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Thanks Justin, somehow I missed this. Just placed an order!
Double post.
So, I had my carmina's resoled. This is the first time I've had a leather sole replaced in London, and is this how it's supposed to look? I went to a cobbler that was highly recommended on SF. If this is how resoles look, I don't really see the point of buying expensive shoes that are nicely finished, as this is how they'll end up looking after a year. Might as well buy cheap meermins and replace them after the sole wears out. Ends up costing about the same.
 I know this always gets asked, but which collar is this?
 Why did you do that? I'm scratching my head here, can't think of any good reason.
It's a very country specific thing as well. In the US and UK it matters very much, same for France, but for other European countries it matters much less where you went to school.In Holland, for example, no one cares where you went to school, and in general people don't talk about it or make it an important factor in professional or social life.On the other hand, in the UK, you'll have people from Oxbridge who only talk to other people from Oxbridge, and still talk about...
 Yeah, I have friends in Bschool that spent at least 50k on traveling and partying alone. I've heard it's getting harder to justify the cost though. Pay in finance is down, and there aren't as many jobs as there used to be, so more competition as well. I think you'd be pretty bummed if you don't land a buyside offer after getting 200k in debt and foregoing 200k-300k in salary. I've heard stories of people who left an investment bank to get an MBA, fail to get a job on the...
 Not really, because that MBA most likely comes with $200k of debt. A lot do people who do an MBA see it as a 2 year holiday, where the most important thing is creating a network. Grades or performance in the programme don't really matter, as it's more about all the bschool trips and the parties.  It sounds like a lot of fun, but it is very, very expensive. Luckily MBAs aren't as common in Europe, and not nearly as expensive. The CFA is only really valuable if you're going...
You don't need an MBA for Wall Street.
I went from a Forestiere replica to a field jacket to a blazer. I think I'm sticking with the blazer.
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