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Thank you for the comments! The tie is from suitsupply, picked up in their outlet for a mere €5.The hanky is from exquisitetrimmings: http://www.exquisitetrimmings.com/products/Pocket-Squares/Emerald-Green-Large-Motif-Printed-Silk.htmlI like the combination of bright orange with the more muted blue and green. It's the perfect colour pallette for the shoulder season.Haha, I wouldn't mind swapping squares. Where did you get yours, Tobias?
Linen jacket and tie, new Drakes square.
As far as I know museum calf MTOs need 25 to waive the fee.
Yeah, I'll see if I can find it if I have some time. I doubt professional body builders are healthy, but that's because of the steroid and other drug use.
 Sorry, they looked white on my screen. Pale blue is a pretty cool colour too!
 I can't find it right now, but the study just compared muscular men to averagely muscled men. I don't think they looked at how their sample became muscular or what kind of sport they did, they just looked at muscle mass. I think it was quite a bit of muscle mass, something you don't just get from a general lifestyle. So, they compared men with lots of muscle mass to men with an average amount of muscle mass. I'm not saying one routine or sport is better than another, but...
 It seems like everyone on the forum bought that particular suitsupply jacket. I usually wear it with light grey trousers, but white works very nicely as well!
 Very true. You should look/dress/do anything because that's how you like it, not because someone else likes it, within reason of course. External validation might be nice (SF thumbs!), but internal validation is infinitely more important. Anyway, when talking about weight lifting, I remember reading some papers that show that muscular men are healthier than the average person (no shit!) and have significantly stronger bones, which leads to less injuries later in life. If...
 Hahaha, I'm sure I'll survive his scorn 
 Show us how it's done T1! 
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