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So at this point who still thinks the Arab spring should have been supported by the West?
America was asking for it. She wore a short skirt. The pro-West Libyans you see in those pictures will move out of the country to the West within a decade. Their children will seek greater meaning in their lives and join jihadist movements and hate the West shortly after. Morons like Kingstonian will support them in their endeavors. US "Community organizers" and their supporters will give bring them to the US university lecture circuit. And so on and so on.
Here's some gun history for you that you might enjoy: http://www.newyorker.com/reporting/2012/04/23/120423fa_fact_leporeAnd I laugh every time some idiot talks about the kid smoking pot having any relevance. Oh he's not an angel. All those guys who smoke those crazy little doobies get amped up and get violent. Because, you know, it's not like amphetamines and adderall get you all shaky, jittery, overconfident, and ready to pounce. If you're going to make arguments one...
No he just plays one on tv. Or styleforum.
How down on your luck do you have to be to hire ataturk as a lawyer?That's the real question none of you are asking.
I challenge you to prove me wrong. The world would be more productive if you were to swallow bits of broken glass.
How about any other normal human being proven wrong? Present numbers, data, anything. Have you no shame whatsoever? None? OK. And for all the fake fear you have on government spending I bet you're barely sending in any taxes for the government to waste by spending on troops that protect your right to be a prick.
Son you must be retarded.
According to a recent New Yorker article I read, the NRA wasn't actually an advocate of personal gun rights using an interpretation of the second amendment. It was the work of the Black Panthers pushing it in the 60s/70s.I'm so happy I don't live in a neighborhood with black panthers. Or concealed weapons carriers.
I don't know. I'd be willing to shoot someone for some tropical skittles. If he had starburst, I'd take out his whole family.Having a sweet tooth can be dangerous.
New Posts  All Forums: