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Who is doing it currently or has done it, and how did it work out for you? Do you think it is a taboo thing to do, especially if they are a lot younger than you? Or cool, who cares?   What about being in a relationship or already in love and having an emotional affair with a co worker? Is an emotional affair cheating to you?   Looking for others thoughts on this subject.
The Worlds End. It was a pretty good movie, comedy. I enjoyed all the other movies, this held up.
I enjoyed: Manhattan Sleeper Match Point Midnight In Paris The Purple Rose Of Cairo Crimes and Misdemeanors and the latest Blue Jasmine looks good.
Muse- Madness  
Black coffee with some kahlua.  
Lots of water. Vitamins, and even fish oil pills. Could check out some of these products for your skin type.
It causes me plenty of stress. But Hah at what you replied :)  
I saw the 1st episode about getting the wheelchair bound guy laid. It was a funny episode. I need to check out the shows that followed. I forgot about that show until reading this thread.  
Promised Land.  
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