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Perhaps NMWA should put a disclaimer on its site stating that Formosa suits are made in small batches in Italy by a bespoke shop, and therefore have a greater variance in sizing than can be expected form regular RTW? An informed customer will be able to look out for this variance, which will prevent further issues.   Caveat emptor only works when the buyer has been reasonably informed regarding the risks of his purchase. Greg, with his financial background, should know...
 How's the legal action against ToJ going? Made much progress? Any closer to getting everyone their money back?
The Lazio is a bit more structured. Not much, but a little bit. The Washington is very structured.
Try the Lazio too. It's cheaper.
Samuelson, Paul Stuart/Phineas Cole, Belvest, Suitsupply, local tailor
I kinda like it. Why does everything need to be hidden, and out of sight? All we're talking about here is a customer complaint. They're not discussing state secrets or anything like that. Just some suit problems. It's relevant to this thread, and I'm sure noodles could use some good natured advice, instead of everyone piling on him. This thread has had so many random tangents, why could this not be one? The fact of the matter is that Greg sold a mislabeled jacket. I...
Birdseye flannel:
Noodles is good at ninja edits, we know that. He's already done so at the request of Greg. Once a deal has been reached, noodles can edit his posts calling shenanigans and threatgening legal remedies, and Greg can edit his posts calling Noodles a lying, mismeasuring, bad picture angle taking, intentional charge backer Problem solved! Now, what kind of shoes would one wear with a brown flannel suit? Dark brown chukkas?
Noodles, did you know suitsupply remade a pair of MTM trousers just because they didn't have cuffs on them? The trousers alone cost around $400, and I'm allowed to keep the pair that didn't have cuffs. Now that's what I call good customer service.
 Their inseams and jackets are short enough to fit some kids, that's for sure. 
New Posts  All Forums: