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Lol if you only knew my friend. When I leave this place in a month I will give you a synopsis. I will leave love notes on the garments I know only you would buy and post here from now on. Anyway. PM if you want to chat about the thrifting here. It's interesting to shop in so many major cities for comparison. 
 Let me know if you rent out your photographer. I never posted what I got from yesterday. 
I don't know what that means. Is this a gang thing? Were you the dude on the couch that wanted to fight me today?
Short day, here's some finds from the thrift stores.     APC, Cloak, D2, Arcteryx Dries, Brioni, Lanvin, Duchamp, Finna Sunspel, Smedley, Defursac, lulu, patagucci  The world is your lobster... could't leave it Paul Smith, Varvatos, crew moon, zegna, canali, gamo churchs, gamo
I thought you had the Magnum bag? I don't think this is the Magnum. I sold the bag you had a couple years ago. I can't remember what kind of engineering that took but it took two boxes. 
I think it usually will show an hour glass in the $ sign area. 
Spirit, Frontier, Ryan Air ect. are discount airlines.... deal with it or pay more to fly with someone else. Of course people want the cheapest flight with the free checked bag, carry on, and 3 meals for a 5 hour flight. Then you also have that person who takes up an entire rows worth of carry on space. If you are that person..... I feel for all of the business people who are weekly or more flyers. Rants over. 
Don't ship it until he pays, same goes for waiting for payments to clear too. If he doesn't pay open unpaid item case. If it closes without payment you get your fees back. Relist it. 
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