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Iso, you should look at Kilgour. Their new collection is pretty gender neutral and minimalistic in an almost futuristic way. They've done away with many of the traditional details. A vertical slit on the seam instead of a chest pocket for example, no obsolete buttonholes, etc. It looks pretty cool and it's a style that would probably work better with the sort of waist suppression you're looking for. They're also supposed to be a pretty decent bespoke tailor, so that means...
 I like the fabric, but the only way to wear it with jeans is with a light blue OCBD and a knit tie or no tie. Your shirt fabric and collar, and tie are a bit too formal to be worn with jeans.
 Looks pretty bad for MTM. The seat is too tight, and it's too tight over the hips, indicated by the flaring pockets. It's way too tight in the legs as well, especially the quads. There's no clean line from top to bottom, lots of wrinkles everywhere, and as you said, they didn't correct for your forward hip posture at all. On top of it, it seems like the rise is too low and the inseam is too long.  'Fashion forward' is nice and all, if you have the body for it, which you...
It kinda reminds me of sciamat (spelling?) shoulders. It's an unusual look, but I'm sure it can be worn well, as long as you're ok with standing out a bit. I wouldn't wear that suit jacket with jeans though, if that was your intention. It's more of a 'power suit' with those shoulders.
Ianiceman has always been a bit harsh in his critiques, so no one should take that personally. Aside from him, I do think others meant it in a good natured way, even though it might not seem like that. After all, if we didn't care about you we wouldn't have offered advice and just ignored you. I'm sure you'll find a haircut that suits you, and I can sympathize with that, having had nearly as many hairstyles as I'm years old.
I guess he just means it's a little silly to spend all that money on cool bespoke clothes, but not taking 30 minutes and £30 to get a nice haircut every month. Hell, I work around 65 hours a week now, and I have plenty of time to get a haircut. I have friends who are pushing 80-100 hours, and (I'm assuming) they still manage to get a haircut every so often. You can wear the nicest clothes in the world, but if you don't take care of yourself it's all for naught. Both long...
Sane talk, especially the dark square.
PM sent. Hope they're still available.
I'll give you a special Noodles only price  See it as a two piece suit with a bonus vest for special occasions or if you ever need a little bit of extra warmth. I'd keep it myself, but it's a little too small for me. Enjoy NYE!
Wonderfully soft Carlo Barbera Flannel three piece suit, which can be worn just as well as a two piece. This suit is a year old and has been worn only 5 times! I'm selling it because it's getting too small for me and I'd like to replace it with a bigger size, because both the cut and fabric of this suit are awesome.   Bought it for £379, selling it for £289->269!, shipping is at cost.   Measurements in inches: Shoulder: 18.1" Chest: 43.7" Upper Waist:...
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