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Do you still see the value at £2100 for a suit?
That looks like too much to me. Won't turn out well. Need to go to someone with more experience.
Picked up my Eidos Solaro suit from the tailor today, and am very happy with the way it fits. The new NMWA cut is worth a try if you haven't already, much better than the regular Eidos cut.
Dropped the price by £20 and the GBP tanked as well, so an amazing deal for those based in Euro or dollar land!
Dropped the price by £40 and the GBP tanked as well, so super good deal for those based in euro or dollar land
Yep. It's a wonderful fabric. Very soft, almost flannel or cashmere soft. It's lightweight, and relatively breathable. It does wrinkle, but not nearly as much as linen.
Perfectly acceptable. Pretty much anything in conservative colours is acceptable. Khakis on Fridays only, but grey or navy chinos can fly under the radar the rest of the week. Brown shoes of any variety are OK in NY, black leather shoes of any variety in London, except for casual Friday's again, when anything goes.It's not rocket science, and definitely not suit science.
You guys are all wrong. Navy/grey suit trousers (with or without a jacket (mostly without)) and some kind of poplin dress shirt is where it's at. Everything else is superfluous.
They're also starting to use cloths that people in the NMWA thread fawn over, like the Delfino wool/hemp for example. Saw a wool/silk/linen grey check suit last week that was really good as well.
I've had lining in the arms come undone in $3k handmade suits as well. Not just a susu problem.
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