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I should send you my routes for Columbus and Cleveland. I fit in a ridiculous amount of stores when I travel. When I do farther routes like VA, MD, DC, Columbus, Cleveland, Chicago, NYC. I typically fit in 16-20 in a day. 
I have about 50-60 plastic suit hangers from Saks Fifth Avenue. Some say Saks some don't. If you want them let me know. 
If you mean Pittsburgh, PM me. If you mean Pitsburg then I have no idea where that is. Not trying to be sarcastic, big world out there. 
Fay GIUBBOTTO $200 pick up?
I'm not sure if your going city traveling or outdoorsy travel abroad. If city travel I would look into Osprey Porter. It's front loading, lockable, they make a carry on size, hideaway straps. 
 Many issues we run into on eBay the buyer is wrong/crazy/delusional. Well it's up to you how to handle it. If you don't offer a return or money be ready for a negative or neutral. I would assume you would get it removed, but I have been surprised before by reps. The Philippines reps have been representing lately. 
Well if you offer returns you could suggest that.   If he leaves you negative feedback try calling eBay, they have reversed probably around 50% of this type of situation with me.    Can anyone tell me how to hide my zip code from eBay? I have probably hand delivered 10 or so items this year, and would rather not.
I suggest blocking the user anglogogo on ebay.    He purchased a BB sport coat. The sport coat didn't contain the BB logo or patch on the lining. It DID have the size tag that says Brooks Bros. He negged me saying it was not a Brooks Brothers piece. I kindly explained to him that the picture and tag showing Brooks Bros. is typical for that age BB piece. He said he stood by his feedback and unless I gave him more money that nothing would change. So I blocked him and got...
[[SPOILER]]  I personally don't think you will get that negative feedback removed, but there's always a chance. I am starting to care less and less about the few idiots out there. I have a decent amount of volume so a few don't bother me anymore.
New Posts  All Forums: