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 Thank you for the reply. Unfortunately, I do not know anyone at Alumo. I was trying to buy the fabric myself, so I could send it to you, but couldn't find anything.
Besides from the fact whether one likes or not, what sets this look apart from the many others? It seems like that would be a more fruitful discussion. In the way we can instantly tell apart a good CM combination from a bad one, how does does that work for these looks? The green oversized parka, funky sweater, tight jeans and clunky shoes look is one I see everywhere in London. It's mostly worn by girls, but some guys wear it too. Anyways, what is the difference between a...
Luxire, do you have access to Alumo shirting fabrics? In particular the cotton/wool ones? I'd love to get a couple of shirts made up in the light blue Lanella fabric.
Drape is very important, but I have 2 suits from the same maker, one with a bigger sleeve head than the other, and it does make a difference. I really like the comfort of the larger sleeve.
 For me it's all about comfort. The extra room that a shirred shoulder gives makes a big difference. I just feel so much more comfortable and at ease when I'm wearing a shirred shoulder jacket. On top of it, I love the way it looks: 
Yeah, it looks very different from the shoulders on my suits. I'm willing to risk $200 though, and I'll send in a jacket along with some diagrams. Perhaps if they can see a proper spalla camicia shoulder they can figure out how it's supposed to look? I don't think they've ever seen one before.Perhaps I'll have the buttonholes made by someone else as well. Should be around £10 a pop, and it only needs 4 buttonholes, so the cost isn't too bad.However, if it turns out well, a...
Thanks for the reply! It's intersting to see how many things are going on that you never see. All we get to see are these finished pics.Anyway, I wasn't the person that said that, as I believe that Eidos is one of the very few brands that has the same aesthetic for all their lines.I could go to a client meeting in an Eidos suit one day, go hiking in a field jacket and moleskin or Donegal trousers the next, and walk around town with an Eidos polo, a casual sport coat and...
Thank you for uploading the pics. It Looks great! Both the formal and the casual pieces. One could effectively be dressed in all Eidos and look great during the work week and the weekends. Not many brands have that. One point of critique is the short vests for the 3 piece suits. Having a visible waistband is not really flattering. Do retailers ask for short vests like they ask for short jackets? Anyway, I wish Eidos were available in Europe.
Use the miles to go on a holiday or something. You might be able to find one suit that you like at the outlet. Definitely not worth the trip.
Sending your jacket is fine. FedEx/DHL will pick up your package, and it'll be in India two days later. As long as you don't use local companies, but one of the big international ones you'll be fine. You can pay on their website, and they'll email you a shipping label and will schedule a pick up. I would start with a cheap fabric as well. I took advantage of a $200 sale they had two weeks a ago. The fabric is currently being woven in Japan, but once it's done I'll use it...
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