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Shirt and trousers by Luxire.
 Wish they'd make a solid version of it.
@luxire which fabric is most comparable to the maroon university stripes oxford?   I don't mean the colours or pattern, but the properties of the fabric itself. The way it feels, the weight, how it's virtually wrinkle free, etc. I must say this is the best oxford fabric I've ever had. It requires hardly any ironing after a wash, it doesn't wrinkle much throughout the day, it's very soft, it's not too heavy and not too light. Simply perfect!   Please let me know if you...
 I don't have any Vass at the moment, but when it comes to construction they're supposed to be far superior. Read the shoemakers thread for example. There's also a whole thread about Vass on SF. I'm sure you could find all the info you need on there. To be honest, I don't find the leather quality on my G&Gs to be as impressive as the price suggests. Can't tell much difference between the leather of my Carminas and my G&Gs. I kinda bought into the internet hype, which was a...
Those G&Gs are nice, but a bit overpriced for Goodyear welted shoes. In that price category you should really go for hand welted. Check out Vass.
 ET is based in London, so you'll be paying VAT, just like on any other purchase.
 Yep, nothing out of the ordinary.
 Good choice. Looking forward to seeing the result.
 Don't go for that one just yet. Get the french blue or chocolate textured one first. Go for limited pick stitching and spalla camicia if you want something casual. Start with just ONE suit. Seriously, ONE!!! Your fit needs to be dialed in first, which you do ONE iteration at a time. It's pointless ordering 3 things right now if you won't wear them 3 months from now because the fit is off.
 If you want casual and Italian, get the widest lapel, unpadded spalla camicia shoulders, light full canvassing, 3 roll 2 notch lapels, patch pockets, rounded (barchetta) chest pocket, brown horn, dark brown corozo or smoked MOP buttons, double vented, 3 sleeve buttons, pick stitching, high rise flat front or single reverse pleated trousers with 2" cuffs. If you want you can go for side adjusters over belt loops. I prefer side adjusters, but it's up to you. All these...
New Posts  All Forums: