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Maybe there is a way to call and have them check it out first? It says all sales final on the site. I guess it's possible to fight it through paypal, but I won't bother."If it seems to be too good to be true, it probably is"...unless your in person at goodwill, savers, value village, red white blue, salvation army thrift store ect... 
I had no idea. I have seen a lot of it in the past and never put much thought into it.  PSA: I made a purchase from the round two website for the first time. No bueno. I bought a sweater that had multiple large holes in it. The issues were never stated. I would probably only shop in the stores not blind off the website again. 
Whats it supposed to be a fake of?
I think I found Spoos face and his old career.  
I win... Or lose...
I think it's the 2001 reissue of the 1986 Converse Weapon. I'm really just learning the streetwear vintage type stuff. It's probably not going to be that lucrative but spices up things a little. 
Someone has to cool this thread down. So here's the water.  
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