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Quite the contrary, navy and black is a very classic and formal combination. Black ties look great with navy suits, as do black shoes. Looks great during the day, and even better at night.Seeing as your tie is silver with black, black shoes would be the only option. Perhaps a dark oxblood or navy would work as well.
No, needs black shoes.
That's why you have it pinned exactly where you want it, and possibly even measure the distance. Try on your trousers again when you pick it up. If it's not where you pinned it, ask them to correct it.
How about cotton solaro? You can basically only get that bespoke/MTM. I was thinking of having a navy solaro made up with hip patch pockets, as a casual Friday suit.
No break doesn't work. You should have the tiniest bit of break, and then ask for the back of your trousers to be one inch longer than the front, assuming there's material. That way you'll have a slanted cuff, and the tiniest bit of break at the front, while still covering your socks on the side and heels in the back.
Looks awesome!
Probably as much as I hate "I pulled the trigger on ..."
Too bad about the weather SB, the city really comes to life when the sun is out.
 With cost I meant time as well. Time=money.
 Way too small in the chest.
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