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You have to know where to go!
If anyone wants to buy this Soho in 40R, I'm willing to let it go for a good offer. I'm a bit sad to sell the SF club blazer, but it's a bit too small for me.  
Any advice on what kind of tie to wear with this jacket?  
@luxire those are some really nice fabrics! How much for a jacket/suit, or is this pants only?
There are loads of good breweries in London. I'm not (anymore) a big beer drinker myself, but I highly recommend the Bermondsey brewery mile. It's very close by where I live.   http://www.londonbeerguide.com/article.php?ID=bermondsey http://www.londonbeerguide.com/breweries.php
I understand, it's part of the appeal of the American bar as well. It's by no means a cool place. There are tons of cool cocktail bars that do innovative things, but sometimes the atmosphere of a good hotel bar and an excellent old fashioned is just what you need.
Yeah, Dukes is good too. I prefer the atmosphere of the American Bar though.
Looks like a great travel jacket. How much did it cost?
Savile Row and the Burlington Arcade is always nice for window shopping. I think C&J has a shop in the Arcade.I usualky enjoy the walk from the top of Savile Row through the arcade towards Jermyn Street, where lots of shoe brands (including C&J), and lots of shirt makers have stores as well. Then you should walk a bit west for 5 minutes and have a drink at the American Bar at the Stafford.I believe you wanted to check out SuSu as well, which is located in a side street off...
I'd get navy/burgundy or navy/dark brown. Don't like block stripes that contrast too much such as Navy/Grey.
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