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 Yeah, that would be the finishing touch. Depends on your definition of summer. European summer: yes. US summer: probably not.
Friday challenge X-post:   Eidos, Drakes, Suitsupply, Bresciani, G&G.
Take 2 for the challenge. To be honest, I'm not a big fan of challenges where the usage of old pictures is allowed. You can just go through your archive and pick the most suitable one. Kinda takes the challenge out of Friday Challenge. Grainy pictures because I tried to use natural light. Eidos, Drakes, Suitsupply, Bresciani, G&G.
That looks perfect! What's the pricing on those? Definitely wanna order one for winter.
 They're awesome at night. A way to wear a dinner suit to occasions where it wouldn't be appropriate. They don't photograph well, but that hint of blue that catches your eye when the light shines in just the right way, it's amazing. It's understated, revealing its true colour only sparingly.  And with gloomy and dreary British weather, it might as well be night 24/7.
 Ha, I'd like to see you in a spanish blue suit.
 yeppers  [[SPOILER]]
 Midnight blue, the best kind of blue.
Friday challenge X-post:   Everything is blue, except for the hanky. Sartoria Partenopea, Cappelli, Suitsupply, G&G, Bresciani.
New Posts  All Forums: