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Pure Silk Southwick Purple Herringbone Tweed so awesome
I'll play.
X1000?!? It's been driving me crazy all day. 
I haven't seen enough of this stuff to know... took a shot on this.
There's so many things to post but just takes a long time to get them together. Here's some recent things added to my IG. Theres a few ethrifts mixed in.   AE
YES   It is so good I don't even mind the homeless person latrine stink surrounding it. I dig the truck that parks near the Salval too. In front, not the one that parks on the side street.
When I first found I was on the cell phone. I looked on the computer and zoomed and saw that toe area. Well if anyone wants calf that looks a lot like shell and has flippers for feet still a good deal. I also rarely look at user names when browsing eBay. 
Pretty good rolls. What was the tell? Could you see something zoomed in, or numbers? Edit. Good eye. I see the front left toe creasing on the one picture. Bummer would have been a good price ha
Pretty good deal on "calf" macneils. Think they are shell kind of hard to tell from pics.
Say goodbye to the Ceviche tostada's on rose and 4th. I'm still sad about those.
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