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 Why does a shoe colour make you sick to your stomach? Hell, navy shoes look like black indoors anyways, so it's virtually the same. So, if you've got a dark navy you don't really need black shoes. Some looks will always look best with black shoes though, but I can imagine you're not interested in wearing those anyways.
Didn't have any matching thread, as it's quite a specific colour. Either way, it's going to be noticeable, so instead of trying to hide it but failing at it, I might as well make it something that stands out a bit. I'm sure it'll fade a bit over time though.
So the leather repair guy asked £100 to fix it, which I found a bit steep. Decided to give it a go myself. Kinda looks like an animal bite now:
Yeah, I'll bring it to a leather repair shop, see what they quote. If it's too expensive I might just do it myself. It'll look like a big a scar, but chicks dig scars, right?
I'm not sure anyone remembers, but I had a suede Valstarino that got ruined by my girlfriends hair care products leaking on the jacket in her suitcase before I even got a chance to wear it. I bought a leather one to replace it, which I've worn maybe 15 times while waiting for the weather to get nicer to wear it again. So, today the sun is shining and I grab my jacket from the closet, lo and behold, I see this. No idea how it happened: I suppose tears like this can't be...
 That's a cool looking fabric you got there. Why no patch pockets though? I've tried wearing a striped shirt with a gun check as well, but a solid shirt works a little better.
Yep, you're right.
Yep, the first one is a wool/silk mix, I have that one and like it a lot, but I believe it's from last summer. The next one looks like the hemp one from NMWA.
People always bash the 70s, but if you look at some pictures from that era it wasn't all bad. There were some excesses, like the bell bottoms, but a lot of the 70s fits look pretty cool.
Yeah, any navy suit jacket that has patch pockets, a textured fabric, and some form of brown horn buttons can be worn as a blazer. Bonus points if you have pick stitching/swelled edges. I'm having a navy fresco suit with patch pockets made at the moment, and I fully intend to wear the jacket separately.
New Posts  All Forums: