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Has the fabric arrived?
Really like the black Madison. I'll have to stop by the store one of these days. Would you be able to put metal toe taps on them?
It would still look better with a white shirt though. Whether low contrast looks good on someone also highly depends on ones complexion.It's looks good on you because you're wearing a micro houndstooth shirt, which breaks up the expanse of light blue. I bet you I wouldnt look as good with a solid light blue shirt.So yes, light blue on light blue can look good in low contrast outfits with non solid light blue shirts, if it suits your complexion.
That tie would clash with a light blue shirt, which means white is your only option, but that would be too formal with the aforementioned for.Basically, any tie with a light blue ground will not go well with a light blue shirt.
A bottle green cotton suit would be very nice as well. For the extra $100-150 you might as well ask Luxire to make you a pair of trousers in the same fabric.
That sounds like an awesome holiday!
Anywhere between 2 and 6 weeks.
How long did you go on holiday for? I can't imagine how much food you ate if you gaining 10lbs in a week or two. That must've been a true food fest. All that food makes me miss K-town in NYC. I'll have to find some good Korean restaurants in London!
I'm assuming that's a light blue shirt? Either way, that's one very coherent fit, both on the city/country scale and on the colour/contrast scale. Shoes work well here as well. Well done. You should wear suits more often.
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