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I'm only able to go into town in weekends, so I suppose shipping would be the best option if it'll be finished on Monday. Cheers!
Or you could get her a cheap bag and you get a suitsuppy suit and you use the rest of the money for a long weekend trip somewhere nice for the two you. Experiences > material goods when it comes to birthday gifts imho.
Tissot heritage visodate.
 Yep, the extremely big and visible stitches, and the fact that some holes don't have a thread in it. I'd say those are equally important to me.
Compared to G&G, which is how the Carminas used to look. It might be hard to see on the pic, but I notice it when looking in the mirror. Cobbler is Mayfair cobblers. Also, the thread seems to be missing in two of the holes. The thread also comes in contact with the pavement when I walk. Is this going to hold up? I don't trust them to fix it, and I'd ather not fork over £100 for someone else to fix it. If it'll hold for a year I'll try my luck at another cobbler next...
 Thank you, much appreciated!
 Cheers, Cleav! Does C&J accept non C&J shoes?
 Any recommendations? This one was the universal recommendation across like 5 threads on SF.
Thanks Justin, somehow I missed this. Just placed an order!
Double post.
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