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Can anyone explain to me why Alden's Modified Last is so comfortable? Was it made with a certain foot profile in mind?   I'm flatfooted/pronated feet, do you think Modififed Last would help?
Gents, I mean no disrespect when I came here to seek help. I have no reason to be disrespectful when I'm asking for advice. Basic human decency, even if not etiquette.   The problem here is, I paid 15500 HKD for a customized last, which to the best of my knowledge, seems to infer that the last is made to suit my feet.   So it begs the question when my feet are constantly being crammed all over and in all the wrong places causing pain, when this last was supposed to be...
7 in GG actually.   The thing is I think my feet are somewhat weird, given how my toes arent flat, and somewhat curl up. This leads to the upper actually yes, pressing down on my toes, though i can very grudgingly say that there is toe wiggle room, though extremely minimal. And that only comes after i wear them for a while. Straight out of the shoe trees my left foot's toes are actually squashed in.   My entire left little toe and the ball of the foot on the side of...
I've been looking at all you gent's lovely pants and if any of you could indulge me :   How do you guys maintain such a clean unbroken iron line while keeping your pants relatively slim? What are your cuff openings like? Do you think it's also based on the cuff/no cuff, weight and material of the pants?
Dear Leaves/Skoaktiebolaget team, I suffer from pronation of the foot, where my feet roll inwards. Are any of your makers willing to accommodate a stiffener/pegged waist around the instep to minimize the rolling?   If so I'd definitely like to look into a pair of Bonafe.
Dear gents, I just got myself a pair of ST.Cs made up, and would like to know if you guys have any advice for me.   I went to the Armoury in HK to get measured by Ethan (before he left) and had the shoes shipped to me in Singapore.   The only reason I tried St C's was simply because of the pegged waist and extremely solid construction. You see, I originally was flatfooted, but due to in part I think the insoles and orthopaedics I have been wearing since young, the...
For worldwide orders does anyone know how long USPS Priority takes?   PS, 55 bucks for the cheapest shipping option is really steep :l
When you guys say waist where do you actually measure? Because the "waist" measurement actually has to do with the rise of the pant right? In this case I'm guessing the waist refers to around where the hip bone is?
I'm a 29 in 3sixteen Slim Tapered, 30 in Momotaro Tight straight and 28 in Dior 19cms, if I wanted the fit the model has on the site for the Cast/Coast, do you guys think I should go 27/28? 28 Seems more reasonable but if 27 stretches out then that'll be gold. Does the Cast/Coast have any stretch in it? 
Is it just me or have all the measurements disappeared from the individual pages? Idk how to fit my tees now, im a 17.5" shoulder, about 16" chest, how should I size the tees/henleys? Of course the 16" is a nett measurement so im expecting allowance.  Thanks Mauro! 
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