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I didn't forget it. Of course fuller pants require a different jacket cut as well. All I'm saying is that it would be beneficial to take your own proportions into account.For example, I could try to fit myself into the super slim suits that are fashionable nowadays (as a matter of fact, I've tried it), but it just doesn't work for me. I need full trousers in order to make my feet and quads proportional. I need a jacket with a full chest in order for it to be proportional...
He's saying you need wider pants, so the cuff will cover more of the shoes. This makes them look more proportionate. The current small leg opening makes the shoes look disproportionally big, which resembles the oversized shoes clowns tend to wear.What's your shoe size? I wear a UK10 and I have to wear trousers with a leg opening of at least 8.5" to avoid the clown shoes thing.
 It's not rocket science. Read a couple of the old threads on fit and style and the city country spectrum etc., so you know what to look for. Take a Saturday and visit all the major RTW brands. Try on loads of different cuts, look in the mirror, walk around in it. Buy the one that fits you best and hopefully it isn't too expensive. Wear this suit a once or twice a week over the course of month, continue to read and educate yourself. You'll notice things that are wrong or...
 There isn't. And that's what makes it fun. Picked it up for a fiver a while ago, just for the hell of it. I always wanted the Ferragamo/Hermes ties when I was an aspiring banker and didn't know any better, so I thought I'd treat myself to a hideous, but fun one. What's not to like about a tie with charging leopards on it?
 Single pleats if you want a clean look. You can go for the extended waistband and side adjusters, so you can wear it without a belt. Here are luxire single pleats + extended waistband: 
A good tailor can shorten pants in less than 20 minutes, sleeves take a bit more time, depending on how they're made, but not more than an hour. Maybe you should go to a normal tailor for the simple stuff, and only go to Fields for the more complicated alterations?
A 90s banker 'power' tie. Not tasteful, but it sure is fun. The leopards on my tie are coming for you, so you better start running:
Dude, your pants are the worst. That's not due to your legs being hard to fit, but due to the tailor not knowing how to properly cut and shape pants. A RTW pair of pants from Uniqlo or H&M for 50 bucks will fit you better. Anyway, I give up. Either you take our advice, or you stop asking for it. Here's a pic of me in $10 H&M pants: Here's a pic of me in $15 H&M (a bit short, but that was my own hemming mistake, was an easy fix) and a $100 Suitsupply jacket:  
There's a big range between perfect and terrible. You're on the bottom end of that spectrum. Aim to have at least an above average fit. Also, don't insult your tailor by showing our harsh comments. You're not paying much, so you can't expect much either. There aren't really any deals in bespoke, you get what you pay for. bNtailor might be the exception, but I'm assuming they'll raise their prices soon.
The suit already has its main shape, so not much can be changed. The fact that their initial fittings were so bad should be tell you enough about their quality.
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