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Ok, I'm going to wear a bespoke three piece suit and tie with a pocket square on Monday, because apparently I'm wrong. I'll report back with feedback. Dress for the job you want, right?
Yep, go dress like your MD or partner on the first day of your job. See how that goes over. Good luck!I did preface my advice with the fact that I was talking about high finance/big law. If you're in the finance department of a regular f500 for example, things won't be nearly as strict.
I'm not sure what the effect would be. Your shoulders would still be sloped, but they will look a bit stronger. I guess it depends on how strongly it's roped. Probably best to try on a suit with a roped shoulder to see if you like it.I can't stress this enough, you can read all you want, but it won't help you much if you don't see it for yourself. If you live in a reasonably big city, just take an afternoon to try on loads of different cuts and different brands. You'll be...
Nothing brave about it, as I know you were talking in jest, as was I. However, I seriously do think a lot of people could use some shoulder pads. They shouldn't be so vilified as they are at the moment.I'm going to try a roped shoulder on my next suit as well. Probably a navy mohair peak lapel, although I might just go for a notch lapel to make it slightly more versatile.
To be honest, it looks bad, on you as well. The difference between how steed jackets look on you and on Vox is massive.I don't know why I say to be honest, because I'm always honest. Nothin but the harsh truth for you guys. Pads would look good on you.
Sloping shoulders generally require pads. Narrow shoulders extension.
Kent wang doesn't have shoulder pads because he doesn't care about his sloping shoulders. The same goes for that blogger guy, crompton, he has extremely sloped shoulders, but doesn't get shoulder pads either.To me it looks bad, but to them it apparently doesn't. Not everyone has the same ideals. Some like looking skinny, or don't want to have that V shape. Nothing wrong with that.You obviously do want that V shape, so go get yourself a suit with a stronger shoulder...
 I like the turtleneck and jacket look, but a V40 is nothing like a p1800.
Awesome collection, Antonio. Really like the more relaxed tailored looks. Not many brands (if any) do it as well as you do. Are you getting any closer to having a store in Europe with a decent collection, in particular the more casual pieces?
You know, one avdvantage of going with kabbatz is that they'll be pretty much indistinguishable from Jos A Banks shirts, so no one will suspect you're wearing $1k shirts.
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