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 The way the light shines on the creasing made it look like derbies. Wholecuts are perfect for that fit. I really like how you used that black tie there, and it makes your outfit a little austere, bordering on monochrome, which is awesome. The purple in your suit and tie liven it up a little, but then your PS just comes out of nowhere. It doesn't work with the overall look you're going for, as my eye immediately goes towards it. It's too bold and bright. A simple white...
 Awesome suit, great tie, not sure about the PS, but are those derbies on your feet?
There are plenty of vendors on here with very nice websites, even one man operations. Maybe kindly ask the ones that aren't your direct competitors for some advice? You could offer a free shirt in return as an extra incentive.
 Bank account transfers are common, but most people who would use online MTM have probably bought clothes online before, so they'd all have paypal anyways. Paypal also protects your CC details. Anyways, that's just my theory, which might be wrong. The only way to find out is to do some proper market research. I'm guessing that your first point is infinitely more important than the other 3. However,  if I were you I'd dedicate all my resources to a better website before...
Try a size up and post some pics if you get chance, noodles. 
 It's hard to see the scale on that picture, but the pattern seems a bit too small for a sport coat. It might be a nitpick, but if you're going mtm/bespoke you should be able to find a more suitable pattern. A 3 piece would look great though, especially with a DB vest.
 Thank you, AAC. The jacket is an Eidos wool/silk mix. Stitchy has bought same one. The PS has a very light grey PoW pattern, my alternative to Foo's cream square. Light grey squares are often overlooked, but they look great and go well with nearly everything. They're especially useful for those who tend to wear grey trousers with their odd jackets.
I just realized I never wear more than 3 patterns. Oh well, I suppose I'm just a big fan of solid shirts.
[[SPOILER]]  The 8" leg opening looks great on you. This is by far one of your best recent looks.
Luxire, can you get a light blue flannel like this? It's a Brembana fabric.   http://eu.suitsupply.com/en_GB/shirts/light-blue-shirt/H4530.html?start=3&cgid=Shirts
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