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Interviews aren't about what you wear, they're about you. That's why you want to take away anything that can distract from that. You don't want them to remember your burgundy shoes, you want them to remember you. Once you have the job you can wear other things, but for interviews you should always be conservative. You've asked this before and many people have said this already. Good luck!
Dark brown, we've discussed this already. Be as conservative as possible.
Wouldn't the size of the cuffs be best determined by the size of the pocket flaps and lapels? Big cuffs with tiny lapels and pockets looks funny, and vice versa.
 It was awesome. Best portrayal of relativity, time dilation, etc. in a Hollywood movie ever. The visuals of the black hole were amazing. Some individual frames took over a 100 hours to render and the total visuals combined were over 800 terabytes. It's the most accurate render of a black hole ever, and they're publishing papers based on it. I find it funny when people say the visuals sucked or the physics are inaccurate when Kip Thorne, 30 others and thousands of...
It's very difficult. Showing it with pictures and drawings helps, alongside with a tailor's comments. I've spoken to a tailor on Savile Row about this, and I think I'm just going to send in a pair of well fitting trousers next time. Luxire is still an excellent deal (provide they can copy something perfectly), as a pair of bespoke trousers starts at around £500 for the cheaper tailors, and that doesn't include nice fabrics such as Minnis or H&S.
Changing your half hip will do very little for getting rid of the wedgie. Trousers are 3D while we're using 2D measurements, which is why it's so tough to get it right. You'll probably have to change the curve of the seat and alter the rear fork.
I kind of reminds me of Justin Bieber. It's a shame he's ruined a perfectly good haircut for a whole generation.
That's quite a feat, as a seamless whole cut is supposed to be one of the harder shoes to last. However, perhaps it would serve you better if you'd work on your lasts first? Just compare the lasts of Meermin, Carmina or Gaziano & Girling (3 different price levels) with yours. I'd say your toes are a bit too square for most people's liking. An elegant last can go a long way.
Navy suit, white shirt, grey or burgundy neat tie and black cap toe oxfords. No pocket square.
Your tailor is C&D, right? I asked them about a suit in flannel and the quote was over $2200, so about $400 more expensive than Formosa. The guy was also wearing a waistcoat that was about 2 sizes too small, so I was a little hesitant commissioning anything from them. Do you have any full length pics of your suits?
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