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i am not looking to really measure my calorie, fat, carb intake etc. just to be able to flip open a book for a quick healthy recipe that doesnt taste like shit. I found the name of the one I was considering, it is called muscle chow.
I have been looking for a muscle building orientated cook book and wasnt really sure which to get. I know menshealth makes one but does any body have it or others? worth picking up?
Quote: Originally Posted by TheRealAshland So heres my question. I have a trainer but I'm not working out with him cause he's only able to work on a monday - friday sorta deal and im working over night those days. I can pretty much do what he do , or does on my own. My question for you is as far as weight loss and saggy skin. My biggest fear is losing weight and having saggy skin. I would just rather be fat then have that. My good friend is a...
Quote: Originally Posted by strangebrew I got a Jcrew chambray shirt on ebay for pretty cheap, but I noticed it didn't have the " selvedge side gusset" thingy pictured on the Jcrew website. Did I get some cheaper version of the shirt? http://www.jcrew.com/browse/single_p...srcCode=FRGL06 u sure its not a factory store J crew shirt?
Blue straight Bagutta shirt SOLD Grey one still avail
RLPL shirt sold, Bagutta shirts still avail..... which I cant believe because they are as about as nice as the RLPL.....
Springcourts sold, other stuff still avail. hit me up wit an offer if you'd like
Hey Noir, I have a workout question for you, I actually just posted it here: http://www.styleforum.net/showthread.php?t=109958 insetad of retyping the whole thing here, thanks for any info in advance>
Quote: Originally Posted by db_ggmm Do low weight, high reps seriously give you puffy muscles... I train for 5k's as my cardio. The explicit goal makes it fun. Thats what I have heard via doing research, but that research consists of internet not actually speaking with a trainer...for more solid looking, lean muscles I have heard very high weight very low rep (ie 5x5)... I like the idea of setting some sort of goal to train for as a...
^oops I just realized you said low weight high rep??? I have never heard to do this... I have also heard heavy weight low reps (atleast for solid muscles, not puffy, pumped up looking muscles).... I was actually going to drop my reps and up the wieght
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