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 Calf usually stretches a bit more. I haven't worn these much, but they will certainly stretch a bit over time.
 Old picture, but it's not a bad cut at all: (it's for sale!)
Yep, 10.5E. How did you know that? I prefer the normal cap toe, it doesn't stand out as much. It makes the shoe more office appropriate.
My sample sale pick. The pictures don't do them justice, but I foresee these getting a lot of wear, they're just so versatile. Thank you for helping me out, Justin!
Some pics in natural light of the Gable on the DG70 last. Midnight blue, dark brown double leather sole & metal toe taps.
 Looks awesome, but it lacks a little depth. I tried on monks in the same leather, and they told me they're offering a patina service in their shop now. Might be worth looking into, if that's your thing.
 No, I have the fresco one. Wide stripes like that silk suit remind me of the 1920s/30s gangsters and of dandies. It looks cool, but it is more of a casual suit than a business suit. I'd say a normal pinstriped suit can be worn to nearly any professional function, but can look out of place at social occasions. Most people in finance don't wear pinstripes anymore, seeing as 80% of the offices are business casual.  [[SPOILER]]
 Raw silk is awesome, and it'll probably wear just as warm as flannel. The downside is that it might be a bit more casual, so not really office appropriate, depending on where you work.
 They certainly do. I tried on 4 different pairs shoes, and they helped me search for others in my size, until we settled on the Gable.
 Basically all of his movies are amazing, but I especially like Howl's Moving Castle. Ponyo is a great disney/pixar alternative for kids
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