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Thoughts on getting a grosgrain balmoral? And any reason to do a good year alfred sargent templar over a blake stitched shipton & heneage? The blake will be thinner and I doubt I will ever need to re-sole these that often that a goodyear would be better.
Yup that's one of the options I mentioned - still too expensive to justify it. If it didn't have the RLPL or the EG on it, everyone would be shocked at paying so much for a cemented shoe. Still I would get it if it were around 200 or less.These were my top choices. I however am lazy to the point that everything I do is last minute and none of these are available at stores in NY so I lose unfortunately. They would take too long to be made and sent over.
Hah well I would like to remind you there are a lot of online tailors from the East. Including SF fav Luxire.
If anyone sees a good formal/tuxedo shoe or slipper/pump in size US 8.5D (UK 7.5E) please let me know. I don't like the clunk of the Aldens, I can't find the RLPL EG opera pumps anymore, and my only options are the RLPL patent leather oxford or a Ferragamo oxford which is a lot of money for something I'd wear so rarely and which is a cemented sole.
It looks legit but I've never dealt with them and payment is via wire transfer. Thoughts?
If you really want it I may be able to make a trip there and get it. I really really hope someone else on here volunteers because I hate the post office and am dealing with wedding nonsense. I'd do it at cost + shipping but that would have to be an incredibly firm commitment on your part (no returns, no worries over your sizing, etc.).
Anything that might fit a 38 or 40 Short?
Some Brioni shirts for around 120. Nothing that impressed me enough to deal with the crowds and wait in line.
I picked it up and actually thought "aww these are so cute". You should have seen the shoe trees - you would understand.As for reselling - not for me. I don't like flippers but more than that I really hate going to the post office. Oh how I hate the post office.
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