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 NYC I meant those linen popover shirts.  Here's the suit, it has a wonderful texture:
Just bought a navy pinstripe suit at Bloomingdales. The suits are only $700 with the 50% discount, so very good value for money! They have a limited selection when it comes to suits, but there are lots of nice jackets and shirts.
Most clubs/bars are surprisingly empty compared to the same time last year. I went to apotheke last night, and it was half empty and there were lots of guys in t shirts and cargo shorts. Luckily, the drinks were as good as I remembered.Top of the standard had about 10 people in it, and Le Bain wasn't much better. It's the same story for most of the other clubs around the meat packing area
Does anyone else gets the review emails before the actual product has been shipped? It might be a good idea to link those two emails together, like 7 days after it has been shipped the review email gets sent.
When it comes to clubs, what's 'the place to be' right now? The crowd in all of the meatpacking clubs is whack compared to a year ago. Lots of trashy people!
Nah, they're closer to off-white. My hotel's lighting is just very yellow. They're extremely comfortable, very airy, but not wrinkly. A very good deal at 75% off!
Bought these 50/50 silk/linen trousers on sale at Paul Stuart today. They're ecru with a slight yellow tint. What do you guys think?
Enjoying a very nice summer's day in Central Park. A textures only shot, it's all linen: [[SPOILER]]
 I believe Olfe/Hiro are E width.
 Yeah, 6'2". It's probably for the better, because NY is expensive enough as it is! Cheers!
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