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 You're the generous one, noodles is the idiot   Edit: didn't read noodles reply. Noodles, just buy it!!!!
Just buy Murls suit. You'd be absolutely crazy if you didn't. It's only a couple 100 more than suit supply at 50% off.Everyone should answer every question you have or every post you make with "buy Murls suit", until you have bought it.
 Don't do it man. Stay strong! Quality over good deals and quantity. Triple patch pockets would be fine though.
 People on this forum baby their shoes too much. The only thing that can really damage your shoes is salt. A bit of rain here and there is perfectly fine. Just brush them, use shoes trees and make sure they rest at least 24 hours in between wears. I really wouldn't worry too much about it, but getting dainite soles that could help as well, no one's going to notice the difference anyways.
 I just critique based on colours and stuff like that. At least this burgundy jacket isn't pulling at the buttons, so that's a massive improvement.
 I just wear my regular dress shoes. I have a rotation of 4 black cap toes for the work week, all with leather soles. Shoes can handle a bit of water, as long as you're not jumping in puddles and whatnot.
 The pants and shoes kill that look. Perhaps the PS and socks as well. Socks are too matchy with the jacket, and the ps too matchy with the sweater. Makes it all look like a cheap mall outfit, for lack of a better word. Perhaps you're better off learning the basics first, before breaking the rules so much?  I used to have a burgundy jacket that I would wear with a light blue shirt and cream or very light grey trousers. Pretty much the only way to wear burgundy well. You...
Life with you must be a roller coaster ride full of picnic attacks.
Having a busy pattern on a linen cloth tends to not work out well, due to the wrinkly nature of the fabric. A nice solid linen with some texture, such as 'Donegal' linen, can be quite nice though.
A raw silk fabric fabric would be pretty cool. It's traditionally a summer cloth, but hardly anyone makes RTW jackets in it.
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