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The low angle makes me look more hip heavy than irl, but whatevs. Trousers are wrinkled from a long day at work.  
I have off white socks that I wear with my off white linen trousers. I've tried every colour, navy, light blue, burgundy, forest green, and beige, but off white looks the best.
Get the Eidos polo. It's called the lupo.
Bought this suity linen PoW jacket in my pre-SF days. Anyways, it's nice to have the Tower Bridge right around the corner from my apartment. I think this'll be my regular picture spot.
Some pics of me from our one year anniversary celebrations. A stroll in Regent's Park, the London Zoo, high tea at The Athenaeum, champagne at the London Eye and dinner and drinks after. Such a lovely day.  
That's good to know, as bloomingdales' trousers are way too slim.
Noodles, you need some texture. Get wool and cashmere ties for winter, and linen and shantung for summer.
@Spectre Cuffs are 2". Pants should be longer, but the tailor messed it up. Again. I think I'm going to cuff all of my pants myself from now on. I was wearing black cap toes, but I'm not going to wear those to a bar and ruin them. Didn't feel like changing, so this will have to do. Yes, I came straight from the office, but at least I have some details that differentiate myself. @Davesmith Thank you!
This is a Pal Zileri bespoke, but I'm slowly shifting all of my suits to Sartoria Partenopea.
Come home from work. Put on a tie and pocket square. Change shoes. Ready to go out! Feel miserable in the morning when you have to get up at 5:45.
New Posts  All Forums: