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 That would be a pretty bad scenario. Basically a waste of money, as bespoke suits don't really sell well in the second hand market. A GBP1000 Napoli Su Misura jacket that was worn a couple of times was sold for less than 200 on SF a while ago. He'd be left with 500 and and no suits. Besides, his budget for the entire wardrobe is 2500, which means suits, shirts and shoes. He'd only be able to afford one suit in Naples, because getting two will mean there's no money left...
 Bespoke can also work when you go to a top notch Savile Row tailor and say make me a nice navy suit. They'll make sure you get something nice. It'll also cost you GBP3000.  Going to a lesser known tailor in Naples (the well known ones will be too expensive) and ending up a with a nice suit is a crapshoot. Most likely the tailor won't speak a word of English, and he'll have no idea about English tastes.
 Depending on where the company is located, you'd usually work on site for 4 days out of 5. Also, I don't want to get into someone's finances, but getting bespoke suits for a 20-something consultant in London is not a financially smart move. You wouldn't earn enough to have a bespoke wardrobe and live comfortably. 
 MC is a very client facing role. You don't want to walk around in beaters when you meet the CEO of some company.
 And then his budget his gone and he's stuck wearing 2 suits for the rest of the year. That's a smart move. By the time he has enough money for his third bespoke suit his first two will be worn out. When it comes to shoes, if you'll be working in London I'd get two black cap toes. Brown is really only worn on Fridays, if at all.
 Check out Suitsupply MTM in their Vigo street (off Savile Row) branch, they might be able to help you. Suits start at 479 for super 100s fabrics. You could get 4 basic MTM suits from suitsupply, 2 pairs of nice Carmina black cap toe oxfords and about 8 Luxire MTM shirts for your 3000 budget. For the suitsupply MTM, get two basic navy and two basic mid grey suits. Ask them to lower the buttoning point to your natural waist, get the widest lapels, 3 roll 2 buttoning,...
Luxire makes it like that because we mostly have our arms at our sides. The other sleeve angle makes sense if you spend a lot of time with your arms raised. Either way, just send them the pic and ask them to adjust the angle for your next shirt, perhaps you can measure by how much. Easy as that.Luxire can do anything, as long as you explain it well.
No need to apologise. Guess I just didn't get that joke...enjoy lunch!It's pimms o'clock here, so I guess that doesn't help with me understanding puns either:
You guys are behind the times, this was a big scandal a year and a half back. It was all over the news. Also, Noodles, it's called an SUV, for sports utility vehicle. http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alexian_Lien_beating
Letting out the waistband will do nothing for the thighs. Thigh width is determined by the actual thigh circumference of the trousers, not by the waistband, which determines the waist and seat.
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