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 Hunt & Winterbotham navy melange flannel.
For the evening a midnight blue jacket will be better than charcoal, and even better if it's a silk or mohair wool blend, or perhaps a nice cashmere.
That wouldn't work. And that's why you need to buy a navy sportcoat first, and light to medium grey wool trousers second. Stop buying anything until you have those two items.
Navy or grey textured jackets work with brown trousers.
 Nope, it's an old shirt, I hardly ever wear it anymore. Don't remember where I got it. I'm sure you can ask luxire to make you a tab collar shirt.
Finally brought my coat to the tailor. The sides and collar were taken in. Here's a quick pic, but I'm planning on wearing it mainly with grey flannels. The way Luxire made it means I can wear it as a 6x2 or 6x1, depending on how 80s I feel.
Chocolate brown wool or cashmere ties, possibly with a stripe or larger medallions, but the texture alone should be enough. Make sure your shirts have some texture as well, such as end on end or a dressier chambray.
I'd like to get a black grenadine one of these days.   
 That looks pretty bad to be honest. It's too short to be a dress shirt, and the buttons don't make it a polo either. I'd return it and ask for a remake, if I were you.
 I might join to see what all the fuss is about, but why does everyone hate everyone and everything there? Is there some history I'm missing?
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