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Does anyone have both the NMWA Eidos cut and the regular Eidos cut? Do you wear the same size?
All of the VBC stuff for design your own will be relatively similar anyways. Worsted, lightweight and slightly shiny. Whether it's super 100s or 110s doesn't matter much.
No, it's a lighter navy. More like airforce blue perhaps. It's in my signature.
Suitsupply Hudson in the amazing Delfino Wool/Hemp fabric. As soft as cashmere, as cool as linen and with the drape of wool. Bought it last month for GBP259, worn 3 times and have decided I need a size larger. Happy to show a pic of the receipt to prove it.  
Panta RTW sample sportcoat, wool/linen brown/tan plaid, full canvas, 2 button, 2 patch, chest welt, side vents, 1/4 lines, basted unfinished sleeves (buttons provided). Worn twice, as I got it just after the summer season last year, and is now too big for me. 42RShoulders- 19Sleeve - 25Armpit to Armpit - 21 3/4Lapel - 4Length from BOC - 30 3/4Waist across middle button - 19 7/8 
If anyone is interested in a Hudson wool/hemp by Delfino in 40R, I might sell mine at a good price. Bought it last month, worn 3 times, but decided I need a larger one. It's an amazing cloth, very soft, rich colours and wears as cool as linen but with a better drape. PM for more info.
Probably from & sons, which is quite common for older companies and family businesses.
I haven't tried the York yet. It has more structured shoulders, right?
It is quite high. Higher than the Lazio. I pretty much only buy Lazio due to all the other button stances being very high.
Start with black cap toe oxfords.
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