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After giving it some thought, I have decided to have Luxire make the Sashiko fabric into an Eidos field jacket. For those that have the Luxire version of it, how did you send in measurements? Did you copy a jacket?
 There's your mistake. Office politics are an important variable for success in lots of office jobs. Others will try to take credit for your work, blame you for their mistakes, brown nose the higher ups or talk shit about you behind your back. That guy that's talking to the boss the whole time during office drinks? You'd think it wouldn't work, but guess who gets the higher bonus at the end of the year, regardless of performance? I'm not saying you should do those things,...
 I understand your post is in jest, but in all seriousness people are only trying to be helpful because they care about Luxire and all its people. They're an awesome company and we all want them to succeed. I've always appreciated business advice myself, so I don't see why someone would take offence to that. As long as it's good natured advice I'm grateful people take the time to give it. I simply pointed out industry best practices. BNTailor offers a good product at a...
Isn't the button one the same as Howard Yount? I kinda like the one with the elephant.
You can hardly call that an overcoat. Suitsupply has a nice DB wool/cashmere one, and NMWA has the Eidos overcoats on sale. The coats on unbel's website are nice too, albeit a bit expensive. Just make sure you get a DB one, as it's much warmer than SB.
Get a nice wool overcoat with a thick lining. Overcoats can be lined with insulating materials as well, so they'll stop any and all wind chill.Canadians only wear Canada Goose when it is -20C or below, so it might be overkill for DC temperatures.lol, just looked up the temperature while waiting in line for lunch. It's between -1 and 10C in DC today. It's 3C and a bit windy here in London at the moment, and I'm only wearing a suit jacket while picking up lunch.
 Then why are you on SF? Might as well ask your friends or something.
I don't think it matters much, but if you can, eat your biggest meal after your workout. I always liked doing that. I can't at the moment due to work, but it feels really good to a have big meal right after you've lifted some heavy stuff.
Looks like an orphaned suit jacket to me.
New Posts  All Forums: