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I have seen some nice jackets in Zara for about £90 and the quality seems good for the price. As for turtlenecks they seem to be back in fashion now.
I really don't see the point in having a Tom Ford suit when you can go to Saville row and get a bespoke for around £2500? Your paying so much for the brand name. I love designers but you have to think sometimes is it really worth the money.
Thanks caustic man. I see what you mean about the length it is slightly shorter than usual jackets but it seems like the target audience is the younger male. I'm 19 and can't help but buy it lol. Just got to start saving!! I'm liking the idea of the cream coloured chinos and MOP buttons
http://uk.burberry.com/store/menswear/new-arrivals/london/prod-38649421-modern-fit-silk-linen-check-jacket/ Here is the link to the blazer but what colour trousers/jeans would pair with it? I think black jeans would clash with it with a white shirt underneath?
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