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For worldwide orders does anyone know how long USPS Priority takes?   PS, 55 bucks for the cheapest shipping option is really steep :l
When you guys say waist where do you actually measure? Because the "waist" measurement actually has to do with the rise of the pant right? In this case I'm guessing the waist refers to around where the hip bone is?
I'm a 29 in 3sixteen Slim Tapered, 30 in Momotaro Tight straight and 28 in Dior 19cms, if I wanted the fit the model has on the site for the Cast/Coast, do you guys think I should go 27/28? 28 Seems more reasonable but if 27 stretches out then that'll be gold. Does the Cast/Coast have any stretch in it? 
Is it just me or have all the measurements disappeared from the individual pages? Idk how to fit my tees now, im a 17.5" shoulder, about 16" chest, how should I size the tees/henleys? Of course the 16" is a nett measurement so im expecting allowance.  Thanks Mauro! 
I believe Cellulare stands for cellphone in italian 
Noob,  Yeah at first I thought of that but then I decided I'd like to go for some diversity. I really like the silhouettes of both the Geos and the Balmain highs. Just wondering about the "flexibility" of wearing them if I can put it that way?  I really like the GATs because they can be pulled off quite easily, but im thinking the Geobaskets really need the appropriate wardrobe, something which I am working towards, but don't exactly have right now. Geos and Y-3 track...
Hi guys,    been a huge fan of MMM GATs because of just how bloody comfy they feel after breaking in.  However, would like to move on to a pair of high tops, and im thinking either Geobaskets or Balmain high tops.  Any thoughts on both? And being a 41.5 in GATs how should I size them? Thanks a lot in advance guys
Sorry guys but quick question, do the MMM Velcro highs fit the same as the lows? Also, given the choice, white velcro highs or painted lows?
Hi Guys, do you know which AC shop to head to that has the best service/who I should look for? Read in the thread a while ago that some posters didn't have very good experiences with certain AC employees. Also, what would be the minimum lead time for an AC shirt? I understand there is a 3 shirt minimum order.
 My jackets are all tailored, all from humble local tailors, and I have specifically asked for all of them to be fully canvassed. When they are "hand-stitched" along the lapel line, I find that there is a really nice roll which stays regardless of dry-cleaning/pressing. Which is why I have decided to ask the esteemed gents on here for clarification as I myself am a bit confused
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