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 Agreed, denim is just another fabric too me. No different from moleskin or linen. Having said that, I don't like denim that much, because of the way it drapes and its properties. In summer it's too hot, and in winter it's too cold. It's ok for parts of spring and autumn, but I like other cotton fabrics such as corduroy (for its softness) much better. I also think that wool trousers are just much more comfortable than cotton ones, which is why I don't get why people love...
Yeah, wear the suit as a 2 piece in the office, and add the vest for special events or nights out. 
 You're crazy. Why not? Don't say because it makes you look old. This is beautiful:
 Some more pics for discussion. Some I like, some I don't.  [[SPOILER]]
 Yeah, country club kind of describes it, except not balding and fifty-something, and it's in the city. I spend many a rainy Saturday and Sunday afternoon and evening in hotel bars, members clubs and cocktail bars. London is perhaps one of the few cities where such a jacket wouldn't be out of place. Jeans aren't even allowed in some places, not that I was planning on wearing it like that.  I was thinking of getting it with some drape, and perhaps completely unlined,...
After talking about navy velvet jackets, what do you guys think about this jacket? I think it might not be versatile enough with the silk lapels, making it appropriate for black tie events only. Maybe I'll have Luxire make one with self facing shawl lapels if I can find some tartan cloth on the cheap, which would be more of a smoking than a dinner jacket.
 My G&Gs have taps as well, but I would have never paid $100 for it. Meermin & Carmina do it for around $35, and it looks just as good.
 It's too bad I only just got home from work! I would've picked that up in a heartbeat if it were still available. That's exactly my size for Sartoria Partenopea. Anyway, I appreciate you posting here. Thanks!
A herringbone shirt could be subtle way of wearing 3 stripes:  
I've started wearing ties to work once in a while:
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