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 Enjoy, I was just there last week! Stop by suitsupply if you can, their euro prices are so much better.
@luxire, would you happen to have access to VBC's solaro fabrics?
Not if you're going for a relatively formal city fit. For example, it's casual Friday, so you don't want to wear a suit, but you still need look formal. It's the perfect look for that, and it looks quite striking if done well. Navy blazer, white shirt, navy knit or somewhat casual tie, mid grey trousers, and well polished black loafers on a sleek last is a common look in London.My point is that not many people on SF work in environments where suits have to be worn nearly...
Navy blazer, white or light blue shirt, any kind of tie, medium grey trousers and black sleek loafers. Black shoes only look good with navy sportcoats, but if you wear navy a lot a nice black loafer can be worth it. You have to take into account that very little people have the need to wear the more formal city fits on SF, hence popular opinion tends to go to the country end of the scale, which includes such things as brown shoes.
He spent all of his money on hair dye.
I can't comment on quality or workmanship, but I'd recommend you to focus on creating attractive lasts.Have a look at the shoesnobblog for example, and the many examples of bespoke shoes on there, in particular those from Japanese bespoke makers. The last shape is probably the single most important determinant for creating an attractive shoe.
A tailor could easily close the buttonhole in the trousrr cuffs, move the button and make a new hole. Either way, it would of course be cheaper if suitsupply delivered their trousers with an unfinished hem, as has been common practice for as long as RTW has existed. The same goes for the working buttonholes on the sleeves.
As long as you're not actively making love to those shoes.On a more serious note, it seems like a bit of a formality mismatch. I'd expect to see punch cap toes on an Oxford or a relatively formal Derby. Chukkas look best with a plain toe, and a slightly less rounded last.
What's up with those shoes, Clags? Blobby punched cap toe chukkas? I know you don't like spending much on shoes, but here they're actively detracting from an otherwise nice fit.
Those look awesome. Are they a standard model you can buy directly from Vass or are they MTO?
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