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My good deed for the day: If you have tiny baby feet, swing by Century 21. Lobbs with shoe trees for $400. 5.5E tagged (UK).
I had my father and my best man use Proper Suit for their tuxedos. General opinion is the results are good. Great? No way. No alteration needed? No way. But do I think it was a very solid choice, especially at that price point? Yes, absolutely. And I would recommend again.
On a vest the lapels are flatter and aren't the same complexity as a jacket, right? Shouldn't it be much easier and more affordable to do the lapels?
If I wanted to change the material to silk grosgrain from another material, is that possible? It's not a normal jacket lapel so I imagine this is actually easy - is that the case? Thank you.
I sent you a PM - please get back to me. You seem to have found the chupacabra.
Hey guys I was looking for the rlpl eg opera pumps. Someone on here said they found it recently at an outlet but I have no idea where. Nothing on eBay. Any advice?
Anywhere? No Ralph Lauren store had them. Grapevine hill is gone. I saw someone found a pair recently in an outlet but I can't quite figure out where the outlet was.
Let me clarify one other thing. Timing is a big factor. It's a lot harder to work with any of the guys outside the US if you need something quicker. Ercole would win hands down if timing is a priority. If it isn't, you don't have a long relationship with them and haven't nailed down what you consider your "perfect fit"...not sure what the reason would be to pick Ercole over NSM.
http://www.styleforum.net/t/286016/best-bespoke-tailoring-in-new-york-city/0_100#post_5176455There have been a lot of threads in the last several years here and elsewhere with that connotation. I thought he was an absolute sweetheart and my fiance wanted me to use him after dealing with the woman in his office.I have spoken with Mina, Ercole, Raphael, Steed, and David. The guy at Winston Tailors. Even Carl at CEGO. Also got my father measured at Proper Suit. Every...
I trucked it. And let me tell you, it was a pain in the ass. It was also a practice in patience because for an hour, the guy next to me on the train picked his nose. For an hour. How he wasn't bleeding I don't know. Bay Ridge is a funny area - signs on the stores in chinese, virgin maries on houses, italian flags on cars - a very strange melting pot. But that hour ride was brutal.
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