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 8.5cm. As for grey ties, this is the darkest grey I have. Goes well with any shade of navy: 
 Because he's wearing a size or two too small, which causes the lapels to gape. I'm not saying the San Diego lapels are nice, but its a very close copy of TF. The notch sits a bit higher on TF though, and the lapels are slightly less rounded. The washington cut was inspired by TF as well: the lapel shape, the more structured shoulders, the bigger pocket flaps, etc.  Either way, it's not my favourite lapel shape, but would be great in perhaps a navy mohair as a sort of...
The San Diego is pretty much an exact copy of one of the TF models, lapels included.
How is that possible when it's their job? If I were selling something, I'd make damn sure I read everything about it. You don't want to look like you don't know what you're talking about every day you're at work, and it doesn't seem like fun either.
If you can, remove a couple of stitches, and look underneath for any colour difference. If there is, stitch it back up, otherwise remove it. It wouldn't be that big of a deal if you have to keep them.Depending on the fabric you might still see the holes, but probably not.
Fair enough, thanks for the quick reply!
Could you make them with side adjusters instead of a draw string? I know the answer will most likely be yes, but just double checking! If so I might just send in some shorts for you to replicate.
Grey herringbone tweed is one of the best looking (and possibly the only good looking) grey odd jackets. Here's Vox wearing one:
 Yep, I'm in IB.
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