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 It's fine of you don't like pleats in general, but the reasoning you're using is wrong. Your logic does not extend to denim, as pleats do need a crease. Having said, there's nothing wrong with pleated denim, if done well. Why would one be allowed to be comfortable in dress pants but not in denim? It's simply a change in fabric. I currently only own one pair of denim trousers, and they're pleated. I don't wear them often, as I find denim to be a less than ideal fabric. Too...
Pleats are simply a tailoring technique of shaping a trouser and adding extra material in the right place. It has nothing to do with fabric or formality. You can wear pleated cords or linen trousers without a jacket or a dinner suit with pleats, it's all equally appropriate.
 If you're going to wear braces, do it properly. Get buttons sewn inside the waistband, or sew them yourself, it's super easy. Remove belt loops, or if you're going bespoke ask for side adjusters instead of belt loops. Belts are so overrated anyways. If the trousers fits well, side adjusters/side tabs should be more then enough to kepe them up, and they're much more comfortable. Trousers cut specifically for braces are very different. They drape beautifully and should be...
 Mine shrunk quite a bit.
I much prefer the boxcloth braces. Albert Thurston carries them. They're not as flashy as the elastic and woven ones, so they're a little more elegant. They're very comfortable too.
Thanks Pliny! It's an open weave knit tie and a BD shirt. I usually wear this jacket sans tie, but I thought a knit would be ok.
Wrinkled linen trousers and shirt + silk/wool Eidos jacket. Bad lighting, but the sun has set quite a while ago. Got me some off white silk socks, very comfy, albeit a bit Michael Jackson like with these burgundy loafers. I need some of those light suede Carmina loafers.
I understand the difficulties, and I always think you look great, regardless of height. You're certainly much better dressed than those NBA guys. Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to attack you or your style or anything like that.I just think it might be worth a shot, just to see what it would look like. I bet it would look awesome on you, but like it said, it's hard to find in RTW.I'm only 6'2", but I wear 4" lapels and have 9-9.25" leg openings on my suits. They don't...
That's because they don't know any better. Don't straight lines make you look taller?I bet it would be bad ass on a very tall person. A very powerful look, perhaps a bit intimidating even, so I can see why some might want to avoid that.
It's a real feat to look that nice while being that tall. Having said that, I think wider lapels and a more shaped jacket with a little bit of a swelled chest would make it even more impressive, but to each his own. I prefer jackets that have some three dimensionality to them, they're a bit more dramatic. Some Italian and British tailors are very good at this, and of course we can't forget BNtailor. It's a style that looks very good on a lot of different people.
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