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Is there any consensus here regarding leather vs metal bands for dress watches? Do people have their own preferences or is one considered "dressier" than the other?
 Well, in a client-facing role it's all about the clients and you dress accordingly, so for us it is indeed a thing
 Yeah, people had some great watches on there, but I also wanted to include dress watches or really any watch that would go with business casual and not limit myself to sports watches. 
 Thanks, looks like they have a lot of different models - do you have a preference for any particular model?
 I really like the Longines Hydro Conquest. Looks like they're available for ~$1,200 on amazon, does that sound right to you? Or should I be worried about authenticity? 
Thanks, both those watches look great. I see a lot of different Jazzmaster models though, do you like the whole line or any models in particular?
Thanks, I'll check it out. Do you have any personal favorites that you think might be suitable for me?
Hi, I've been out of school for a couple of years now and I work in finance on the west coast, so we have a relatively laid back office environment in terms of dress code. I've finally decided its time to purchase my first real watch. I'm looking for something under/around $1,000. Ideally, I would like something that I could wear with business casual, on weekends, and occasionally with suits (no tie). Do the good folks of SF have any suggestions? Just as a starting point,...
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