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Does anybody still have any lengths of that tobacco fresco left?
@JohnElliottCo Hey guys, I ordered on BF, and only now I receive an email that my CC info didn't get through, I immediately send an email back to Brandi, and its been two days and still nothing. I understand everyone's probably a bit busy so im posting here so you guys might also take a look. Hope the stuff gets to me by Christmas
 If you mean date as in age, then that's mighty nice of you to say. If you mean date as in to engage in the chasing and wooing of a woman, then I think that's rather uncalled for. Of course I'm nitpicking here and I'd do best to just laugh it off, but I do hope you take it by now that my age really has nothing to do with my bespoke leanings. Maybe I blame StyleForum for the ability to instantly spot a gaping jacket collar, a tight armhole, a short jacket skirt and the...
Hey @Leaves, I was wondering, since I'm flat footed, which of the shoe brands have a rather good stiffener on the side of the shoes and a rather deep foot bed so I can take the insole out and stuff my insole in? Because if the foot bed is too shallow then when I put an orthopedic insole in, the instep rises so high I probably won't be able to tighten the laces properly and end up with a huge V, not to mention a whole lot of painful walking. Thanks in advance!
Thank You. I have no intention of getting my girlfriend pregnant before 25. Baby = no more bespoke Btw, off topic here, but I just got a speckled green donegal tweed jacket, and all my pants are different shades of grey. Do you think dark grey would cut it for pants? Or should I go khaki/tan?
Oh the hyperbole. I'd probably just smile, say yes I am, I tend to dress up this way, sell her something she likes to hear then walk off.   Who wears tweed in the city man.   Im kidding.
 Pfft. Ageist. Is that even a word.
 In fact Foo, I plan to do exactly just that. No double breasted glencheck 2x1 4 inch lapels for me. Just grays and blues, a pinstripe here and there, a POW maybe, but that's about it. I like boring, all my shirts are all blue and white, with the occasional graph check, bengal and pencil stripe. But that's about it. Ever since I've been on SF all I wanted to do was streamline my wardrobe to make sure everything went with everything to ensure longevity and wearability. Sure...
 I've heard of the Rabbi Tailor a while before he appeared at KS. However the times I have seen him at work he was doing a lot of finishing work, maybe attaching of the lining to the armholes/shoulder line, but I never paid much attention to it. Safe to say though, I do not think he has any part in the actual making/cutting of anything there, as all the work seems to be done off site, outsourced or not is not for me to say. When you pay 4k for a suit that pulls only to...
Oh I think they're lovely people. I just hate them because they're always the first to everything good, and by the time we slobs catch up the good stuff is all either gone or extremely expensive 
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