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I think we spoke about Viola Milano on this thread, and I said they were overpiced. Here's some proof. These ties are made with exactly the same fabric in exactly the same workshop. I think Tweedy bought the Exquisite Trimmings one. Viola Milano triple stripe shantung: £98 [[SPOILER]] Navy/White Stripe – shantung | Viola MilanoExquisite Trimmings triple stripe shantung: £67.5 (including 10% SF discount) [[SPOILER]] Exquisite Trimmings | Accessories | Ties | Navy Bar Stripe...
Noodles, if you want to try out different styles on the cheap, go to Suitsupply. Their Washington model is inspired by TF, and has strong padded shoulders and a structured chest. I think the more dramatic Chittleborough & Morgan/Tommy Nutter style would look very good on you as well.
 Yeah, you could give padded and roped shoulders a try. Seems like it balances out the pear. Neapolitan styling isn't the perfect cut for everyone.
 I don't like the slim lapels on that one, but TF does have some very nice cuts. Most of them are very structured with roped shoulders, and do look awesome when worn right. Too bad they're very expensive though. Bespoke pricing for RTW. Anyways, go burn that orange polo and buy a nice one. They aren't that expensive, and would instantly make you look much younger, if that's what you want.
The best dressed don't wear lapel pins.
 So your wife prefers you in bootcut jeans, sneakers and a polo? If so, it's up to you whether you want to start dressing more for her in your free time, as you have to wear suits for work anyways. Maybe you can find a happy medium?  Instead of light wash bootcut jeans you wear some nice darker indigo selvedge jeans or chinos, and instead of sneakers you wear chukkas or loafers or longwings, and instead of polo shirts you wear OCBDs or some nicer, higher quality polos or...
 True, if anything makes it look dated it's the hard 3 buttoning. You could always just button the middle button though.
 More my style. No need for pesky glass doors. I really miss showers like this. Bloody Brits have appalling bathrooms. 
Why would you want to wash it? It's a jacket, so it doesn't touch your skin.
Right looks much better. Coincidentally, I'm wearing a darker shirt with a tan jacket as well today. In hindsight the hanky might've been a bit too light, but I wanted to tie in the cream trousers.
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