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and.... I was really hoping it was you so I could run a DNA test on the lock of hair.
Comes in left handed and right handed models?
You have the knowledge advantage... This happened to me in LA all the time, but they still left RLPL, Brioni, Visvim, Outlier, ect.... They are looking for the PRL Jcrew probably Abercrombie haha
I'm looking to go to a good home.    No pressure for whoever got me. Maybe something personal. like a lock of hair
These are all d'avenza. I don't think yours is, but I haven't seen a caruso like it either. I stole some of your pictures at some point creating a guide for myself.  
There could be a zipper and buttons which confuses me sometimes. I guess it could have no closure as well. I'm not well versed in womens clothing. I don't personally think there is much meat left there, but I could be wrong. Maybe $400-$500 who knows with Vicuna though.  If for personal or wife very cool though. 
 I believe in prevention.... so let's stop the person who let them out in the first place.    
I'll just leave this here.  
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