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 SuitSupply makes a 34R, and they're slim fitting anyways. You'd be better off returning this suit and checking out SuitSupply. Some more tips: your tie is too shiny, your tie clip should be placed lower, tuck in your pocket square, get a shirt with a higher collar that covers more of your neck and hem your trousers with less break. Oh, and welcome to styleforum!
 The natural shoulders work well on you. Try the Lazio as well if you have the chance, it's my favourite cut from their regular collection. 
 Thank you for your comments! I was thinking of getting one in the navy brembana chambray, but I'll think about it some more.  
 Cheers, stitchy!  It's brown museum calf, so that's how they look straight our of the box. Takes about an hour of polishing to get a nice shine.
Friday challenge X-post: [[SPOILER]]
What can be more sleep inducing than a plain navy 7-fold? This look was inspired by Prince Charles, the master of soporific dress.  [[SPOILER]]   D'Avenza for Gieves & HawkesLuxireUdeshiMeermin
 Thank you for this. That was exactly my point. Hand welting with bad quality control is worse than gemming with good quality control.
 I saw my fair share of them, but it's probably that I remember those because they stood out. I suppose as a percentage of the overall population it's not much at all, and the more west you go the more you see them. Anyway, I've always liked the look of cowboy boots with a tan cotton suit. 
 But they do wear cowboy boots!
Either way, it's an awesome state. I've taken a road trip from Miami to LA, and I distinctly remember how nice people in Texas were. Having said that, people in small towns were especially nice, no matter the state, and in bigger cities it depended mostly on what part you were in.   I'd choose most major American cities over London, not just for the cost of living, but mostly because of how nice the people are. People in London aren't very nice in general, and the cost...
New Posts  All Forums: