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  Thanks for the reply dlind. I am thinking along similar lines now, and I agree that is  probably best to just use the leather sole. So for my next pair, I think I will get it without topy.
  My first order from Vass! Old English II Oxblood. The photos aren't great, as you can probably tell I took them during night time.   I paid for topy as well, not sure if I'll get one for my next order. Any thoughts?   [[SPOILER]]
No one can help with choosing cream/polish for Vass oxblood? 
Just curious to know, which Saphir creme/wax do owners of Vass Oxblood shoes use? If not Saphir, which brand/colour? Thanks in advance.   My OEII Oxblood are still in production, and should be on their way soon 
  If you are planning on checking out the Great Barrier Reef, I highly recommend you do this from Cairns. The reef can be accessed from other places in QLD such as Townsville, Mackay, Rockhampton, etc. However, having previously lived in North Queensland (and in a rival city: Townsville), I feel Cairns offers the best value as you not only can you can visit the reef, but you can also check out the Daintree Rainforest, Atherton/Tabllands. It's quite amazing as you have the...
  Thanks for the tip about Commbank, will go to a branch tomororw and have a look the. The deal you got sounds really good. Rezso hasn't replied yet, but if he's happy with USD, then I'll probably use Western Union as it's all online and easy. 
Slightly off topic, but has anyone made overseas money transfer before, if so can help?   Short Story: Anyone bought from Vass before, if so who did you use for Money Transfer?   Long Version:   I'm try to pay for shoes from Vass, I was quoted a price in EURO which I am happy with and am trying to pay this amount right now. For those who don't know, Vass only accepts bank transfer, not Credit Card, Paypal or other means. Westpac (my bank) conversion rate is a...
Hi Everyone, deciding between OEII F Last in Brown Boxcalf (65) or Oxblood (66), if it were you, which one would get get? Which is more versatile? I was really after a dark brown shoe in this design, so not sure which to go for.    OEII F Last in Brown Boxcalf (65) vs Oxblood (66).   65 -   66 -   Anyone know what this shoe...
  Same here in regards to the Vass Thread. I have decided on the Vass Shoes I want, and will probably place my order tomorrow. Bit of gamble in regards to size as I have no way of trying them, but hopefully I will get it right, and will report back in a few weeks when I get them.    In regards to Carmina, thanks for posting your size. So looks like Size 7 should work for me in Rain, so I'm guessing maybe size 7 or 7.5 in Simpson last as I've read it's narrower than Rain. 
  Wow, just did this. I have almost identical measurements to OP. Toes: 23.5cm Instep: 26cm Length: 26.2cm   Any idea what size you are in Vass and Carmina Simpson Last?  
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