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More like 100%. Wasn't there a Sicilian tailor who went from sub €1000 to €3500 when the dude from London lounge got involved? Pimping bespoke tailors is good business.
 Tucked in flaps are essentially the same as besom pockets, right?
Nope. I want a suit that's a bit more casual, and I want a blazer that's a bit more formal.I have regular navy worsted suits for when I need to be super CBD, but for casual Fridays and such a hip patch pocket AF blue fresco suit is perfect. So, it's not a compromise. For a very nice dinner on Saturday night a hip patch pocket AF blue fresco blazer is perfect as well. Again, it's not a compromise.Don't really see your point here.
No, you're looking at it the wrong way. A blazer suit is a suit that works equally well as a suit and a blazer. Mine is airforce blue fresco with patch pockets. It looks great as a suit, but the jacket can be worn separately as well and looks just as great.When worn as a suit, you'll have no idea it's a blazersuit, and when worn as a blazer, you'll have no idea it was part of a suit, which means it makes perfect sense. It's also perfect for short trips, as you'll only have...
Fok wrote a whole article on Sashiko, so I'm sure he knows more. Someone summon him! @LA Guyhttp://www.styleforum.net/a/clothing-for-hard-work
Naturally dyed indigo should shed a bit, but after a couple of washes it should mostly stop. I believe that if still sheds at the same pace after a couple of washes the dye has been set incorrectly, but I could be wrong about that.I'm sure there are people with more knowledge of this fabric on SF than I have. I believe @LA Guy knows more about Sashiko.
How badly does it bleed? Is yours lined? Don't want all of my shirts and trousers to be blue. I guess you can only wear it with denim trousers and shirts then, like a Canadian tuxedo?
Your outfit looks great from a distance, but from up close certain things strike me as a bit odd. The top half looks great, with the somewhat summery colour palette, but the bottom half is more winter like, with those patterned orphaned suit trousers and those burgundy captoes.I think it would've looked a lot better with non patterned but textured trousers and loafers instead, or just as suit. Right now the top and bottom are a bit incongruent.
New Posts  All Forums: