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 Sorry, no idea. Just email customer service, they're very helpful.
No store would ever accept altered goods, unless there's some structural issue. They should've told you to size up before altering it. You must've had a terrible sales associate.
 Then buy cheap ones, or second hand ones. They'll only have to last the evening, and it'll be dark so no one will know the difference. I wouldn't want to wear brand new shoes anyways, because breaking them in while dancing is no fun.  You could get Meermin captoes for about $250, and their lasts look great.
 What's that? A suit made from such a high super number that it dissolves after one wear?
 I used to think like that, but then I ended up with a closet full of things I had worn once or not at all. Recently sold some Epaulet blue Irish linen trousers that had been in my closet for over a year without me wearing them once. Clothing gets real expensive when it's $200/wear. Anyway, to each his own.
 Get some cream flannels or moleskin trousers, or some cords. Buy the blue ones once you have more items to wear with them, some nice sweaters, cardigans and casual jackets like a barbour.  Here's an example of how I wear my blue cords. Usually some form of boots, an ocbd, a sweater and no tie.  
 Tight everywhere!
 I like blue trousers for casual wear, but don't buy them if you're planning to wear them with a coat and tie, especially if you've only got 2 things to wear with them. Get brown, fawn or grey donegal pants if they have those, much more versatile.
It's way too small in the chest. Try a size up and post pics.
Looks great Pliny, but you could really use some extended shoulders a la B&tailor. Your hips seem just as wide/maybe even wider than your shoulders.
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