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Thoughts on waistcoats? A) Full back with the fabric, B) bemberg back (kiton's style), C) Backless I was also considering asking for it fully unlined so it is thinner and cooler.
This is what I was thinking. Shipton actually pointed me towards C&J and Sargent because the quality was supposedly better. I just can't imagine that patent leather quality differs that much so it has to be the sole construction. If that's the case, as nice as having patent shoes last forever sounds, I don't imagine I'd ever wear them enough to require new ones let alone desire to have creased uppers with new soles.Anyway these were the three shoes I was...
Thoughts on getting a grosgrain balmoral? And any reason to do a good year alfred sargent templar over a blake stitched shipton & heneage? The blake will be thinner and I doubt I will ever need to re-sole these that often that a goodyear would be better.
Yup that's one of the options I mentioned - still too expensive to justify it. If it didn't have the RLPL or the EG on it, everyone would be shocked at paying so much for a cemented shoe. Still I would get it if it were around 200 or less.These were my top choices. I however am lazy to the point that everything I do is last minute and none of these are available at stores in NY so I lose unfortunately. They would take too long to be made and sent over.
Hah well I would like to remind you there are a lot of online tailors from the East. Including SF fav Luxire.
If anyone sees a good formal/tuxedo shoe or slipper/pump in size US 8.5D (UK 7.5E) please let me know. I don't like the clunk of the Aldens, I can't find the RLPL EG opera pumps anymore, and my only options are the RLPL patent leather oxford or a Ferragamo oxford which is a lot of money for something I'd wear so rarely and which is a cemented sole.
It looks legit but I've never dealt with them and payment is via wire transfer. Thoughts?
If you really want it I may be able to make a trip there and get it. I really really hope someone else on here volunteers because I hate the post office and am dealing with wedding nonsense. I'd do it at cost + shipping but that would have to be an incredibly firm commitment on your part (no returns, no worries over your sizing, etc.).
Anything that might fit a 38 or 40 Short?
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