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  This thing is so awesome. I don't even like shearlings.
I used to shop in and around Cleveland a lot. Hit all places on google map EXCEPT the salvation army near downtown, it sucks bad. Thriftique is one of the best places. As mentioned Parma is good. 
I see separates at the stores I frequent.. Savers, Goodwill, and Salvation Army. I usually see a lot of pinstripe separates. 
Vietnam. Seem like a cool older pair than most I have seen. 
Shoe bros. Anything special here?
Depends on my mood and which model. I don't think this model is the best, but I saw it in my photo folder and figured why not. 
I mean we can always guess, I would probably throw a number out there is they asked as well. It seems like shoe people have the best chance at guessing. Fueco may know for sure, but with running shoes people always want mile numbers. I struggle with that for sure, but maybe there is a science to it. Speaking of shoes.. May as well add something other than text. 
You really can't.  
I know those are Hugo Boss Models, but you mean it actually has the movie on the tag?
Highlights of the last couple days. Back from vacation.         Womens leather jacket This is a really cool piece... Can anyone confirm is this is Spencer Hart? The jacket is almost see through and its some sort of weave. Corn
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