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I hate being that guy - but the button hole place closes early today so forgive me for the bump, please. Anyone have any thoughts on this problem of mine? Thank you.
I am having the most difficult time putting in my shirt studs into this new shirt. Very, very stressed as i meed it for Sunday and think the only solution is to have a local ny place re-cut the holes. 1. Is there a way to enlarge the holes? 2. The holes are currently round, should they be round or slits on each side of the shirt? 3. Is there a standard size? Any advice? Going to sleep and then run around to fix this tomorrow.
Oy. The tuxedo shirts have small holes for the studs, not slits. I couldn't get the spring loaded studs or the solid back studs to fit in there. And 2 other people on here had the same problem it seems. My solution was rather inelegant but the only option - I had someone cut into the edge of a hole and extend a slight slit. ***I really recommend you tell them you want slit openings because I have no idea what kinds of studs fit through these***
NM. Answered my own question and realized if you click on your order number you can see the fedex tracking number.
Hey guys, are they on India time or US (EST) time? I ask because I get emails at various times and was kinda crossing my fingers and hoping "Theresa James" is basically a name used by customer service that's available at all times but that's probably not the case.
Silly question maybe, but the time it takes to go from authorized to paid is the time it takes them to receive fabric? And once you got tracking how long did shipping take?
I heard back today. I'm stuck with a little bit of a deadline and I thought everyone got their purchases in 1-2 weeks but now I'm reading some got it after months. Really, really hoping that's not the case with my orders.There is no way to track when you will get it is there? One order says payment was paid and another says authorized (not paid) and both say unfulfilled. Is it shipped once the status becomes "paid"?
Have you guys heard from them? Usually I get email responses very quickly but it's been a couple of days and I've followed up...
Can a vest with besom pockets have darts put in? I remember hearing it's not do-able because of the pocket getting bunched up, but can't the pocket also be cut?
Does Shipton France not exist anymore? The link takes me to someone else's site. This Piccadilly is actually an incredibly nice shoe to wear with a tuxedo but I can't find it and Shipton said they don't carry it.
New Posts  All Forums: