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Haha, I bet 85k wouldn't even be enough for a deposit on that apartment now. People have been saying the buble is going to pop for the past 5 years now, but I have my doubts.
Brick lane is a fun place, but it's extremely busy during the weekends. It's not really the place for curry anymore, as there's a much wider variety of cuisines there now, and the curry restaurants are a bit touristy. Brick lane mainly caters to the hipster crowd, but there is a very nice food market there on Saturday's and Sunday's.I usually go when I'm in the mood for some day drinking while sampling lots of different foods. The whole area has been gentrified, for better...
You have to know where to go!
If anyone wants to buy this Soho in 40R, I'm willing to let it go for a good offer. I'm a bit sad to sell the SF club blazer, but it's a bit too small for me.  
Any advice on what kind of tie to wear with this jacket?  
@luxire those are some really nice fabrics! How much for a jacket/suit, or is this pants only?
There are loads of good breweries in London. I'm not (anymore) a big beer drinker myself, but I highly recommend the Bermondsey brewery mile. It's very close by where I live.   http://www.londonbeerguide.com/article.php?ID=bermondsey http://www.londonbeerguide.com/breweries.php
I understand, it's part of the appeal of the American bar as well. It's by no means a cool place. There are tons of cool cocktail bars that do innovative things, but sometimes the atmosphere of a good hotel bar and an excellent old fashioned is just what you need.
Yeah, Dukes is good too. I prefer the atmosphere of the American Bar though.
Looks like a great travel jacket. How much did it cost?
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