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 Dude that's awesome! 
I'm stuck. I looked through the label thread, took forever may have missed it. Any help would be appreciated!  
Day of shirts anyone here 2XL 17.5? 3 Piece tweed and Carven coat          
Help on suit ID. I thought it was Tom James at first, but it looks like there was a name on the skinny part and not (Royal Classic or Executive collection). I thought it said Carlton (not sure on spelling) somewhere too, but now I can't find where I saw that. Anyway, I know I have seen this before and it's driving me crazy I can't remember!  [[SPOILER]]
Helly Hansen Enigma, BB Jacket, Oxxford Overcoat, Facconable jacket, Mani Overcoat, HF Overcoat, Marmot, Sweaters, Vintage Lemon Squeezer (AWESOME), Gucci Bag (Fake or Real?!), Bose, Gloverall Overcoat  [[SPOILER]]
Still going
I have had size tags listed and still have not won one of those cases. These cases are very simple, similar to the OP's issue. I am definitely doing something wrong, because I lose some rudimentary BS cases. What is the requirement for "high volume/top rated"? I would think I have the volume, and the Top Rated hopefully at the end of the month. I think the big advantage you have is talking to the same people over and over. I talk to one person and then make a change then...
 When I was in Dublin this year it was by far the most popular piece of outerwear. It took me awhile to figure out what brand it was. 
  This never works for me, and I could see why. The buyer says it doesn't fit. Reps at ebay have told me multiple times that it is the buyers opinion that matters. If he feels you even measured it incorrectly it's still the sellers fault. Don't ask.. I don't get it either. I just know I probably send 3-5  hours a month on the phone with eBay. To clarify do you speak to the first rep you talk to, or do you wait for one of the "specialized" reps to note the account? I have...
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