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Yep. The lazio you showed us doesn't fit well, so that's not an option. The la spalla fits well, but it's too close to Formosa in price. The other single breasted suits aren't really worth it at full price. So that leaves the DB suits. Or just wait for Formosa/go Steed MTM this week.
Get a double breasted suit. They're the nicest fitting suits from SuSu. The Lazio and La Spalla are nice as well, but most other stuff is too slim/too high buttoning point. The Sienna can be nice, but is probably not the right cut for you.    
 Their prices are pretty comparable to Formosa, seeing as they start at 1200GBP/1900USD. Might not be a bad idea at all. Just show up in your formosa, so they get an idea of what you like.
It's time to break out the wool/cashmere ties!    
Suga, post a proper fitpic in this thread once you have it, just to show noodles what he's missing out on.
I think it's safe too say it's just too slim in this case.
How much are you selling it for, noodles?
I think we're over analyzing. It looks great, so keep it. You can sell this one only once you have 10 Formosas in your wardrobe.
It fits better than the SuSU suit. Pinstripes don't make you look old. Where did you hear that? My girlfriend loves my pinstripe suit. Anyways, wear that suit with a nice light blue or light pink shirt, a burgundy, navy, brown or forest green tie, and a white linen PS. You'll look awesome.
Dude, that suit looks awesome. It fits really well, and the color and texture are very nice. Instead of us convicing you why you should keep it, why don't you tell us why exactly you want to sell it? Articulate all the things you don't like about it.
New Posts  All Forums: