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So I just received my boots and while there are few blemishes on the shoe, the number of eyelets is different. The left has four eyelets while the right has three. Anyone else have this problem? I doubt it will affect how functional the boots are...but a little annoying. Worth returning/exchanging? I'm a little worried about ending up with something far worse.
Not yet, which is why (particularly on the second jacket) there is that weird fall at the back.
Hi,   I'm interested in what your suggestions are for this suit (36S J crew factory thompson) and blazer (36S BR tailored). I am 5' 7'', 143 pounds. Neither have been tailored, so the sleeves have to be shortened on both and the suits pants have to be hemmed for less of a break. Neither have been worn or steamed, hence some of the odd wrinkles.      I just noticed that there is this odd wrinkle around the button. I think that appeared because the jacket is...
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