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 That jacket is bad because of the button stance, but a DB isn't more formal than an SB.
 I used to drop them off at the drycleaners, until I realised I was spending about $150/month it. Now I just put on a show I've been meaning to catch up on, and iron a week's worth of shirts. Takes me about  45 minutes for 7 shirts. I'd probably pay for the drycleaners if I didn't have so many shows to catch up on. 
Yeah, I might get a heavy flannel suit, but completely unlined, so it won't be too hot for indoors. Unfortunately, modern day heating does not take into account old fashioned cloths.
Just get one of the ones I pointed out. This babyue one won't be very versatile. You can only wear it when it's sunny out.
I really can't do that. I sit for 12 hours long, from right before the financial markets open till to a couple of hours after they close.It's just way too uncomfortable. I've done it once, and my jacket was a winkly mess after that. The sleeves, the back, etc. it looked like I had slept in it. I suppose it works if you sit perfectly upright all day long, without ever leaning back.
You even wear your coat when you're sitting behind your desk all day? Doesn't it get very wrinkly in the back and sleeves because of that?That ironing method looks nice, but much too complicated. Might as well drop it off at the dry cleaners.Anyway, after wearing it for 5 minutes it'll be full of wrinkles again. I have some heavy linen pants, they're warmer than my fresco ones, but they're still full of wrinkles after wearing them for a couple of minutes. Would never wear...
 I don't get how linen can be better than cotton. I have some pretty nice linen shirts, some heavier than others, but they're all much more wrinklier than their cotton counterparts. This is nice for very casual fits, but not for CBD fits. Yes, they do soften a little after many washes, but they'll never be as soft as cotton. So, linen is undeniably wrinklier, harder to iron and rougher than cotton. I get that it has its place in a wardrobe, but I wouldn't make them my main...
Going back to school gives you the chance to be young again! People have fun in med school too! I've never met up with people from the Internet, but what the hell, send me a PM when you're in London.
 It can be argued that trousers should be cut to fit well when seated nowadays, seeing as most of us have a relatively sedentary lifestyle. I've switched to wider trousers about a month ago, and I haven't looked back since. It takes some getting used to, but it doesn't look bad when standing and at least it doesn't look like you're bursting out of your trousers when you're sitting. Pleats help too. Skinny trousers only work for those with chicken legs.
 You'll have the time of your life! I liked it so much I did it twice! The first time for 3 months, the second time 2 months, but I also went to Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia. 2 months should be plenty of time to see most things in Thailand/Cambodia/Laos and perhaps a bit of Vietnam as well.  Oh, how I miss the long college holidays. Enjoy them while you can. Traveling in college is worth racking up some debt over. Don't spend the money on fancy hotels or food, but...
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