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You all have provided some great, honest advice. Thank you all.   I'm going to return both topcoats today.
HERE is a great explanation of why I have divots (indentations) in the shoulder of my topcoats. It has nothing to do with the width (or bulk) of the shoulder pads:  
Here are pics of the sizes 40R and 38R topcoats, with and without suit jackets on. I wore khakis so you could better see the length of the topcoat in relation to its sizes.   Size 40R topcoat WITH suit jacket on:     ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------     Size 38R topcoat WITH suit jacket on:     -----------------------------------------------------------------------     Size 40R...
 That's what I'm struggling with quite honestly at the moment. It does seem impractical to get the same model topcoat in 2 sizes....
  My topcoat may not be a Chesterfield technically, but it's similar in style somewhat.   So your advice is to get two coats then, in a sense, right? One for wearing with a suit on, one for not.
  Thanks! Normally, I'd do the same. I'm just really liking how this topcoat looks with a button down shirt without a suit jacket on, as well as how it looks with a suit jacket on too.
  Thanks you for your comment.   Anyone else?
Hi all. Here's my question - Have any of you bought TWO topcoats / overcoats in the same model but DIFFERENT sizes? If yes, are we being a bit impractical? I wear a 38R suit, so I needed a 40R topcoat in this slim fit topcoat model to fit perfectly when wearing a suit jacket. However, this topcoat looks great in casual settings too, but the 40R topcoat doesn't fit as nicely (looks a little full cut) without a suit jacket on. But a 38R topcoat fits perfectly when NO...
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