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It could, but then the sleeves and chest would be too small.
Interesting. Do you have any pics?
So no one reads the posts then. Maybe I shouldn't have posted the pictures and just the measurements. I'll amend later today.
The shoulders are too big, they hang past my actual shoulders, and the collar is way too big. Those were my main concerns. Why does everyone focus on how puffy they are?
 You mean make them wider, like the original jacket? That makes the collar gap even bigger. 
 This jacket was an experiment to begin with, so might as well give it a try.  Just to avoid any confusion, I've been a happy customer so far and have been one of Luxire's biggest advocates, which why I thought I'd give this a shot. Too bad the jacket didn't work out, but that doesn't mean I'll stop buying their pants and shirts, as they're much better at that. Just thought I'd post my experiences to help others.
 Got in at the discount price, so a $200 loss isn't too bad. I believe they're $400 now. The fabric is pretty cool, but be prepared for everything it touches to become completely blue. Might need to wash it several times. Maybe I'll wash it in hot water in the hope it'll shrink the shoulders.
 Asked for an exact replica, except for patch pockets and a slightly longer jacket and lower buttoning point. The shoulders aren't roped, they're just too big which means they hang way past my actual shoulders, and the sleevehead has been made way too puffy. The collar of the jacket is so big you'd probably need a 25" neck for it too fit. The fabric is cotton which of course wrinkles a bit more and doesn't drape as nicely as wool, but I was hoping Luxire would at least get...
 Pretty expensive insurance if you ask me.
Nope. As you can see, I'm holding a camera while wearing the other jacket as well. I tried to make the two pictures as similar as reasonably possible.
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