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 Yep. There are also plenty of cheaper tailors in Italy that are also very good. Plenty of options in the EUR 1200-2000 price range.
 Use a traveling tailor. Steed visits Washington, and I'm sure many others do as well. Use the strong USD to your advantage.
 For $2500 all-in for a MTO Formosa you might as well go local bespoke or from a traveling tailor. That's a bit overpriced for RTW imho. It's about 2200 EUR atm, which would get you a very nice Italian bespoke suit, or a Steed semi-bespoke in a very, very expensive fabric.
Clan tartans are not commonly used in RTW clothes. There are 1000s of tartans and tie patterns that you can wear, so it why would you want to wear those couple 100 or so that have a special connotation to it?
 Yep, that was my point. I would never wear anything that closely resembles an insignia, rank, etc. of any country's military, no matter where I am. I don't have the right to wear it, so I don't wear it. It's for the same reason why I don't put PhD on my business card, introduce myself as doctor, or wear clothes from a college I never attended. It shows a lack of respect and is a bit disingenuous. 
That is entirely besides the point with something as recognisable as the Fleet Air Arm or the Royal Artillery regimental ties.
I'm sure he does, as HRH wouldn't wear a tie without having the right to wear it.
 How is the Fleet Air Arm these days?
 I'm assuming you're joking, but I'll respond with some helpful tips for improving your posture and help you avoid loads of problems later on. Most forms of bad posture come from muscle imbalances and overly tight muscles, so the way to correct it is by weightlifting to strengthen certain muscles and stretching to make other muscles more flexible. There are hundreds of articles and exercise routines online regarding this topic. This one is pretty good. Hell, you can even...
 Cheers! J Fitzpatrick. It's one of the very few reasonably priced full strap loafers out there. 
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