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I've never seen anyone wear their jacket like that, ever. How did you come to wearing jackets like this? It'd be interesting to hear the thought process behind it, if there is any.
That has happened with plenty of tailors, hence the concept of mystery bespoke tailor was invented. It prevents the bandwagoning, the tailor not being able to deliver because he's not used to such a big amount of orders and the subsequent price increase.
I'd be up for a summer challenge. Here's hoping my seersucker trousers and fresco blazer arrive on time.
Have you tried the Tipo? I quite like that one. I believe it's a bit longer than the Tenero.
Lol, the owner asked for a wrinkled back and gaping pleats?
Not just one picture though. I've seen dozens by those armoury dudes, and I've seen how he wears them himself, and it's not very appealing. Looking forward to seeing your pics though!I had Luxire make me ambrosi style trousers with the extended waistband, the many button fly, and the stitched down single reverse pleat, but it's not my favourite pair. I've settled on double forward pleats, a regular waistband and side adjusters, and a 4 button fly.
Sorry, still think this one emphasises your hips, due to the short length. The NMWA cut looks much better on you.
Yeah, they're awesome. The pleat style looks English, so they might be Steed. Could also be his mystery tailor or NSM, but my bet would be Steed. I'm sure someone here knows who made them.
I guess for $1250 I'd just expect nothing but perfection. No wrinkles anywhere, like Vox's trousers.
Vox looks awesome, but I'm not very impressed by those ambrosi's. Pleat is gaping open and the back and side don't look very clean. Definitely not $1250 clean.Those cotton ones look better, but are a bit too short and tight for my tastes.
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