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So the Promontory is discontinued then?  I didn't know.  I'm a little frustrated by these boots myself...because I got them at the end of the season, and haven't even had a chance to wear them yet!    ...I'll stop just shy of wishing for winter to come along though.  I drool over them every once in a while in my closet... (FYI, the rejection wasn't based on any construction or quality issues, it was a wrong colour welt, and incorrect insole, neither of which I could care...
Including the pair he rejected and sold on to me!
not me, I was referring to bl@ster... he's the MTO King.  I think he's got a direct-dial to her cell phone.
...there's probably a phone call being made to Alison right now!
bl@ster wouldn't go for the Moras...nowhere for exposed brass eyelets. 
Shhhhh...can't let my wifey know!  I do love looking at all your MTO's,  wondering when they'll show up on the bl@ster thrift page...
PARTICULARLY the brown cordovan prommies - seeing as I'm the proud owner of the first rejected pair he got (wrong welt colour and insole type - great for me)! 
I'd be very curious to see a pair of these after a half dozen wears.  The design strikes me that they'd show creasing really badly, without any broguing or perf designs to draw your eyes to.  Depending on fit, some guys may get perfect little creases in the center of the vamp, others might get creasing up near the toe.  A perfectly smooth shoe like that with lots of real estate for creases, might be asking for trouble...  Anxious for anyone to post pictures though! 
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