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So you dislike all high waisted trousers because of an 80s/90s trend? I don't think mom jeans look all that bad, as long as they're in a dark wash denim. BNtailor had some awesome higher waisted jeans on their Instagram a while back.
Well, the thing is, your tailor should know this. If he doesn't know it, and you don't know it either, you're better off with ready to wear trousers than with bespoke.   Going bespoke without knowing much is fine if you go to a reputable tailor such as A&S or Steed or whatever. They know how something should fit, and they'll guide you with the choice of fabric and other details. You can walk in there without knowing anything about classic menswear and still end up...
Iso, how can you be happy with your tailoring, especially your trousers? None of them fit even remotely well, and I'm confident you can get a much better fit with OTR pants.
I supposed fresco could work, or certain wool/silk/linen blends.
Why go for okay when you can go for awesome? Just pick a nice hopsack or flannel or donegal tweed or whatever is textured and not exclusively a suiting fabric.
Don't get a Birdseye blazer suit. It's too much of a suiting fabric. A blazer suit works best with a more textured fabric, such as a flannel. Don't forget patch pockets are essential for this, and the buttons shouldn't be too suity. Swelled edges would help as well.
The blind should not be leading the blind. Read some posts of Vox about country/city, read the good taste thread, and there are plenty of other old threads that are really good. Isn't it about time that we make a thread with links to all the other threads, so we can refer people to them? Maybe something for the moderators, with help from others? As bad as reddit MFA is, they do have a sidebar with all the relevant guides for newbies.
 Not at all, although perhaps in the archaic meaning (of a stately or dignified appearance) with all your Formosa and Panta suits? Now that I think of it, there aren't many portly posters at all. When it comes to that the SF member base does not represent real life at all. Too bad.
 The more portly men should use braces. I suppose wearing a belt isn't exactly comfortable? I remember my dad always hated wearing belts, and he is on the heavier side.
I suppose I should add one disclaimer, side adjuster/side tabs look best and work best if you wear your trousers at or close to your natural waist. You can choose to use rustic and darker D rings for more casual or countrified cloths such as tweeds, and the more shiny silver looking side adjusters for city trousers. Or just go for daks/side tabs, which uses buttons. 
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