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Better late than never. XD
Hey guys, I uploaded a pic of me in my graduation gown. What shade of charcoal or blue would I match? Thanks!
  This is what I wore during the photo shoot. That's the academic gown too!
If possible, can you share a picture of the pants you are recommending, so that I can have an idea of its color? Thank you guys!    -Angel
I made this war. XD   Well. I appreciate all your comments. I still have no idea yet about the dress code since my graduation is far away. It will be two months from now. I am just wondering what to wear, as so as to be prepared. Also, I think that my university would allow us to be "liberal" in choosing what are dresses will be and I think that would really complement my degree which is related to Humanities.   I also like the idea on how johnnvw cited some...
I think I'll consider your reply with the blue one. Thank you for greeting me in advance and welcoming me. :)
Hey! Thank you! You know what, when I had my graduation picture, I wear the ones that you suggested. White dress shirt and dark red tie (going maroon, but not that dark).  About my suggestion on orange dress shirt and stuff, I would have to buy it all! You really helped me a lot since I already have those you suggested. What's left to buy is the dark blue pants. Question is, can I pair it with black shoes? ;)
My graduation is coming. I don't have a clue what to wear. My gown is black with a navy/dark blue hood forming a V-shape in front. I thought of pastel orange, and a navy blue tie, khaki/brown pants, black shoes and black belt. Can you suggest a dress set? Please help me. :(
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