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This probably belongs in the poor man's watch thread, but what do you guys think about the Tissot Heritage Visodate? It retails for about £400, but I think I can get it for £300. Buy this one now and buy a Tudor black bay in a year and a half from now, or save up and buy a Tudor in a year from now? All I have at the moment is an omega seamaster.
Common sense says no. It's a great way to get stains and scratches on your jackets, break some of the stitching or buttons, and make them look like you've worn them for 20 years. Besides, fabrics aren't nearly as heavy as they used to be. It might work for a 25oz heavy tweed, but the contemporary lightweight fabrics won't withstand a beating.
That's awesome! Same size as the the Tipo cut? Any tentative release date?
And I told you, as has Greg, why that's not a valid comparison. You're comparing bespoke vs RTW. I bet if Greg got Eidos MTM in that cut it would look really similar to the liverano cut, because they would be able to adjust the quarters for his self proclaimed wider hips, and add some length to the body. Anyway, we'll have to wait and see till the actual collection is online and we can see some good pics and maybe try it on ourselves before we can judge.
In yours he has his arms crossed, that's way worse.Here his hand is only in one pocket. Can't you mentally duplicate the one quarter that's laying normally to see how it would look like?In the other pic he's simply pulling the jacket closed, very close to the actual buttoning position, so the quarters are pretty similar to how they would be it if it were buttoned normally.
Looks exactly the same cut to me. The difference is that Ethan's is bespoke, while Gregs is RTW and probably not suitable for his body type. He needs a longer and maybe even slightly bigger jacket than that one.
Dude, relax. A month for 6 MTM shirts with a completely bespoke pattern is the minimum when ordering the first time. Don't order online MTM when you need something fast.I wouldn't suggest ordering 6 shirts either, because it's very high risk. If they don't fit you'll have 6 shirts you can't wear. Order one shirt, wear it for a couple of weeks, order the next shirt with some adjustments and repeat this till you have the perfect shirt. That's when you should order 6 shirts.
It looks awesome, and I have no doubt that people will love this cut once they see it in real life. It's just hard to interpret a 3D cut in a 2D picture at times. You've got your work cut out for you when it comes to product photography. Will you stock any suits, or jackets only?
You're all using that single picture of Greg, while several pages back it was decided that the rounded quarters look awesome on Antonio's suits. Things I don't like that SF likes: -making sweeping generalizations based on a single selfie
 Not that much for the average Dutch man (6'1/2" is our average height). Having some muscle makes clothes look better. It fills them out nicely, especially if we're talking about a bespoke suit, but also for a polo shirt or a simple t-shirt. Height makes clothes look better as well. Compare mafoofan in that overcoat of his with any tall person in a similar overcoat.
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