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Some of my better finds lately:   Brioni Hopsack       Next 4 all from the same donor:   Minty Boglioli 100% Cashmere SC         Minty Oxxford 100% Cashmere SC         Minty Sammy Wool-Cash         And my personal fave - custom Brooks Brothers tartan plaid, shawl collar tux jacket    
Niiiice - thanks!
Can I get an authenticity check on this one?   [[SPOILER]]
Some solid finds today - all suits were from one store:     2 X PRL Italy, Caruso     Zileri, RLPL, Brioni - orphan at first, but found the missing pants in the rack       Both are pops for me - Cucinelli is women's tho
Been finding some decent standard stuff lately - not really worth posting photos of most but I had to share this one: NOS RLPL Raw Silk DB Suit - a little more than standard $ but still a true thrift   [[SPOILER]]
The eye 2's in copper are the full numerical set from 1-9, the PW and SW were the standard steel unfortunately. Very surprised neither set was missing a numbered iron tho haha.
First - a big shootout to @horse's_ass for the great thrift exchange gift.  Included was a sweet Orvis sweater that fits perfectly, Pendleton wool bag, Chipp Easter tie (have to say it's my fave item), blackwatch wool, PRL and Barney's ties and two awesome PRL squares - thanks a ton and I'll definitely put them to good use!       Spotted last weekend…       …and some recent finds - sorry for crappy pics but have been pretty busy lately:   Thomas Mason for...
Any reason in particular you want to move from the otter green to the tan? I was considering the tan 256 but recently decided to most likely grab the green. I also have the duffel in tan so I was thinking it might be a little overload on that color.
 Thanks man
Some recent good finds for me: Alden Color 8 Shell Loafers  [[SPOILER]]   Zegna Black Bluchers - anyone know the maker on these?  They seem pretty nice   [[SPOILER]]  Pretty clean Red Wing 402 boots   [[SPOILER]]   Ben Silver Buttons - anyone know what this symbol/crest is?   Zegna Trofeo Blue Glenplaid   [[SPOILER]]  Gant Rugger Moleskin Coat   [[SPOILER]]  Patagonia puffer   Barbour Bedale - has the dreaded stuffy wax smell to it unfortunately but pretty nice overall  ...
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