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Yeah, those are sorta close. The best match I have found so far is the Red Wing Iron Rangers (http://www.redwingheritage.com/boots#&f=&m=/detail/8115-heritage-us/8115-red-wing-lifestyle-mens-iron-ranger-boot-copper). They are nice boots, but they don't seem as low profile as the mystery ones. They are much more "bootish" than "sneakerish." And I cant stand the speed hooks for tying/lacing.
Long time reader here...just finally registered. In college getting my undergrad here in CA. Basically got into style and dressing nice a year or so ago, still have a ton to learn. Love the site, hopefully I can be of some worth here at some point.
Ran across these a few days ago, cant remember where. Really good looking boots though. Talking about the grayish brownish sorta ones in the upper part of the photo. Thanks in advance!  
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