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 If you want casual and Italian, get the widest lapel, unpadded spalla camicia shoulders, light full canvassing, 3 roll 2 notch lapels, patch pockets, rounded (barchetta) chest pocket, brown horn, dark brown corozo or smoked MOP buttons, double vented, 3 sleeve buttons, pick stitching, high rise flat front or single reverse pleated trousers with 2" cuffs. If you want you can go for side adjusters over belt loops. I prefer side adjusters, but it's up to you. All these...
 Wasn't talking about the spotted hanks. You said he doesn't need stuff he can easily mix and match. I say everyone needs that, regardless of wardrobe size, especially people who are still learning how to dress well. In fact, having an extremely large wardrobe of random items might make it even more difficult to dress well.
 He still needs to wear it though. Making an outfit from a wardrobe that only includes statement pieces can be pretty difficult, as we have seen. No matter how many clothes you have, if you can't make coherent combinations you'll still be dressed badly.
Thanks guys! The 501 seems a bit dark for odd trousers, but lighter weight seems nice. I think I'll go for the 511, as the UK isn't exactly known for its great summer weather.
Thinking ahead for spring/summer. Which grey Minnis Fresco would be best for odd trousers?
I have 12 pairs of shoes. During the week I rotate my 4 black cap toes, and black loafers on Friday's. During the weekend I usually wear one of my two pairs of suede loafers, or one of my two pairs of boots if it's bad weather.   That means 9 pairs get worn regularly, and the other 3 are worn maybe once a month. The only shoes I'd still buy are a pair of burgundy shell long wings for weekend wear and black bal boots for when it's bad weather during the...
Very wise decision. See how you like your 20 new pairs first before you buy more. Wear them at least twice so you can see what you like/don't like about each particular model and last, and what you can wear it with. Should take you at least 2 months.If I'm correct, you're getting close to 60 pairs of shoes here. This means you can wear every pair once every two months, or 6 times a year. It might be smart to start looking at the extra utility you gain by buying even more...
No, wait till it's light tomorrow. Stand outside, somewhere where the sun shines. Have someone else take a picture of you from a reasonable distance, about chest height camera level. Take a pic from the front as back, maybe one in motion as well. It's not rocket science.
How about you stop buying shoes for a while and learn to work with what you've got? How many shoes are still in the mail/being made for you at the moment? 15 pairs?
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