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eBay auction. Description, one photo, and eBay link are below. Polo Ralph Lauren 100% cashmere sport coat in near-mint condition. Very light weight. Polo I model--soft shoulder, 2 button, side vents. Two flapped pockets. Chocolate brown cashmere with tan dashed windowpane. Made in Italy by Corneliani. Original retail price was around $2200. Chest 21.5" Waist 21.5" Shoulder 19" straight across Length in back 31 5/8" from bottom of collar Sleeve 24 3/4" from shoulder Vent...
Just snagged A. Good ol' bar stripe.
The Alden calf shoes seemed to be in a dead zone of pricing for BB--just too close in price to the Peals to merit much attention.
Guys, it's simple: I refused to cut my price and didn't want to get banned for illegal bumping. And about the 'Heels, from the time Maryland wandered in from the probation desert and returned to the NCAA Tournament ('93-'94), the Terps went 5-4 against Carolina at home until Cole closed down in 2002. That includes two wins over #1-ranked Carolina teams ('95 and '98); I was at both games.
Quote: Originally Posted by Perhaps. Admittedly I was annoyed at his nickel and diming me upon seeing his purchase history for high-priced goods. I prodded him some more and now he still wants to buy them! What would you do? I wouldn't have posted the thread to an internet message board. He's not just a jerk or a skinflint; something's not right with the guy. (And it may not be any of the problems he claims to have; he could just...
You should have padded your right shoulder to even it out with your left.
I snagged three. Very easy transaction. Couldn't ask for much more!
Quote: Originally Posted by porcelain monkey There are other forums? Yeah, it's the Brooklyn Bridge Owners' Forvm.
Thank goodness we have so many posters willing to share their dislike for Neiman Marcus! I never would have understood whether Black Fleece is available at NM without them.
Those slippers are ridonculous.
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