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Is the jacket 3 roll 2 type?
I am Thai living in Bangkok. As I am increasingly rooting for ivy look, I prefer natural shoulder suits/sport coats (in particular 3/2 roll ivy sack). I acquire few sack suits made by J.Keydge and other 3/2 roll sport coats from PRL. I am also quite satisfied with suitsupply's havana fit suits ( actually wore a grey wool one with slim repp ties during my recent graduation).   Now that I move back to Thailand after a couple of years in London, I find it become difficult...
I am in the process of reorganizing my wardrobe toward Ivy and Madmen vibes. I dislike spread and cutaway collars so I am more inclined towards Button down, Forward point, tab, club and pin. Brit retails seem to focus on spread and cutaway that I avoid.  I'm wondering if someone have any suggestions on any brands or know of a place that sells forward point collar dress shirt (perhaps apart from Brooks Brothers and Lands End)?  I plan to wear them with collar bars.   
As an ivy/prep/madmen enthusiastist, I prefer natural shoulder. I dislike padded shoulder. I have studied in London for years but padded shoulder, spread collar, cutaway collar, windsor knot never grow on me.     Back in Thailand, there is sort of pad fetish among suit tailoring which I think it is totally horrible. 
What is the width of these silk ties? Burgundy Gold Plaid Lt Blue BB1 Lt Green BB1
Indeed, I refer to the current Hilfiger. 1990s style was hideous, though not as nightmare as 1970s. 1960s style has been the finest (i.e. Madmen).     As for the homeland, I think Summer/Spring Ivy league look/preppy is still applicable; Madras or seersucker button downs, bermuda shorts, weejuns, topsiders as examples.  
It seems that there is an attempt at cultivate Ivy/Prep look in my homeland, though the style is still far from the likes of PRL, Gant, BB and Hilfiger. Any opinions?
I preferably wear narrow ties with 2.5''-3'' width. Recently I put a trigger on a Gant club blazer with around 3-3.15'' lapel width. Are those tie width appropriate with that size of lapel?  
I am a newbie here. I admittedly do not like the look of spread and cutaway collars, even though a large number of Brits wear ones regularly here in London. I think those collars make wearers' face look even flatter. For dress shirt, I personally prefer pin collar and tab collar over those two collars (perhaps, with strong influences from Ivy league look scene, Madmen, Boardwalk empire, Magic city). Any thoughts?
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