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Sure, what's the difference? Maybe I missed something up thread.
$1200 seems kinda pricy for a jacket, no? You can get a bespoke suit cut on Savile Row and sewn in India for ~£1400, including fittings and fabric.
Cheers! I have about a dozen suits and a bunch of odd jacket/trousers as well. Think I'll wear it 2-3 a month during the winter months mostly, so should be fine. Decided to go for it, and as long as it'll last me a few years I'll be happy.
Their chinos fit like women's skinny jeans. Ankle opening of less than 7" and super low rise.
Odd trousers lower than suit trouser
My point is that the people making the adjustments don't know what they're doing. A suit is a 3D object, and adjusting just one thing can have wider implications for the fit of a jacket. Hence my story of the sales associate wanting to adjust for a dropped shoulder and messing up the whole jacket. If you simply want the base model in a different fabric/lapels/side adjusters then go ahead (bear in mind that their base model is not any of the known RTW fits). Anything else...
What do you guys think about 10% cashmere/90% wool mid weight flannel? It feels extremely soft and seems to have a decent drape, but I'm not sure how durable a fabric like that would be.
To give you an example, in the London store there's 3-4 full time guys for the measuring and fitting. They're always fully booked and you need to reserve a 1 hour slot at least a month in advance if not longer. Shows it's a considerable part of the business, and definitely bigger than some of the other bespoke/mtm operations.
Not very satisfied to be honest. One suit was done well, the other one far worse than a RTW model, and after countless alterations they couldn't fix it and made another one which again fits worse than their RTW. Their alterations were also extremely poorly done. They took in one side more than the other for example, causing the jacket hang unevenly. Seams weren't pressed. Took in the sleeve of a jacket and completely messed up the sleeve pitch. Their sales associates and...
There are lots of inconsistencies between fabrics as well. A linen lazio might fit very differently than a flannel one for example. I once tried on two wool Lazios in the same size and the jacket was about a full size slimmer for one.
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