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I have the perfect items for these, just bought navy G&Gs. I won't be able to wear a tie till the weekend though. Maybe I'll wear one Friday night.
@Luxire Could you please reply to my emails? They're a correction for my order, so kind of time sensitive. Thank you!
Odd jacket means lots of grey trousers, right? I'm not a big fan of the grey on grey look. Might be something to consider as well. In that case, a camel overcoat would be perfect. Or a rough herringbone or tweed like fabric.
Isn't navy more versatile? It looks great with grey, navy, tan, brown, burgundy, green, white, etc. There isn't a colour that looks bad with navy. Anyway, from those 3 coats I'd pick either the navy or the grey one. A camel DB overcoat would be awesome, but it might be a bit flashy.
Thanks pliny! Its made from 8 differently coloured yarns, so it looks amazing from up close.
Eidos 50/50 wool/silk, Luxire cotton, Paul Stuart 50/50 linen/silk:
I'm not sure wearing a pocket square to an interview is a good idea, unless it's for a creative position/in fashion. It's always better to err on the side of caution for more formal positions.   You don't want to miss out on an opportunity because you wanted to wear a pocket square or burgundy shoes. Keep it simple: Solid navy/charcoal suit, white/light blue shirt, neat tie and black (UK) or dark brown (US) cap toe oxfords. You'll have plenty of time to personalise your...
 Thank you, I really appreciate it. Little mistakes like these keep me from being fluent in English. I've never been good at writing, even in my native language, so it's twice as hard in English. Luckily, my job only deals with numbers and spoken words.
 There are quite a few of bankers on here, so you might not want to paint everyone with the same brush. Most bankers simply advise companies if they want to merge with or take over another company on the M&A side. On the sales and trading side they help companies/governments raise money through debt or equity and subsequently make sure there's a market in those securities, so that governments, pension funds, insurance companies and so on can match their assets with their...
Yeah, I apologize for getting your hopes up, but I didn't expect people to be this specific. If you ask for anything in 8.5 or 7 or whatever, I could look for it. But it you ask for a specific size with a specific width with a specific last and a specific colour, the chances of me finding that are very slim. There might be about 50-75 shoes left, and nothing is organized, so even specifying width means I'll have to look for an hour, and it'll be unlikely I'll find your...
New Posts  All Forums: