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Apparently it's possible to get measured for MTM suits in Europe, but have them delivered in other stores. So that means you could take advantage of the exchange rate. Going to try that in a week or two. Should save me a couple of hundred. You could basically get MTM for the same price as one of the more expensive RTW models in the U.S./UK.
I wonder how it would look in real life, without that pose. Might look a bit odd with the low collar.
What do you guys think of this? I never would've thought of wearing a polo with a suit, but it doesn't look bad.
 Luxire has cream donegal tweed. Not exactly flannel, but still nice.
Good selection, except for the brown ties. Seeing as he'll be wearing black shoes 90% of the time, one brown is more than enough. I'd replace the other brown one for a grey tie.
 Yes, let's spend your entire wardrobe budget on two bespoke suits from Naples. Such good advice! My statement was made in the context of people seriously advising a guy with zero tailoring experience who needs to wear a suit 5-6 days a week to fly to Naples and get two bespoke suits, while he could get 4-5 decent Suitsupply suits, and have enough money left over for 2 pairs of well made shoes and 10 shirts. Bespoke might be nice, but it's not worth spending your entire...
People romanticise Naples and the whole idea of getting a bespoke suit there way too much.
 Yeah, it's not my favourite Italian city, that's for sure. Naples definitely doesn't make my list of top 50 weekend trip destinations, perhaps even top 100. It says a lot that non of my Italian friends would ever recommend Naples if you want a fun weekend trip. 
 Either way, going to Naples for a couple of days just to get a suit doesn't make sense. Not now, not a year from now, not ever. No matter how much money you have, you'll still be wasting valuable time just to get a suit. As much as people hate traveling tailors, they do make sense from a convenience standpoint. Although most convenient would be to just get a suit from a local tailor.
 I don't really get why going to Naples for getting a suit sounds "sexy as all fuck". Looks like huge hassle to me. You'll spend at least a full day traveling there and back combined. And when you're there, Naples is by and large a shithole, and you'll be spending a lot of time in a dingy room with some old farts who don't speak English and are rushed to make a suit for you because you only have two days. They'll most likely try to screw you over by charging tourist prices...
New Posts  All Forums: