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 Sell, but make sure you have enough suits to wear to work.
Get side tabs. All of my MTM trousers have side tabs regardless of wether they're casual or not. I don't see side tabs as being more or less formal than belt loops.
Was wearing a navy blazer, but switched into my Valstarino as the weather cooled down a bit.
 This accounts for 95% of the difference. Anyway, it looks great on you suga, wear it in good health!
 It looked pretty much the same on you.
Only top part of the shoulders is lined. Google it. W/S/L butterfly lined is probably perfect for what you need.
Why not get it in a wool/silk/linen, butterfly lined? Usually has a lovely texture, and you'll be able to step outside without instantly breaking into a sweat.
Pliny, I like the first one, and strongly dislike the second one. A feint/narrow narrow windowpane is too suit like, much too subtle for an SC. It needs to be at least half an inch wide, and the fabric needs be textured. I do prefer a blue windowpane over a navy one though.
 That sounds awesome. How did you darken them? Any chance you have a picture?
 Seems to be a very small houndstooth/check, a pretty standard suiting pattern. Anyway, it would look awesome with the matching pants, but it's not a bad look as is. Just wish the shoes were darker brown. [[SPOILER]]
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