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Blood comes out easy. 
Like what?
 Time to sell pairs as separates and double my shoe sales. 
Good point. Next let's talk about religion to really get this thread going. 
Sooo..... Are you guys voting for Clinton or Trump?
Yes, I think just a little older. 
What's the over/under on drug OD or natural causes (used loosely)  Edit: Now I am watching his youtube videos....
For what it's worth.. It's cool he owned up to it. I've had people cut things and say it was that way. I've also had people wash rain gear where the coating was starting to come off and it totally gets trashed saying it was not as described. 
Things.....   gamo, ae's Side zip YSL (taking a shot on these beat up) and all Saints Wool/leather   Has anyone seen santa... let him know he lost a reindeer Zegna, canali, zegna, zegna, canali, david august by jules, bb, bb linen blend womens barbour, paul stuart flannel suit, ted baker, zegna recent canali, sick gang tweed, meoowwww rlpl velvet, nwt vince, canali recent, paul shark x2, br, stitch nwt mmm womens BB, Zegna, Zegna, Jcrew ludlow...
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