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Stitchy, what's wrong with a regular overcoat? Both would look so much better on you than that ring jacket thing,.  
 Sounds fantastic! Just sent an email, hope I make the cut!
That navy coat is bad ass, but perhaps a bit too big for him in the rear. The grey one has way too skinny lapels. Overcoats are the only item where you don't have to exercise as much restraint as other items, so it would be a shame to get a boring one.
 The Havana isn't exactly a Neapolitan suit, but I'm sure you'd be fine. I've seen people being called out on having a pocket on their shirt and subsequently that pocket being stuffed full of office supplies by everyone, but people are generally too busy to notice or care, which is the way it should be. Having said that, if you have the choice it would probably be better to stick with regular flapped pockets, unless you're a rainmaker, then you can wear whatever you like....
 Fit is more important. The havana's high buttoning point is not very flattering for taller guys.
@carsonstreet How should I take care of my lambskin leather Valstar? Anything I need to do to waterproof it? Any products you recommend for regular care? I don't want the leather to become much darker, so I'm hesitant to give anything a try.
 Meh, at least there's some discussion. It's not like we're at each other's throats. FWIW, I like navy odd trousers, charcoal not so much, dark grey can be ok. Chocolate brown, fawn and cream/off-white are some of the most overlooked trouser colours on SF, all three are very versatile and can be equally as good as grey for non-city fits.
 Why would you want patch pockets on a suit? Unless you're going for a BlazersuitTM? I wear between 3.5-4.5" lapels myself, but it all depends on your proportions. I'm happy to help, but bear in mind that I'm not the final arbiter of style. Are you looking to get a suit made by Luxire? I have a coat by them that is excellent, so it might be worth a try, if you've got your measurements down and are willing to a bit of a risk.
 I prefer medium/light grey trousers with medium grey odd jackets, and cream flannel or moleskin with light grey odd jackets. I hope Butler doesn't mind me using his excellent pictures as an example. Speaking of Butler, hope he's doing well. This forum needs his fits! 
 I believe they offer a discount if it's drawn with crayons and annotated with Comic Sans MS.
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