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Has Luxire started to make shirts for women yet?
The shirt had a tab in the front which I assume was for this. To be honest, I was so incredibly rushed I didn't have time to take care of these little things the way I wanted. Part of the reason that I wanted to order from NSM was to have Mina do all parts of the outfit and not get it from different vendors and require different measurements, etc. Oh well.I never asked. I should have. I don't really fault them to be honest - we had a lot of back and forth before I got...
Everyone we knew left?This is what happens when people advocate for condoms.
Trust me; I provided a list of flowers with pictures and measurements I found acceptable. He nodded. I got something completely different.Do you sew in a button into the pants for the tab?
It's a crime to have to use one.
I never posted these from Autumn. I hardly post here anymore so I don't even know all the new usernames but what the heck. The tuxedo (peak grosgrain lapels, single button, no vent) was from kiton, shoes (simple patent leather) from tom ford, the waistcoat was a double vested horse-shoe with lapels, the bow was from ercole (in same material as lapel), and the shirt was voile with marcella bib/cuffs/collar. I think the pocket square I got a while back at Venanzi and I...
The videos are quite interesting. Maybe enjoy what's been posted and wait to see what the final outcome is?
Yeah i went ahead and redid it. This was a real pain in the ass and it doesnt look as elegant as i would have liked. I thought perhaps round holes were some high end feature that i hadnt heard of. ETA: I have spring loaded studs and solid back studs. None fit through.
I hate being that guy - but the button hole place closes early today so forgive me for the bump, please. Anyone have any thoughts on this problem of mine? Thank you.
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