it simply preference? Is there a benefit to the single cuff even? Even with the marcella I imagine it still doesn't look as nice holding the links - am I wrong?
Anyone have any ideas where I can source fintes (drago) 180s? Should I take the oregon trail and swing by Tip Top?
Are prices on the hangers better on ?
You joined just to tell us this?And I am sure it's nothing but this is the pattern that was making me suspicious. A guy is a tailor for years, nobody uses him (or at least talks of it), and then the universe magically outs him and everyone joins styleforum just to praise him.
On the road, but I wanted you all to know they will make it in a size S (it is 38 inches). Hope to receive it soon from England.
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