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 Not SF family, but Sartoria Partenopea has a similar style as Formosa. I'm very happy with mine. They retail at about $2500, but can be found for as low as $650 online.
I like this lot much better than other one. Might just bid on it.
 Yeah, and I'm only mildly interested in one tie, maybe two.
 It's an easy alteration to taper trousers below the knee, even for fuller pants.
  That number floats around SF, but I don't think it's that extreme. Whenever I wear a nice suit by SF standards, I usually do get questions about where I got it. People might not know why a suit looks nice, but they do recognise it when they see it. This means the consumer can be educated, and hence understand qualities such as fully canvassed, cloth and cut. If 99.9% didn't care about construction and cloth, then why is SuitSupply so successful? They actively educate the...
 It's not because it's zegna, any name on that buckle is pretty gaudy. At least it's not one of those giant H Hermes belts.
 I'd be interested in the shepherd's check one. Or is it gingham? Maybe the navy/orange striped tie next to l2b's one as well.
 When looking at London, there is literally nothing at your price/quality point, let alone with your style. I'm forced to do most of my shopping online/via ebay, because there's nothing I'm interested in in town. Couldn't you use the success of SuitSupply, which sells very decently constructed half canvassed and some fully canvassed suits, as an argument that the modern consumer is much more informed when it comes to the construction and quality of their suits? There has...
 I don't like the branding, but it looks like a pretty standard belt to me, i.e. there's nothing wrong with it.
 Didn't your wife make a collage of how she liked you to dress that basically existed out of monochromatic looks with grey suits like the zegna? Or were those lighter grey suits?
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