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 Now that's interesting stuff. Do you have a picture of the sleeve?
 Thanks, I'll take a look at his website! Hope to learn something new! EDIT: Seems all of it is down. Too bad. 
 My $50 suitsupply shirts have lasted several hundred wears as well. I started with a very small 5 shirt suitsupply wardrobe several years back, and I still wear all but one of them.
 Unfortunately, both links are broken. He's saying that his shirts retail for $600 and cost him $300. So today they retail 1100 and cost him 300? Nice 800 profit.
 Machine made pockets? 
 He didn't really explain where exactly your $1000 is going. I'm not bashing him, I'm genuinely curious where the money is going. We're all clothing enthusiasts here, aren't we? Just having a nice discussion, no need to get so worked up about it. 
 Everyone needs to justify their prices. If I ask a tailor why he charges me that much and he gives me a bullshit answer like that I walk away. If he instead explains why he needs to charge so much more than the next, where my money is going, what the whole process is, how many hours it takes to make a shirt/suit etc. I'll be able to make a more informed decision. I'm interested in clothing, of course I want to know the details!  You don't buy something just because it was...
 So he basically states that machine made is cheaper because it's faster, and that hand made is more comfortable and is able to shirr the sleeves.
 Nope, I bashed bad handmade. At his prices he can get the best hand made the world has to offer.  bad handmade
 So instead of $2 lining he uses $16 lining? Can he make handrolled edges by machine? Can he subtly shirr the sleeves and create those little pin prick decorative stitches on the shoulder and yoke by machine? Can he make make fine handmade buttonholes by machine?   No, no and no.
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