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Had a warm vacation last week in Jamaica (the country not New York)   Had a cold 3 day trip to Manhattan. I advise you never to drive there... ever...    It didn't take my long to find @SpooPoker     I don't get what the big deal about his vehicle is.... I also can't believe the shoes he must be pulling out of that Payless Shoe store! (Didn't appreciate the double parking while you were in there though!)   Had a few decent finds
My apologizes if this is being stated for the second, third, or fourth time.   Please correct me if I am wrong, but I believe sometime early 2015 Hassle Free Returns will be mandatory. 
Some new to me's! Nom De Guerre, Alan New York, A2 Bomber, Burberry London Trench w/Liner Help on the Nom De Guerre (tagged XL fits like M/40S (w/ long arms) is it wimminz?  [[SPOILER]]
[[SPOILER]]  T&A Paul Stuart Spurr Old Ass Cardigan ? Alexandre Tweed Coat anddd a whole lot of gooooosseee 
It's been a little while. I guess I can contribute a little! Yes, I know my camera work is crazy all over the place.  [[SPOILER]]
Any info? Seems like great quality.  
Few USA most "Other" Indonesia Malaysia Vietnam Mexico Ect
Sober family of 4 or a  hbkshin
yes less than dinner for 4 at micky d's
71 NWT "Hickey" by HF suits    
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