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 You may not agree, but that doesn't mean you aren't wrong. With extreme proportions you'll need darts or pleats in order smooth out the fabric in the transition from a very small waist measurement to a wide seat and thigh measurement. This is often the case for muscular people. "Tightness in the front of the thigh is often a cause of this and can be remedied by dismantling the waistband and working about 3/8" of fullness across the front of the trouser, taken from the...
I've stopped posting fits because I've stopped wearing ties a while ago, but in case anyone is wondering what I wear on an average day:
Nope, I removed one inch from the back panel and added it to the front panel. It worked very well, except the lower back is still a big baggy. I've removed one inch from the lower back panel for my next shirt, so that should get rid of the excess fabric in that area
Spectre, nice looking fits, but you could use some wider pants. There's also something funky going on in the chest area. The lapels are bowing a bit, and it seems like the drape is in the wrong part (lower half instead of the upper half of the chest), as odd as that sounds.
You'll have to stop by The Armoury when you're in HK. I'm still a bit sad that I wasn't able to when I was in NYC.
 Thanks! Unfortunately, it's all a bit too small for me, but it's understandable that you have limited sizes. The fabric looks amazing and the details as well, so I'm sure it'll be a success. Maybe I can buy something next year!
 Congrats! I can only imagine how much effort it must have taken. Do you have any measurements or pictures of your collection being worn? The jackets look a bit short in those pics, so I'd be afraid to buy sight unseen. The overcoat looks awesome though. Are your clothes half canvassed or fused? 
Closing the listing. I'm keeping them for myself, found some good insoles!
 Thanks for the detailed reply. The dress code in finance is a bit odd. Mainly navy/charcoal/mid grey suits with white double cuffed shirts, no tie and black oxfords. It's getting more and more common to leave your jacket at home and substitute the black captoes for black penny loafers, or sometimes even dark brown suede cap toes. Ultimately, it'll probably go towards a full business casual dress code, but for now it seems like people are still desperately holding on to...
Talking about shoes. These with navy/charcoal suits in a environment in between business casual and CBD:     Yes/no?
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