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No, it's a lighter navy. More like airforce blue perhaps. It's in my signature.
Suitsupply Hudson in the amazing Delfino Wool/Hemp fabric. As soft as cashmere, as cool as linen and with the drape of wool. Bought it last month for GBP259, worn 3 times and have decided I need a size larger. Happy to show a pic of the receipt to prove it.  http://eu.suitsupply.com/en_GB/jackets/hudson-blue-plain/C953.html?cgid=Jackets&prefn1=fit&prefv1=Hudson  
Panta RTW sample sportcoat, wool/linen brown/tan plaid, full canvas, 2 button, 2 patch, chest welt, side vents, 1/4 lines, basted unfinished sleeves (buttons provided). Worn twice, as I got it just after the summer season last year, and is now too big for me. 42RShoulders- 19Sleeve - 25Armpit to Armpit - 21 3/4Lapel - 4Length from BOC - 30 3/4Waist across middle button - 19 7/8 
If anyone is interested in a Hudson wool/hemp by Delfino in 40R, I might sell mine at a good price. Bought it last month, worn 3 times, but decided I need a larger one. It's an amazing cloth, very soft, rich colours and wears as cool as linen but with a better drape. PM for more info.
Probably from & sons, which is quite common for older companies and family businesses.
I haven't tried the York yet. It has more structured shoulders, right?
It is quite high. Higher than the Lazio. I pretty much only buy Lazio due to all the other button stances being very high.
Start with black cap toe oxfords.
Cutaway can look ok without a jacket when it's a very soft Italian collar and the shirt is a very textured fabric.
I only wear polos/BDs when I'm not wearing a jacket. Spread collars are strictly for jackets only, and mostly suits. Spread collar without a jacket is a very bridge and tunnel crowd look, especially if you wear it untucked with jeans.
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