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All good here; have not spent a cent on clothing all month.
Perfect time for me to do this, I'm in.  If I'm not careful, I am on my way to becoming Buzz Bissinger minus the riches, leather fetish, obsession with Gucci, and sex with other men.  God, that was a disturbing article the robot posted.
I have bought a few things off STP, including a similarly discounted Isaia sportcoat.  I ended up returning it only because the colour wasn't quite what I wanted.  No serious complaints about STP here; I don't think you have anything to worry about.
The link was in my original post.  Here it is again:   I can't help you with your second question.
You may also wish to consider Kent Wang in your price range.
Nice post.  Though I thought the OP was specifically asking about alternative tress for his CJs.  In general, how important is it to buy the trees offered by the maker of the shoes one is buying as opposed to just, e.g. the Woodlore trees you posted?
Quote: haha.  I'll have to try to fold it like that next time. Definitely.  I also hope (some may disagree) that including a big print square in a puff fold adds a little bit more of a casual vibe over just plain white in a tv fold or no square at all.  I'm stuck working in a place where some people are afraid of "suits".
An attempt to use The Big Wave square from Kent Wang.  Sky blue dots on the tie and greyed-navy suit.  
  Of course not.  I can imagine it does help attract the less informed clientele.  I kind of figured they would just stick to Macys, JCPenney, etc. though.    
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