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I'm sure you know this, but I think it would be better to stick to things that you know the exact measurements of, or just go to stores so you can try stuff on. For example, if you know your ideal jacket is 31" long, stick to that, no matter how good the deal is.
After seeing the Rubancci cotton 6x1 DB in the latest issue of the Rake, I was inspired to change my own cotton DB blazer into a 6x1. I like the louche 80s look of it, so I paired it with a wide Brooks Brother's tie from the same era.
It's actually a weird mix of silk and viscose, but it drapes very well. The blazer is linen, so the slubiness kinda matches.I use a DFIH with all my Drakes, works quite well IMHO.
Wearing my first Drake's tie, bought before SF starting influencing my tastes and caused me to buy many more.
 Three piece suit in S130s was about e850 if I remember correctly. They switched their MtM suppliers in Holland for a very good MTM maker, but I'm not sure whether that's also in the rest of the world.
 Make a jacket and a vest in the same material and you'll have a 4-piece suit!
 Forgot to update that.
Thanks for the comments and the thumbs guys! @Tweedyprof, the beach is a 5 min walk from where I live.
 Usually boots, but if I happen to be wearing dress shoes when I'm in the mood for a walk I won't avoid the beach. I probably don't baby my shoes as much as I should. Didn't get any sand in them today, but if that happens a good shake or two will usually do the trick!
Ordered a Drake's square for a total of 18GBP. You really can't get any better prices than that. Thanks Shaya!
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