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No break doesn't work. You should have the tiniest bit of break, and then ask for the back of your trousers to be one inch longer than the front, assuming there's material. That way you'll have a slanted cuff, and the tiniest bit of break at the front, while still covering your socks on the side and heels in the back.
Looks awesome!
Probably as much as I hate "I pulled the trigger on ..."
Too bad about the weather SB, the city really comes to life when the sun is out.
 With cost I meant time as well. Time=money.
 Way too small in the chest.
 They already have someone working as a fitter for them there, so they don't incur any travel costs.
 Are you not seeing what I'm seeing?. Both pockets are mismatched in the same way here (which looks good), not one matched and the other not matched.
I wear fresco at least 6-7 months out of the year in London.
I think people's problem is that one pocket has been (almost) patterned matched, while the other is not. Either match both pockets or don't match any. Half/half just looks a bit sloppy.
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