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The blind should not be leading the blind. Read some posts of Vox about country/city, read the good taste thread, and there are plenty of other old threads that are really good. Isn't it about time that we make a thread with links to all the other threads, so we can refer people to them? Maybe something for the moderators, with help from others? As bad as reddit MFA is, they do have a sidebar with all the relevant guides for newbies.
 Not at all, although perhaps in the archaic meaning (of a stately or dignified appearance) with all your Formosa and Panta suits? Now that I think of it, there aren't many portly posters at all. When it comes to that the SF member base does not represent real life at all. Too bad.
 The more portly men should use braces. I suppose wearing a belt isn't exactly comfortable? I remember my dad always hated wearing belts, and he is on the heavier side.
I suppose I should add one disclaimer, side adjuster/side tabs look best and work best if you wear your trousers at or close to your natural waist. You can choose to use rustic and darker D rings for more casual or countrified cloths such as tweeds, and the more shiny silver looking side adjusters for city trousers. Or just go for daks/side tabs, which uses buttons. 
 I know we like rules and all, but when it comes to side adjusters or belts it only matters if you plan on wearing your trousers with braces. Seeing as you're not doing that, you can go either way. Personally, I prefer side adjusters, because they look sleeker, don't break up the line between jacket and trousers, and are just a little bit more comfortable. It also saves you from having to buy all kinds of different belts to match your shoes, so it's good for your wallet....
Yes, it's nice to try, and sometimes I do, but most of the times it's just not worth the effort. I do think the fits have gotten worse on average. When people start praising fits that clearly are made up of orphaned suit jackets or things that simply don't fit, the bar is set pretty low.
The main raison why I (and I can imagine many others) don't give feedback as much in the WAYRN thread is because people tend to get very defensive and take it personally. There will also be 10 newbies saying how great that blindingly shiny metallic tie is, so it's kind of pointless. I do give feedback in Noodles' thread, because people in there are receptive to it, and even though they might disagree, they will not get defensive. It's a much better atmosphere. 
 Bear in mind that it's a wool/nylon fabric. I have the grey version of it, and I didn't like at all. It's definitely worth the extra $70 to upgrade to real wool flannel that drapes properly. It might look nice in pictures, but those can be deceiving.
Any modern smartphone will take nice pictures. Just stand next to a window or somewhere with natural light and it'll look nice enough in SF. No need to invest in a camera setup just for SF, unless you plan on using it for holiday pictures or things like that.
Thank you, Claghorn, really appreciate it. Ill have a look, as I generally like the ties they show on their instagram. When it comes to this look, I like all the individual items, but that's not how I would wear them. The tie I'd wear with a flannel navy blazer, the shirt with a navy suit, and the jacket looks awesome, but because it's grey donegal wool might be a bit harder to wear. Not a big fan of that square. Just did an ebay search for Fumagalli 1891. Those are some...
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