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 Yep, I'm in IB.
 I read an interesting BBC article the other day about how going to work and being at the office has become a ritual. We don't go to the office or stay late at the office to get work done, as being at the office has become a purpose in itself. We're not working, we're simply being at work, which has become society's most universally celebrated value. It quoted a study about how many people (can't remember the percentage) stay longer at the office just so they can inflate...
It's a bit less than my wool one, but it is especially noticeable when I wear it:
Thank you for the explanation. My silk tie has it too, but it's quite a sunstabtial grenadine silk, so I suppose fabric weight might also be important?
Thanks, always helps to have more than one source of info! I still think they're massively overpriced though.Let's compare an ET 3 fold for £55 with a Viola Milano 3 fold for £90. As we found out, it's the same tie maker, so construction is equally good, and seeing as ET uses Macclesfield/ancient madder/etc, I doubt the viola Milano silk is £35 nicer.
Make sure you don't steam the chest/lapels/shoulders. Might be better to just size up if you can.If hemp behaves like linen (no idea), you'll likeley see marks where the jacket has been let out.
I hardly see any charcoal odd trousers in London. Mid grey to sligtly darker grey, yes, charcoal, no.Just because Americans wear it doesn't make it right. If we go by what regular Americans wear we'd all be wearing chinos with white trainers and sports socks and some sort of oversized polo shirt. If I had to pick one look that's nearly equally common in all states and cities in the good ol' USA it'd be that one.
 As long as you're aware that it's not actually an Italian brand and that the ties might have small knots you should be ok. If there's a tie you really like in particular I'd say go for it, otherwise stick to the more well known brand in that price range.  I know this isn't an undiscovered brand, but in terms of value for money the Exquisite Trimmings house brand is very good for staples. Quality wise it's on par with Drakes, the only difference is that Drakes tends to use...
 I haven't tried Viola Milano myself, but I believe people on the Dutch styleforum said they made very small knots. The brand is by some ex-suitsupply guys, and the ties are a bit overpriced due to lots of marketing costs and whatnot. However, due to FX they have gotten considerably cheaper over the past 6 months.
Dude, just keep it simple for now. Textured fabric, patch pockets and lighter buttons. If your jacket has those features you can wear it as an odd jacket, simple as that. You can look into all of the exceptions later on.
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