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 Nice haul man - if either of those VV shirts are an XL and available shoot me a PM
My guess would be the misspelling of Edmonds is on some people's saved searches? Not sure tho - sometimes I almost wonder if misspelling brands in common ways drums up more business lol
Some good finds this weekend - PRL Italy pin stripe suit x2, BBGF solid charcoal suit, skeets, etc. not really worth the photos.   Interestingly enough - this guy was the cheapest thing in the store.  No content tag but has to be cashmere - any way to know for sure?  Obviously it's super soft.           Also this guy - Spoo if you want let me know - tagged Medium    
 Not an expert but you'd probably be OK even just for the buttons.
Just one purchase today - in my top 3 all-time finds though:   100% Cashmere, Loro Piana 1/4 zip sweater… MINT, absurdly soft, $5 and fits perfectly    
Not on the level of Spoo's Ralph Lauren haul, but solid none the less...   11-pack of RRL shirts     3 x RLBL       Excellent RRL selvedge       RLPL Navy Silk Cargos… interesting       Nice Etro - still not sure if black or dark, dark navy  
Some firsts for me this week…   Good Lanvin, Louis Vuitton w/ subtle woven LV sig pattern (barely shows up in photo)       Willis & Geiger leather vest     Don't usually pick up Zegna Sport - but this one was 100% linen and too crazy to pass on     Barbour for me (top), Canali NWT, RLPL (x2), Polo Italy - all from a store that I had essentially given up on but checked on a whim     Paul Stuart Knit    
A few recent finds: Comme Des Garcons - first for me   [[SPOILER]]  Zegna blazer w/ logo buttons   [[SPOILER]]  Gucci by Zegna orphan - seems very recent to me, hate that I can't find the pants    [[SPOILER]]  Acne St Martin Fleece Jacket   [[SPOILER]]  RRL Pink Oxford  Minty staple Brioni  R&B - insanely small  Billy Reid Seersucker Texture Gingham  LB  Couple Ben Silvers - white oxford and beige linen   Can anyone give me an authenticity check on these pants - I'm...
 Glad they worked out for ya!
Been a really hot thrift week for me so far *knocks on wood* - icing on the cake was today...  Let me start with yesterday tho: Found this fantastic Brioni cashmere blazer (unfortunately unvented but still awesome)   Next on the rack was this minty Kiton navy tonal pinstripe.  Pants nowhere to be found and no other really awesome stuff there so I left.   [[SPOILER]]  Thanks to others' comments in the past on here to check back a lot as they sometimes slowly roll out...
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