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So here's a quick pic of the blazer of my suitsupply blazer suit. The pants are being hemmed at the moment, and will be delivered tomorrow. I was wearing a seersucker shirt and trousers, which wasn't really suitable for a tie, but I put one on for the pic anyways, just for you guys. The fabric is an Ariston open weave wool, very similar to Minnis Fresco, except it doesn't feel as scratchy as Minnis. The coat has unpadded shoulders, is butterfly lined, and made using their...
Yeah, except his was a regular 2 button suit. The buttoning point was where the third button from a 3 button coat normally closes.
Saw someone the other day whose jacket ended at his waistband. That's the shortest I've ever seen it, and it looked ridiculous.
Did you know that suitsupply MTM isn't that much more expensive than their RTW? Might be worth it to give a try if your store offers it, or have a look at the fabrics they offer to compare pricing.
Yeah, they can work, but you'll see that even Tira hardly ever wears a tie that's lighter or exactly the same shade as his shirt. I think the shirt must be lighter than tie rule is one of the few unbreakable ones in classic menswear.If you break it you often end up looking like the bad guy from a 90s action movie. Might as well wear shades at night then.
You could use a different fabric for that. I have a navy jacket where the seams are taped in a slightly lighter navy. It doesn't look that bad, and you don't notice it when you're wearing it anyways.
It still looks bad with the grey tie though. It's just not a good look when there isn't enough contrast between the shirt and the tie. The pocket square doesn't really work either.Also, I have a light complexion and sometimes white or very pale blue shirts can wash me out, while they always look great on people with a darker complexion. This is especially the case if I wear a very dark suit as well. So I don't think your theory is correct.Contrast is good in classic...
 I like it a lot. Was just joking around after the discussion on the other thread.  Indeed, it looks worse on the second suit than the first. Hope the first won't look like that once the shoulders have settled.
 A peak lapel sportcoat with 3 (!) buttons. A coat like that should not exist according to the sacred rules!
 So that would make it the perfect cloth if you want to dress seasonal but don't actually have very warm summers?
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