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Just did, thank you!
I ordered two ties about two weeks ago, does anyone know estimated shipping time to South East Asia, does anyone have any experience with that?
Does anybody have any recommendations for good fabric shops in London?   Would be great if they had some vintage fabric lying around.   Or a lot. 
Anybody knows where to get a good pair of high waisted jeans that arent extremely baggy?   Selvedge/slim cut would be great
Do people actually wear their sweatpants around their waist or more their hips?  Been wanting to cop a pair of escobars but because the waist and hip measurements do differ quite a bit for me I was wondering.   Thanks in advance
Does anybody still have any lengths of that tobacco fresco left?
@JohnElliottCo Hey guys, I ordered on BF, and only now I receive an email that my CC info didn't get through, I immediately send an email back to Brandi, and its been two days and still nothing. I understand everyone's probably a bit busy so im posting here so you guys might also take a look. Hope the stuff gets to me by Christmas
 If you mean date as in age, then that's mighty nice of you to say. If you mean date as in to engage in the chasing and wooing of a woman, then I think that's rather uncalled for. Of course I'm nitpicking here and I'd do best to just laugh it off, but I do hope you take it by now that my age really has nothing to do with my bespoke leanings. Maybe I blame StyleForum for the ability to instantly spot a gaping jacket collar, a tight armhole, a short jacket skirt and the...
Hey @Leaves, I was wondering, since I'm flat footed, which of the shoe brands have a rather good stiffener on the side of the shoes and a rather deep foot bed so I can take the insole out and stuff my insole in? Because if the foot bed is too shallow then when I put an orthopedic insole in, the instep rises so high I probably won't be able to tighten the laces properly and end up with a huge V, not to mention a whole lot of painful walking. Thanks in advance!
Thank You. I have no intention of getting my girlfriend pregnant before 25. Baby = no more bespoke Btw, off topic here, but I just got a speckled green donegal tweed jacket, and all my pants are different shades of grey. Do you think dark grey would cut it for pants? Or should I go khaki/tan?
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