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 That chair and ottoman..... ​ 
PPU- $80  
Time to cool this thread down with some average pieces.   Mezlan Don't mind the bulge with the women's sweater.      maroon velvet leather details
    Thank you Nataku for the gift. Funny card too! Would have been funny if you went through with the lock of hair haha
Gift sent, late as I had assumed it would be.   
Awesome excited to open it on Christmas. I don't think those 5 tomFord 3 piece suits you flew in and took underneath my nose fit in this package though.
I went back to visit family and the gift exchange box was here. It's from Brian from Minnesota (Nataku right?) I'm waiting until xmas to open!
I will guarantee that my gift gets to the recipient before christmas. Feels like high school with all these over achievers.    I'm just sitting there like...  
Does it need to table form or just aligned? Does left right work as well?
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