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Great job on the tumblr! Might I suggest a styleforum Instagram as the next step?
Thank you, I would prefer that too, but then it wouldn't match the Dutch flag. Last time I wore that shirt with a sport coat, and people said it was more appropriate for a suit. Perhaps it's just not an appropriate shirt at all?
If there's a bit of slippage now, there'll be lots later on. Suede loafers stretch quite a bit over time. Might be better to return them.For example, my loafers were very tight when I got them, and they've stretched so much that there's a bit of heel slippage now.
This is an old one, but the other ones should arrive tomorrow. No idea where they're made, but the silk looks nice, they tie a nice knot and they're cheap.I don't like spending much for knits, as I'd rather have a lightweight grenadine for the money some of the more expensive knits go for. Knits are casual ties for me, so I don't mind it as much if they happen to get dirty or stained.
 Here's a knottery knit close up. This is the zig zag weave, but I'm assuming the other ones will be relatively open as well. It ties a nice knot and the length is great, but what I like most is the 3" width. They're pretty cheap at ±$30, and I think they still have a fathers day promo code as well. I'll post a pic of the wider pointed end ones when they arrive. EDIT: DADJEANS for 15% of until the 15th.
This is more of a general remark, but I notice that many people pose with their hands extremely turned inwards -- the way a monkey stands. I'm not sure whether this is your natural pose or just because of the camera, but it's a result of a shoulder that's very rolled forwards. It's usually a sign of a significant muscle imbalance between the chest and back, and can lead to many health issues later in life (a hunchback for one). Also, it just looks bad.   A healthy pose...
 I remember DonC having a youtube vid up about how to reroll lapels. It seems to work quite well for him, but it takes some effort and a good iron to do it well. Perhaps a tailor or good dry cleaner might be able to do it with satisfactory results?  "Of the crunchy variety, there’s Drake’s, Exquisite Trimmings, Conrad Wu for something with a denser weave, and Land’s End, KJ Beckett, Paul Stuart, Howard Yount, and our advertiser Ledbury for something looser. Notice that the...
 I'd first ask a tailor whether you can fix the shoulders before spending money on the rest of it. Jacket length looks fine, but it's hard to see from this pic. Do put cuffs on the trousers. Maybe re-roll the lapels to a 3 roll 2?
 Cheers, Cleav. I'm hoping the national team will be excellent as well during tomorrow's game, but it'll be a tough one.
Friday challenge X-post. A somewhat sad occasion, as this is the last time I'm wearing this suit before I'm (hopefully) selling it. Instead of tastefully interpreting my country's flag and team colours, I decided to go in the spirit of the world cup and dress with the loudness of a true football (not soccer) supporter. The red, white and blue of the tie, shirt and suit are in colours as close to the flag as possible, and the orange of the national team's outfits is seen in...
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