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I think I'll dryclean it, maybe it can be salvaged, but otherwise I'll donate it.The jacket was my birthday gift from her, and she was absolutely inconsolable about ruining it, even though it wasn't her fault at all. I told her it's the thought behind the gift that matters, and that I appreciate that she knows how much I like clothes. In the end it's only a jacket, and it can be replaced, unlike her, as she's a real keeper.
Haha, I don't even own any of those things. It would certainly raise some eyebrows. I'd probably get asked whether I've gone mad and then get sent home to change.You're right though, New York hasn't been good for me, sartorially speaking, but there's not much I can do about it, so no need to worry. Luckily, it's Friday, so I can drown my sorrows tonight!
Haven't had time to go to security yet, but I'm sure they would've contacted me if they'd found anything. I gave them the 15 minute time frame and machine nr, so I guess they haven't been able to identify anyone. If only hotel security cameras could enhance the footage like they do in CSI.On another note, my girlfriend's hairspray can exploded all over my brand new, worn once suede Valstarino, so that's another loss. Do you think I could donate it to charity, even though...
Back to regular programming:
 I think I tried that one on in store. I can take a pic for you on Friday if you'd like. It's completely unstructered, so it's very casual.
 Yeah, reviewing the footage tomorrow.  Haha, I was wondering the same, but by that time they were nearly done with the cycle, so they were pretty much clean. I was pissed off about it, but it's only socks and underwear. It's not cheap, but I can easily replace them, and I'm lucky enough to be able to afford it in the first place. 
 Not a good one.
 Yep, my shirts were still there. It's the weirdest thing.
Rant: Did my laundry at the hotel for once, instead of dropping it off at the drycleaners. Walked out and came back 10 minutes later and all of my socks and underwear were stolen. 15 pairs of Bresciani and Sozzi OTC socks with a replacement value of $25-$45 a pop. I don't know why anyone would steal them, as most of them are sized like shoes, and it's just plain dirty. It sure makes me question how I spend my money, and I'm certainly not looking forward to spending $400 on...
My trousers are getting wider and wider, but once the leg opening hits about 9", the comments in real life get more mixed. Some love it, some absolutely hate it. I think the sweet spot for me is about 8.75".
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