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Very casual Friday. Couldn't be bothered to dress up in a suit in this bad weather.
 They have some very nice details, and the designs are a little bit more eccentric. JF is about on par with Carmina, especially if you add in the awesome service. The lasts of Carmina fit me a little better though, and I do prefer their leather as well. They're both miles better than Meermin, which itself is better than AE.
I bought awesome black watch, single pleated shorts for my girlfriend, and she loves them. Except she won't wear them when I'm not around, as guys start staring too much apparently. One even started clapping, which crosses the line IMHO. Now I have to make sure that the clothes I get her are sexy, but not too sexy.
Today we learn that mr and mrs noodles are one and the same person. This thread is crazy.
Nope, but I'll ask her opinion if we're out shopping together. I might not always agree, but I do ask. Nothing wrong with disagreeing over trivial matters like clothing. We both have our own styles, and that's cool. I might decide not to buy something if she truly hates it though, but that is a very rare occurrence. Noodles, perhaps she's a bit miffed because she feels clothing is getting too important for you? It's a fun and hobby and all, and it's nice to talk about it,...
Yeah, don't forget lots of people are on holiday or spending time with their loved ones in December. Btw, some diversity might be nice as well, so that we don't get 10 guys selling ties.
That would be very cool, I'd love to learn more about KW's MTM service, and of course it would be very nice to see your own ties in person. When it comes to brands, I'd say any brand that doesn't have it's own store in London would be nice. Perhaps Eidos? Anyway, I'd certainly attend it.
 Yeah, sorry, long day.
 Cheers, it's a Drakes grenadine. Don't think I've ever seen a striped knit before.
That grey flannel Formosa suit looks awesome. I'm in the market for a grey flannel suit, but I'm not sure what to do. Luxire can replicate one of my Sartoria Partenopea suits in Minnis flannel for $900, and while I've seen some good results lately, I still doubt whether they can replicate that Neapolitan style perfectly. $900 is also nearly twice as much as I paid for my actual SP suits.    Steed MTM is about $1900, which is the cost of 2 Luxire suits, and 3 SP suits. I...
New Posts  All Forums: