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Send a second chance offer out if the price seems decent. Otherwise yeh refund and relist. Happens to me every other week. Just not for that amount of money.
About sick of eBay this week.   http://www.ebay.com/itm/Canali-Loro-Piana-Khaki-Super-120s-Wool-Mens-Suit-Jacket-Pants-Sz-52R-EUC-Italy-/301945333230   Neutral feedback saying "Holly Cow This suit is more on Yellow side than Khaki like picture but I'm OK w/"   fatmonkey303    Spoke with 3 reps none will remove stating "opinion" 
Not jacks BBQ. Got food poisoning last time.
Todays Kills   BB duffle  Pop on the BB
Last two days L2R AE, BB Peal, Bally, Maus & Hoffman made in England, AE L2R Canali brown label, zegna isaia, zegna 2 T&A, 2 Ricci, Zegna BB surcingle AE burb, inco, canali,TS zegna gant, swaine addney, nudie, canali, helmut lang, new england shirt co vv, pendleton, hammermade, git vtg, isaia, bills RT protocol puma ferarri  L2R pendleton, paul smith, canali, zegna, bb gf, bb yachting jacket L2R canali, prl corn, prl corn, oxxford, prl...
God forbid that touches the floor. 
Only you... I challenge you to post something positive as a reply sometime. 
  Seems to be a lot of new dads, get at me. I picked this up for someone on here.   April77 pop
I think they could have done way better of a collab, but just so fitting.
Um Spoo...   http://www.zegna.com/us/ermenegildo-zegna/maserati-quattroporte.html
New Posts  All Forums: