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The attolini one has a much bolder/thicker check. I don't like your cloth at all for an odd jacket. How many tweed odd jackets do you have atm? I'd get a navy or brown or tan or dark green donegal or herringbone tweed over that one any time. If you really want a checked tweed jacket I'd go for something bolder, similar to the huntsman house tweeds.
I believe a handmade shirt is $100 extra.
 I'd have no problems wearing that, as long as it's somewhat appropriate. I kinda regret not buying this Eidos one last summer: 
Talking about suitsupply, they've really stepped up their black tie game. How awesome is this one? I wish I had more occasions to wear a full black tie rig, although I suppose I could wear the jacket separately.  
 Luxire, would it be possible to combine the shipping of this special sale order with a previous order?  EDIT: Placed an order. Please let me know if the offer is still valid, if not please cancel order. Thank you!
I saw despos did the military cuff with a 1.25" difference, so I requested 1" just to be on the safe side. Do you think 1" is too much and that .25" is more standard? Cheers.
Tweedy, I'd stay away from patterned fabrics. Not sure how good they are at pattern matching. Don't they have a nice navy donegal? Also, I'd choose for the widest lapel, 3 roll 2 and patch pocket options, it looks really nice on SuSu jackets. If you want more structured shoulders, why not go for roped ones?
 I have asked Luxire for slanted cuffs on my next order. Any drawings that would help @luxire out would of course be greatly appreciated, @clapeyron. Would a couple of drinks if you're ever in London suffice? I have showed them this thread, hope it helps: http://www.styleforum.net/t/278243/san-francisco-alterations-tailor/15#post_5054998 
 Agreed, denim is just another fabric too me. No different from moleskin or linen. Having said that, I don't like denim that much, because of the way it drapes and its properties. In summer it's too hot, and in winter it's too cold. It's ok for parts of spring and autumn, but I like other cotton fabrics such as corduroy (for its softness) much better. I also think that wool trousers are just much more comfortable than cotton ones, which is why I don't get why people love...
Yeah, wear the suit as a 2 piece in the office, and add the vest for special events or nights out. 
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