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The nice thing is that they deliver anywhere. So just get measured in a Euro store, and have them deliver to a store close to where you live for the final fitting. Once you have a pattern it's even easier, all you need to do is pick a fabric, lining and buttons. You'll be out of the store in 10 mins. You do have to pay in full straight away instead of half upfront, but I'd say that's worth it.
I don't think it's the Lazio. I was wearing a Lazio when I went in for a fitting, and it was very different. Not the Sienna either. Might be the La Spalla.
 I believe it's similar to the La Spalla. Anyways, they've got jackets and trousers in every size, so just walk up to them and ask if you could try on a jacket. I'm sure they'd be ok with it. I looked it up and it's called suit up personal tailoring. Starts at EUR469/GBP469 for VBC stuff. They don't take into account exchange rates. Probably hedged their FX risk. My suit was EUR800, because the fabric I chose is quite expensive. All other options are always included.
Then you'll want linen.
Veni, those sleeves are way too long. It's a bit of shame to wear a $2000 suit with sleeves like that. Go to a tailor! The rest is nice though.
I don't know what it's called. Just ask for the fully canvassed one. If you stick with VBC fabrics it's pretty cheap.I do have to say that the base jacket fit me pretty well, so that might have skewed the results in my favour. Their base trousers, however, did not fit me well at all, and the ones they made for me do fit well.Might be best to try on their base suit, and see how it fits. If it's decent I'd go ahead, but if there are major fit issues I wouldn't trust their...
So, I received the Suitsupply MTM trousers as part of my suit, and they didn't put cuffs on them, even though I had specifically asked for it (twice).   I measured the material that was folded inwards and knew there wasn't enough left to put 2" cuffs on them. I gave them a call, they sent a courier to pick them up straight away, had their own tailor look at it, and then called me to confirm there wasn't enough material for cuffs, and to tell me they'll be making another...
For some reason people always think that wearing a suit = being a gentleman. Anyways, I'm sure they won't give you a hard time. Maybe if you try on 10 different models and then walk out without buying anything, but I highly doubt it. Anyways, they didnt seem particularly busy when I was there, and they seem to have plenty of time for Instagram and tumblr pics. The store is outside of the main shopping districts, so they don't get many shoppers passing by. Besides, most...
The armoury doesn't really cater to small timers or people who want something cheaper. It's for people who just want to go to one store, buy a whole wardrobe and be done with it, no matter the cost. Hence, they can charge a big premium for eveything, as their customers are probably not very price sensitive. It's usually not very difficult to find some of the stuff they carry 20%-30% cheaper somewhere else.
Morning dress looks more exuberant to me.
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