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Cutaway can look ok without a jacket when it's a very soft Italian collar and the shirt is a very textured fabric.
I only wear polos/BDs when I'm not wearing a jacket. Spread collars are strictly for jackets only, and mostly suits. Spread collar without a jacket is a very bridge and tunnel crowd look, especially if you wear it untucked with jeans.
That's what you get when you shop at kohls.
Hi Vox! It's good to know you're still watching over us after all these years, like a flannel clad guardian angel.
My prediction has come true, although in some sense it might have been a self fulfilling prophecy.
95% of his posts were "insider" jokes or reference jokes. So funny.
You give him way too much credit. I'm sure he'll like you stroking his ego though. Expect to see in it his Twitter soon.
So, a general update on the Sashiko jacket. I've washed the jacket several times it in scaldingly hot water. This has caused the whole jacket to shrink, which means the shoulders fit much better now, as the measurement has decreased by about .5-.75". The difference in fit is very noticeable, which means I was right about the across back measurement being too big.   The sleeves are a bit shorter now, as is the length of the jacket, but it's still within the acceptable...
 It's a pretty heavy jacket, so a bit more expensive. It's worth it to have someone take a look at it first. If it's just taking in the collar it shouldn't be too expensive.
I'm not going to send it back, as shipping would cost the same as having someone fix it locally, if it's fixeable. Better to have someone here take a look at it first then trying to take pictures and analyse over the Internet. That's why I deleted the pics.I'll happily share the results of course, and maybe it'll be of some help?
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