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In general, any display of wealth above your position will negatively affect you. Clothing is only a small part of that. 
 I've heard ToJ makes great MTM jackets.
 Not career-suicide. It can create unwanted impressions and resentment though. Might work against you if you're client facing as well.
Lots of people do it, right? Lots of people wearing t shirts with big logos on it. Or even buying fake stuff. 
It happens if people suspect you're wearing something expensive. They might try to do it subtly, or they might ask to check the label. Or they simply won't check at all and make an assumption and just talk behind your back based on that assumption.   Either way, it's not a risk you want to take. People love gossip. Anything that stands out except your work performance will be talked about. And if your performance is really good they might perceive you as a threat which...
 High finance and big law, so more NYC than LA. People will google your stuff if they don't know. 
 Are they making their trousers even tighter than they already are? That guy in the DB is wearing leggings.
 That's why I like Suitsupply MTM. It fits nicely, but still has the Suitsupply tags. 
 No tags = bespoke. People aren't stupid. Buy some Jos A Banks suits, and ask LL to use those labels for your suits. Now that would be hilarious. Just hope they don't ask what line it's from or something like that.
 Yeah, if you're high enough or bring in lots of revenue you can do whatever you want. Until then, office politics are extremely important.
New Posts  All Forums: