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@indesertum, thanks again for all the suggestions! My girlfriend had a great weekend, and we loved Nougatine! The food and the location are great, and the drinks weren't bad either.   Unfortunately, I found quite a sizeable, and living, slug on top of my salad. That kind of spoiled my appetite, so I switched to drinks instead, which made for a fun brunch. You should've seen the waiter's face when I pointed out the slug, it was hilarious! Had I been in a bad mood, I...
 Cheers, CruzAzul. Haha, you're not the only one who thinks that. Throughout the entire shirt. I might just remove half an inch from the lower back panel altogether next time, but I'm getting very nitpicky now. Increasing the armhole circumference a little helped with cleaning up the sleeves, but that might not work for you.
 It's quite a common policy, and it often includes any public social media usage as well. Discretion is key when you're suffering from a bad image, and I suppose it's also for my own protection, as anything I'd say or do (such as being in GQ) would probably be used against me. 
 Haha, I have no desire to be famous, although I wouldn't equate being in GQ to being famous. Even if I wanted to be in a magazine, company policy prohibits me from talking to the media in any way, shape or form.
Another one pice collar shirt. I moved an inch from the back panel to the front panel and decreased the shoulders a bit. I think I'm getting pretty close with my fit, but I might ask them to correct for square shoulders. As I've said before, I love the cool linen/cotton fabric, and once again Luxire has executed my wishes perfectly.  
Got scouted by GQ to be a model in one of their upcoming features today, which shows they do recognise good style outside of the super skinny look. I thanked them for the compliment, but of course I respectfully declined.   
Thank you! Your eyes are not deceiving you. I'm in NYC for a month for work!I was planning on wearing it with a jacket, but the weather was much too hot and humid. We still had lovely day though.
Casual day, so spoilered:   [[SPOILER]]
How much is it on sale? I saw a couple at the midtown bloomingdales, but didn't have time to try it on. Might stop by bloomingdales in Soho today.
Suitsupply soho. I have a brown linen one for sale in the suitsupply thread.
New Posts  All Forums: