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I picked it up and actually thought "aww these are so cute". You should have seen the shoe trees - you would understand.As for reselling - not for me. I don't like flippers but more than that I really hate going to the post office. Oh how I hate the post office.
My good deed for the day: If you have tiny baby feet, swing by Century 21 downtown. Lobbs with shoe trees for $400. 5.5E tagged (UK).
My good deed for the day: If you have tiny baby feet, swing by Century 21. Lobbs with shoe trees for $400. 5.5E tagged (UK).
I had my father and my best man use Proper Suit for their tuxedos. General opinion is the results are good. Great? No way. No alteration needed? No way. But do I think it was a very solid choice, especially at that price point? Yes, absolutely. And I would recommend again.
On a vest the lapels are flatter and aren't the same complexity as a jacket, right? Shouldn't it be much easier and more affordable to do the lapels?
If I wanted to change the material to silk grosgrain from another material, is that possible? It's not a normal jacket lapel so I imagine this is actually easy - is that the case? Thank you.
I sent you a PM - please get back to me. You seem to have found the chupacabra.
Hey guys I was looking for the rlpl eg opera pumps. Someone on here said they found it recently at an outlet but I have no idea where. Nothing on eBay. Any advice?
Anywhere? No Ralph Lauren store had them. Grapevine hill is gone. I saw someone found a pair recently in an outlet but I can't quite figure out where the outlet was.
Let me clarify one other thing. Timing is a big factor. It's a lot harder to work with any of the guys outside the US if you need something quicker. Ercole would win hands down if timing is a priority. If it isn't, you don't have a long relationship with them and haven't nailed down what you consider your "perfect fit"...not sure what the reason would be to pick Ercole over NSM.
New Posts  All Forums: