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According the common Western standards for attractiveness, I'd say being over 6'2" and about 195lbs with  sub 8% body fat makes you look much better than being shorter and without any muscle, all else being equal. Why would below average height and below average weight look better than above average height and above average weight?
Was browsing in the menswear book section of Harrods today, and found a book on vintage menswear, describing iconic pieces and their history. (Vintage Menswear: A Collection from the Vintage Showroom). Guess what I came across, Stitchy?  [[SPOILER]]
 It's hard to judge fit based on that picture, but it looks very nice in the chest. It gives you a more athletic look. Obviously I like the way you're wearing it with a blue ocbd, brown pents and brown loafers. All you need is a nice and crunchy knit tie and a hanky and the look would be perfect. Oh, and remove that lapel pin.
I get the appeal, Stitchy, but I would've gone for one of the more regular barbours. They're much more versatile, and will probably age much better. Also, I wouldn't wear that Steve McQueen jacket outside of the US. You could get in serious trouble depending on where you are. Anyways, I'm glad you like it, and please post some fitpics in this thread! I'm wondering how'll you wear it.
 I'm getting a dark green casentino wool jacket for my girlfriend that I designed, once I have some more cash. I don't have any actual experience with it though. I think I'll just measure one of her coats and use those measurements. It's a rough sketch with pen made on the spot with her input, because that's all I had available. Coloured it in afterwards.  [[SPOILER]]
Moving day! Sorry for all the casual fits, but I still don't have access to my full wardrobe. [[SPOILER]]
 No, I think this is an individual problem. It has been fixed for my trousers.
 The 42R doesn't look terrible, but it's not good either. The 42R is too big in the shoulders, but the chest is perfect. The sleeves are too long as well, so a 42S would be better. The 40R is nice in the shoulders, but too slim in the chest, as the lapels are still bowing. The unaltered 40R looks much better than the altered one. Try a Lazio or Havana in 42S, the shoulders should be a bit slimmer than the Napoli if I remember correctly.  Different cut 42S>unaltered 40R...
 I'd make your trousers slightly wider throughout the leg, but apart from that you should look into the curve of the seat. Adjusting the curve and the rear fork would probably solve those issues, along with taking away some of the excess fabric. You could try taking them to a local tailor, have him make the adjustments, and report those to Luxire. That's what worked for me, except I made my own adjustments by reshaping the seat, as I didn't have access to a tailor back then.
 A little, but not by much. You'll have to take in both sides if you want to taper them more. I don't think tapering is the answer for you though, that would only make you look top heavy. Hell, if I wear trousers with a leg opening below 8.5" I start looking top heavy as well, and I have pretty average proportions. Here's my advice:Get high rise trousers, and I mean seriously high rise. At least belly button height, but the higher the better. Get at least a single pleat on...
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