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 Yeah, I've seen plenty of single/double pleated cords, some creased and some uncreased. The heavier ones seem to keep their crease relatively well. Mine, unfortunately, do not. I've seen plenty of people on here complain about linen or linen blend fabrics not holding a crease, so this would be the perfect solution for that. You don't really notice it has been stiched, unless I'm standing perfectly still and you're only a feet or two away. Washing won't be a problem, as I...
 Because I like the texture of the farbic, but not how it drapes. This is how they look after just 10 minutes of wearing them: 
 Those moleskin pants look awesome. Is this the way to do it, or is the stitching done differently?
Yeah, I saw that when I was googling for some info. Couldn't find anything that was helpful though, so I just winged it. Finished the grey cords, now doing my cream cords. I think I'm going to ask Luxire to do this on all my future trousers, perhaps even on wool ones. Sitting behind my desk all day always causes the crease on the knees to disappear.
 I'm not actually wearing shoes at the moment. Just put them on quickly for the pic, and I knew someone was going to comment on it. Yep, they're JF.
I hate how cords and other cotton trousers don't hold a crease, so I tried sewing a permanent one. Left leg has the crease, right leg not yet, for comparison. Thought you guys might like to see it. I might just do this for all of my cotton and linen trousers.
 Great photography! Looks like the toes of the shoes go up too much. Here's a pic of a similar shoe, made by Meermin: 
 This is the only good pic I have, but it's probably not what you're looking for and the quality still isn't that great. Stitchy has the same jacket, maybe he has better pics? Or are you looking for tan based gun club jackets only?  Everyone, thank you for the discussion, it has been immensely helpful. I will think about all of it, and I probably won't leave SF, as I don't believe in extremes. Moderation would probably be a good thing for me though. My apologies if I made...
Yeah, I might just do that. Perhaps I'll just start posting/reading less. It's a good resource, but seeing awesome things that you'd like to have on a daily basis does not help the long term planning at all.I don't need to have the perfect wardrobe right now, or even a couple of years from now. What I have right now isn't bad anyways. Most of it is fully canvassed and fits well, so there's no immediate need. I have 12 pairs of shoes, 25 shirts, and 25 ties, so that's more...
Gun club with a striped tie and a light grey hanky. Not professional photography, but you get the picture.  
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