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 Go read Foo's posts about a certain menswear store in Chicago, or the ones about a certain umbrella maker in Naples.
 Nothing against the lakers, but they kind of 'own' that colour combination. Anything yellow/purple will make loads of people think of the lakers. It's a nice tie if you're going to watch a game (if you wear suits when you're doing that), but I wouldn't wear it regularly. 
That one is too LA lakers for me.
You don't get it. I'm not trying to draw a parallel or compare these two cases in any way.
I'll pay $15 for footage of DWW actually talking to a lawyer to discuss possible ways of legal recourse against Drew and ToJ.
 I wouldn't call Vass or Inis Meain large players, but I get your point. Anyways, seeing as you advertise on SF and have a large following, it means any newbie asking for recommendations will be pointed in your direction (which is what happened to Noodles). You can't reasonably expect someone who doesn't know much about classic menswear to know about sizing variances in hand made clothing. You often send out educational ad copy, so it might be a good idea to send one out...
Perhaps NMWA should put a disclaimer on its site stating that Formosa suits are made in small batches in Italy by a bespoke shop, and therefore have a greater variance in sizing than can be expected form regular RTW? An informed customer will be able to look out for this variance, which will prevent further issues.   Caveat emptor only works when the buyer has been reasonably informed regarding the risks of his purchase. Greg, with his financial background, should know...
 How's the legal action against ToJ going? Made much progress? Any closer to getting everyone their money back?
The Lazio is a bit more structured. Not much, but a little bit. The Washington is very structured.
Try the Lazio too. It's cheaper.
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