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Some recent finds - nothing too outrageous as it has been pretty dry here lately:   Shell AE MacNeils - 14D and unfortunately way too big for me   Belvest Grey suit in a nice pattern…but   [[SPOILER]]  Ferragamo Wool/Cashmere Blend   [[SPOILER]]  Oxxford blue hopsack blazer   [[SPOILER]]   Really cool (IMO) green vintage Brooks Brothers 1/2 lined, 3 roll 2 blazer - this thing feels like it was just made.  Small stain on the sleeve but otherwise it's MINT   [[SPOILER]]...
Haha, not at all. I actually just showed those photos to my wife as an example of what we could do to our bath - thanks for posting.
Definitely looks a single piece collar - no stitching is correct - thanks for pointing out.Kiton MTM is 15.75ish with 34 sleeves. Actual measurements are: 19" shoulders, 23.5" pit 2 pit, 24.75" sleeves from shoulder, 30.5" length.The last two I had sold really well though so unfortunately probably won't trade that one. Generally I don't mind making most things available tho.
Some nice shirt finds I finally got a chance to take pics of: Loro Piana Tux Shirt #1   [[SPOILER]]   Loro Piana Tux Shirt #2   [[SPOILER]]  Loro Piana White Dress Shirt  Kiton White Dress Shirt  Stefano Ricci White Dress Shirt  Loro Piana open collar shirt - not sure that these are called  Crazy Stefano Ricci weave tie   [[SPOILER]]   Stefano Ricci Tie #2   [[SPOILER]]
A few finds from the past couple of weeks:  Very mint Oxxford Staple Navy Suit, flat front pants too    [[SPOILER]]   Another mint Oxxford this time in navy pinstripe w/ pleated pants   [[SPOILER]]    Still half crying about these next four - all found in the same store, all orphans - went back for two weeks looking and hoping for the pants…no dice Brioni black/black pinstripe peak lapel tux jacket   [[SPOILER]]  Kiton Super 150s Diamante Blue tux jacket   [[SPOILER]]...
Anyone have some tips to share to help speed up scanning the trouser racks? I think my approach to jackets, shirts, ties, etc is good but I always feel that I'm either missing items in the pants aisle or spending way to much time looking at each pair.
Nice shirt haul! Reminds me a little of the Turnbull & Asser cache I ran into a few months back. So awesome when you find great things every other shirt in the rack.
Bit of a SW&D day for me today - not a ton of experience there but hopefully did well. Issey Miyake - sort of a blazer / sweater / jacket combo.  The bottom 1/3 of the jacket and sleeves are knit.  Anyone know what this would be called?    [[SPOILER]]  3x Wolf Vs Goat Oxfords   DSQUARED shirt w/ metal maple leaf logo on breast   [[SPOILER]]  Believe this is an Equilibrio shirt but label has been removed - RN# leads to them.  Cool details: crows foot stitching on buttons,...
Holy crap @ snap-on tool chest. That is insanely awesome.
Here's my finds from the last week, seems to be pretty hot around here lately - hopefully it keeps up: Shirts - (top to bottom) Zegna, Luciano Barbera, super minty Orvis Signature w/ orange contrast button stitching, Hermes, Brioni and Kiton.  The Kiton is cotton/linen blend, basically NWOT and I LOVE it - probably my favorite shirt find to date.   Ferragamo Cheetah Pattern, Zegna Napoli Couture (first time for me), Hermes - if someone could authenticate the Hermes I would...
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