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One mans trash is another mans come up. 
 I borrowed the Bespoke book from the public library. Awesome book, great history added the respect I had for those businesses. 
          Any ideas? Seems like camel hair or cashmere blend too. 
 I have had an issue with him within the last couple weeks as well. 
Is anyone see getting screwed by eBay reps more then usual for BS return reasons?   Today I was told well as you know the buyer is always right. My suggestion is to accept the return and refund them.    Maybe it's time to throw in the towel for TRS status. It seems eBay is closely reaching that goal of theirs. 
Use a razor to shave it and see how it looks. 
Billy Reid Canvas Distressed Jacket Pants?            
I don't think its the legality aspect. I think you need an auctioneers license which would be expensive. It wouldn't matter much with 140k+ items for sale though I guess. 
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