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Wing collars are for white tie or waiters. The other options depend more on your personal taste. The black tie guide website is pretty good.
The good taste thread
Vox's coherent combinations post>all of Foos posts combined
You know what seems unnecessary but is actually surprisingly practical? A coin pocket!
 How do you wear the sleekish black bluchers? Grey trousers, navy blazer and sedate non-brown tie?
 You're forgetting tan shoes. Can't really wear summer fits involving very light grey/white/cream trousers without tan shoes. Also, I'd have at least one pair of longwings instead of 2 shortwings.
 Indeed, those look nice:    But what type of shoe? Plain cap toe oxfords, brogues, bluchers, loafers, chukkas? Mainly black, or dark brown, or light brown? Leather or suede?
 I'm sure some people at Pitti wear them, except they don't get photographed and probably aren't interested in being shown on blogs either. Besides, the only people actually looking at Pitti pics are menswear enthusiasts/people working in fashion, and they generally appreciate the more outlandish styles. Even if you wouldn't wear it yourself (I wouldn't wear 90% of the stuff being shown), it's always fun to see what they come up with this time! However, I can appreciate...
 The Boston is a bit too casual for suits. That one would be chinos +ocbds and maybe a casual blazer only type of shoe. Loafers are not a look that everyone likes, and I'd even say it might be a bit of an acquired taste. I didn't like them much either at first, but everyone in my office wears loafers all the time, so they kind of grew on me. What kind of shoes do your coworkers wear?
 Depends entirely on your tastes and sensibilities. Do you like penny, beefroll, full strap or tassels? Leather or suede (suede is more casual, so leather (or shell) would be better for you)? Generally, the sleeker the last, the less casual the loafer is. A very round and bulbous beefroll loafer should not be worn with suits for example.  It's harder to find the right fit for loafers, as there are no laces, so you should really try them on in person. Is there any shoe...
New Posts  All Forums: