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 Boston is a very casual city, much more so than NYC (Manhattan) for example. Anyway, there is no one answer for this, as it really depends on where you go in London. It's such a big city and so geographically spread out that every neighbourhood is very different. In some parts of town a jacket and tie is relatively common, in others not at all, and in some it would make you a target for a mugging. It's not uncommon for all of those neighbourhoods to be right next to each...
Something very casual for a lazy Sunday morning stroll:    
A high contrast look:
No and no. Get yourself some nice medium/light grey wool trousers, and a well fitting navy blazer.
You're lifting weights, right? Better not to make things too slim, because your body will look very different a year from now if you keep lifting. For suits I have 8.75"-9" leg openings, and for odd trousers 8.5".
 6'2", 190lbs.
 Thank you, that's very helpful. I'll go for the H&B then, the weight looks good and I think I'd prefer the texture over the Dugdale.  Yep, I've found pleats to be much more comfortable, especially when sitting down. I spend 12 hours a day in my office chair, while I walk maybe an hour, so comfort is very important. Pleats are mainly a tailoring technique to help the transition of a narrower waist to wider legs, so it's very beneficial for athletic and portly people....
 Luxire, if I were to send you a well fitting jacket, could you replicate this style exactly? I'm not sure what kind of instructions he gave you, but this looks amazing.
 Yeah, I'm very impressed by the quality. The weight is perfect for London, it doesn't get that cold here. Ordering some light grey flannels next, but I'm doubting between the Minnis ($299), Hunt & Winterbotham ($249) and the Dugdale ($179) flannels. They all look good, but I'm not sure whether you'd really notice a big difference between the Minnis and the Dugdale. 
 http://luxire.com/products/cream_corduroy_9_wale Very soft, nice cream colour, and good value for money. 
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