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Not sure if a bit off topic here but I was getting a polo coat commissioned and a tailor told me he wasn't comfortable with making one as he didn't have much confidence in doing up the collar  - from a purely technical POV, how different is a polo coat's collar vs a normal jacket's collar?
For the love of all that is good and pure please don't go to Kevin Seah Bespoke.    He charges prices and expounds waiting times that rival Parisian tailors, but not in quality.    There are many many good old guard tailors that still do a decent, honest job at Asian prices.   Of course, these are just my two cents, and everyone is free to try Kevin Seah Bespoke. I'm sure the ones who know their stuff will make their own conclusions.
Gentlemen, my girlfriend is stopping over in London en route up north and has very kindly offered to get me some fabric if needed.   Problem is, are there any fabric shops in London which sell English fabric (W Bill, Harrisons, etc) that one can go through and peruse, and are they even worth it?    Much thanks.
 6'0 actually! Is that what 185cm is, I'm not quite used to the American system hahah  Thank you, I will when I do get the opportunity to! 
How does one multi-quote?    Hahah @EliodA thank you, I assure you the lapel chain rarely ever comes out, this is one of the few suits, if not the only, that I do like the lapel chain on because of the contrast though!   @Coxsackie It is actually fully black, the most accurate color would be in the second and last photos, it's a fabric from the Miyuki Keori Formals book    @ShawnBC It is actually, and I am assuming there is some stigma towards black here but I had to...
Hello Gents, my first ever WAYWT so I hope I don't offend! Suit : Bespoke Shirt : Ascot Chang Tie/PS : Vanda Lapel Chain : Patinova via The Armoury Shoes : Edward Green
 Thanks for the love, will do so when I get the chance to! Don't usually dress as such and I have neither tripod nor camera, so when the occasional iphone picture is good enough I will make sure to put it up! 
    Here's my submission, first ever WAYWT so I hope I don't offend! 
I must apologize for whatever euphemism you guys took it for, when I said "creamier" I was thinking of RJ's "Creamy Waffle" fabric, in that the fabric becomes softer and less "dry" over time
Hi gents, to those of you that own/have dealt with fresco before, do you find that it softens up and becomes "creamier" with wear? 
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