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I'm thinking of placing an order for the dark brown suede loafer MTO- Ron last.   Could anyone offer advice on sizing? My feet fit pretty wide. I fit UK 6.5 on Meermin's Ama comfortably UK 6 C&J Edgeware (348) UK 6.5 C&J Cavendish (325)   Cheers
^ this please!*oops, I meant Ron and Ama!
Thanks for the input! Much appreciated. And cbfn makes a good point 
Just a quick open question. Do you think the belts are appropriate for professional workwear (banking/consulting)?
Are the new MTO Groups on the site made to Classic standards rather than Linea Maestro? Will there be LM MTO groups too?
heya, I'm visiting Singapore later this week. Does Vanda hold stock in store or does it only do MTOs?
^ looks amazing. really nice
Can I find the 'Asian' Bedale in London? Is it similar to the Barbour Ashby?
 This made me loll.. I'm not sure why no one else here appreciates your humour. Keep posting
Thanks. The wallet (right) is by tanner goods which, according to the website, uses 'english bridle leather' and the one on the left is custom made by ObbiGoodLabel. I was told the material is 'premium' japanese leather but I was more concerned about the design than the leather at the time tbh.
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