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Anyone seen any availability in NYC? I called up radio shacks and best buy and they were all out. And the Apple Store has a line at 8 AM every day because chinese resellers keep buying these things up.
Never mind - figured it out.
CE is amazing. Now it's just the kind of place you can go in and deny the holocaust, oops I mean question the severity of it because the records just aren't there (what??), joke about anti-semitism/racism/bigotry, and then admit to trolling and winding members up. What happened? I don't remember it being this bad ever.
Quote: Originally Posted by gdl203 LOL at Junior being the best cheesecake in NYC. Starbucks serves the best espresso too ! I seriously cringed when I read that. Quote: Originally Posted by gdl203 There's as many opinions as Newyorkers but my personal favorite, which is far better than Junior, is Eileen's. - Mr. Shmartiepants Hers is great. Kosher too so iammatt can eat there often. And there are others as...
Quote: Originally Posted by RSS I'm curious as to why? Perhaps your answer will help our OP. Don't get me wrong ... Brooklyn has some great neighborhoods ... and its offerings in the arts and other amenities have come a long way in the last several decades. Of course, it always had a few choice plums. Still, The City is a world class destination ... the other four boroughs are not. They can be okay ... even good ... and occasionally great ... but...
you don't learn from don't learn from don't even learn from analyst training learn when someone is yelling at you at 3am. so for, say $1K I'm willing to email you mp3's of me yelling. it will help.
Quote: Originally Posted by Artisan Fan I imagined the West Village was more expensive now. When I lived there in 89-91, my rent was $800 and I had two roommates paying the same for $2,400 basement apartment. Rooms were tiny, almost closets. But we had a courtyard and threw lots of good parties. We considered ourselves lucky. Later Uma Thurman and Ethan Hawke moved in nearby and they converted a lot of the apartment buildings back into the original...
It sounds goofy, but I was hoping they'd have one chip in there that would allow for LTE/4G access across AT&T and Verizon. The cameras are nice, but I'd like to see that 4G access built in with maybe a thunderbolt connection. Screen resolution and memory I see more as smaller incremental improvements.
Quote: Originally Posted by crazyquik This post basically sounds like "I like playing video games, using my iPhone, and I want an iPad. I should get a masters degree in computer science and programming, then I'll return to a non-computer field." That's why we think it sounds insane. Those with JD's stand out in certain finance fields, especially ones dealing with debt.
You're doing all this for a girlfriend??
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