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You need one with long sleeves, buttoned cuffs and a proper collar that stands up, but it can certainly work.Taking a nice pic with your hands in your pockets works wonders as well, for some reason people interpret that pose as you pulling it off. I guess it shows confidence. It's part of the reason why the 'can I pull this off' conversations are useless. It's not that some people can magically wear things that others can't, it all comes down to confidence, which is hard...
 I'm not entirely sure, but it wears much warmer than my other fresco clothes. Might just be a roughly woven wool. Either way, it looks very nice.
 Despite the hopsack fabric? That would be better for me, as I work in a somewhat CBD environment. Maybe it's a CBD suit that can also be dressed down a bit? 
Thank you, YR92. Those are all very good suggestions!I'll have to get some black loafers. I don't know why SF hates them so much, loads of people in my office are wearing them, and while it doesn't look good on everyone, some people can definitely pull it off. It's kind of the stereotypical banker look, so I might as well live up to it.I didn't bring a lot of ties on this trip, but I'll definitely keep your suggestions in mind when I'm back home.Awesome, that uniqlo polo...
I have been trying to figure out how to wear this navy Eidos hopsack pinstripe suit, but I'm having a hard time. Any advice is welcome! Here are some pics. Casual with loafers and brown knit: Navy grenadine and black captoes: Striped grenadine and black captoes:
Italian CBD:
 You probably need to alter the curve of the seat, so that it follows the curve of your body more closely. The sewing part is as easy as taking in/letting out a seat, but your tailor does need to have an eye for taking measurements. I've done it myself on some pants, took me about an hour of hand stitching. Would probably take me 15 if I had a sewing machine.
 Cheers, the suit is navy, the tie is black.
For sale: All linen brown/navy PoW Soho suit, in 40R. Less than 9 months old! It's a slightly heavier linen, so it doesn't wrinkle as much, and you could wear it in spring/fall as well. It's located in NYC for another 3 weeks, so cheap shipping for Americans! PM me for more info/measurements.  [[SPOILER]]
New Posts  All Forums: