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I've heard tailors say it's bad for your jacket, something with ruining the shape of the canvassing? My drycleaner pressed a beautiful roll in my 3 roll 2 jacket. I just marked it with a pin where I wanted it to roll.
 Don't steam your jackets, not with a steamer, not in the shower. You can ask a drycleaner to just press it, not clean it.
 Well, it's mainly tight in the chest, which is usually do to muscle instead of fat.
 That would've been awesome, if only the tight jacket didn't spoil the look a little. Too bad, because I like the colours a lot.
 Yep, valstar. Bought this leather one in NYC, but the other ones are up on Yoox. The sizing is a bit odd, so it's best if you can try one on first. 
I'm thinking of replacing the dark brown suede valstar that was lost in an unfortunate accident. Should I size up or not?  [[SPOILER]]   Also, this: vs.
 Yep, midnight blue, peak lapels, with a bit of shine to it. Just what I had in mind. Velvet or a silk blend will work perfectly for this. I'd get this over a charcoal jacket, Kulata. Suitsupply usually has something like this around the holiday season, for if you don't want to splurge.
 Hunt & Winterbotham navy melange flannel.
For the evening a midnight blue jacket will be better than charcoal, and even better if it's a silk or mohair wool blend, or perhaps a nice cashmere.
That wouldn't work. And that's why you need to buy a navy sportcoat first, and light to medium grey wool trousers second. Stop buying anything until you have those two items.
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