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Thanks for the replies - makes sense about the user name.
I'm sure you big sellers encounter this a lot but just wanted a quick opinion. Sold a NWT Zegna blazer for $500 (a high $ item for me) and the buyer has 0 feedback and an odd looking user name (like FRBP2352_jbg7). The payment went through Paypal and is for a PO Box that is a confirmed address. Should I be OK if I just ship out with delivery and signature confirmation?
 Nice haul man - if either of those VV shirts are an XL and available shoot me a PM
My guess would be the misspelling of Edmonds is on some people's saved searches? Not sure tho - sometimes I almost wonder if misspelling brands in common ways drums up more business lol
Some good finds this weekend - PRL Italy pin stripe suit x2, BBGF solid charcoal suit, skeets, etc. not really worth the photos.   Interestingly enough - this guy was the cheapest thing in the store.  No content tag but has to be cashmere - any way to know for sure?  Obviously it's super soft.           Also this guy - Spoo if you want let me know - tagged Medium    
 Not an expert but you'd probably be OK even just for the buttons.
Just one purchase today - in my top 3 all-time finds though:   100% Cashmere, Loro Piana 1/4 zip sweater… MINT, absurdly soft, $5 and fits perfectly    
Not on the level of Spoo's Ralph Lauren haul, but solid none the less...   11-pack of RRL shirts     3 x RLBL       Excellent RRL selvedge       RLPL Navy Silk Cargos… interesting       Nice Etro - still not sure if black or dark, dark navy  
Some firsts for me this week…   Good Lanvin, Louis Vuitton w/ subtle woven LV sig pattern (barely shows up in photo)       Willis & Geiger leather vest     Don't usually pick up Zegna Sport - but this one was 100% linen and too crazy to pass on     Barbour for me (top), Canali NWT, RLPL (x2), Polo Italy - all from a store that I had essentially given up on but checked on a whim     Paul Stuart Knit    
A few recent finds: Comme Des Garcons - first for me   [[SPOILER]]  Zegna blazer w/ logo buttons   [[SPOILER]]  Gucci by Zegna orphan - seems very recent to me, hate that I can't find the pants    [[SPOILER]]  Acne St Martin Fleece Jacket   [[SPOILER]]  RRL Pink Oxford  Minty staple Brioni  R&B - insanely small  Billy Reid Seersucker Texture Gingham  LB  Couple Ben Silvers - white oxford and beige linen   Can anyone give me an authenticity check on these pants - I'm...
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