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Best of the best from the past couple of months below but quick question first...   Took a chance on this because of the familiarity of the "cashmere" tag, similar hanger neck tag and overall handwork.  Can anyone confirm it's made by Kiton or just a coincidence?                     If not, at least this is definitely Kiton!  90% Cashmere, 1/2 lined, info tag still stitched on - looks like it was rarely worn, if at all:             Minty...
A few of my more interesting finds lately - haven't been getting out as much but some fun stuff.   Vintage Lilly Pulitzer Men's FU Pants x2           RRL Embroidered Selvage Denim         RLPL Shirt - this thing is absolutely perfect - first I've seen from them with a one-piece collar           Zegna tie (presumably millenium collection) w/ 95% silk, 5% gold         Allen Edmonds Sharkskin and Leather Saddle Shoes - must be pretty...
Some of my better finds over the past couple weeks - might as well start off with the best I suppose:   S/S15 Brunello Cucinelli Wool/Silk travel blazer - super mint.  Found at one of the weirder locations - strike out there 90% of the time but every once in a while there is a ridiculous recent piece off by itself, wonder what the story is...           RLPL St Andrews suit           Really nice minty Loro Piana thick cotton shirt (thought was...
Some of the better recent finds for me:  Boglioli K. Jacket in 100% Cashmere   [[SPOILER]]   Pretty nuts vintage Chipp blazer   [[SPOILER]]   Mezlan Gators - first alligator / croc anything I have found in good enough condition to grab   [[SPOILER]]   And my person favorite (because they actually fit) - Oak Street Bootmakers Chromexcel Vibram Sole Camp Boots.  Looks like they were worn less than 5 times.   [[SPOILER]]
What do you guys use to ship ties? I've been using priority Mail forever as it is easier but am tired of walking sales and/or pissing customers off on $8 to ship a tie.
Great find - found one in burgundy a few months ago that did very well
Couple of fun recent finds for me:     Basically mint Ray-Ban Leaving Las Vegas-style shooters w/ case.  I've been wanting to thrift some vintage B&L Ray-Bans forever - glad I finally scored some but don't think I can really pull these off… haha.  Will probably use proceeds to buy a different pair.       Masters Vineyard Vines tie - these are only available at the actual tournament so fairly hard to get a hold of - definitely wasn't expecting to find this guy  
A few finds from the last week or so...     BBBF        Brioni x2         Belstaff sweatshirt-type thing       Zegna Suede shirt-jacket       Ferragamo dog tie - love this one       Shell Alden in Black     …and for fun in brown too       These are from today - sorry for the awful pics, really tough to get anything reasonable at night     Ridiculously minty Brioni shirt...     …in 100%...
Some of my better finds lately:   Brioni Hopsack       Next 4 all from the same donor:   Minty Boglioli 100% Cashmere SC         Minty Oxxford 100% Cashmere SC         Minty Sammy Wool-Cash         And my personal fave - custom Brooks Brothers tartan plaid, shawl collar tux jacket    
Niiiice - thanks!
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