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Long weekend in Paris     H&M Rick Lee Rick
Was in Paris over the weekend and got to check out the store there - really nice setup and seemed to have a bit more variety than the London store. 
 Oh shit softfocvs, that fit is sick man. Makes me want those cargos even more, Ramones are clean as well.
 Cheers, will try a cold cycle and hopefully save myself a load on dry cleaning bills! 
How do you guys care for your Rick tees? Ive been religiously dry cleaning mine but not going to lie have been contemplating just putting it on a hand wash cycle.
Thanks for the advice! 
I'm a 38/39 chest would a S in the Level tee still fit okay or should I keep my eyes out for a M?
 They look amazing, nice pickup!
Finally registered here, I go by the same username on the Mynudies, sufu, hypebeast and ironheart forums.
I wear a UK 9 in Vans Eras and I was wondering what size I'd be in authentics. 8.5 with no socks and to account for the fact there's no padding?
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