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I used to use the old tanning bed back in the college days, until I realized how bad it was for you. Been thinking for a while about trying some sort of spray tanning but have no idea how well it works. DO NOT want to look orange, i.e., Jersey Shore status. Just looking for a healthy looking glow, something barely noticeable. Anyone tried it? any suggestions on what to look for? worth the extra $$$ to have a human hand spray instead of a both?
(3) J. Crew shirts for sale, all current season: -NWT secret wash medium gingham, sz. M $35 shipped -NWT vintage flannel plaid, sz. M $35 shipped -worn once, oxford workshirt, double pocket, sz. S $25 shipped
few more questions I got: 1. these are brand new unaltered, unfinished etc. all tags attached 1st quality current season stuff from Gilt, not 1 off 2nd's from Daffy's. 2. the navy is indeed a dark midnight blue, i.e., true navy 3. imo both could be worn year round 4. I will not accept an offer of $110 each for these, already have multiple offers at that price which I have turned down
To those pm'ing, they are flat front, very modern slim fit, slimmer than most of the euro tagged Incotex I have tried or owned, dont be fooled by the U.S. sizing, they are def. Euro cut... Approx. measurements: Rise is about 10" Leg opening measured 32" from crotch seam is rise is 8" Waist is about 16.5 (can be let out or taken in quite a bit)
so you think i would get more out of a body part split (maybe trimmed a bit) ratehr than the 5x5 style program I have laid out above?
I used to do a typical body part split of chest/tris, back/bis, shoulders/legs...body looked pretty good but strength gains were slow, switch to riptoe's 5x5 and wasnt super impressed with my results, here is what I just started doing: Workout A: Squat 5x5 Flat Bench w/ bb 5x5 Dips 3xF Push Ups 3xF Bent Row 5x5 Preacher or someother type of curls 3x10 Workout B: Weighted walking Lunges 3xF Overhead Press 5x5 Upright Row 3x10 Incline Bench 5x5 Deadlift 2x8 Close Grip...
Hi, these are tagged 32
(2) NWT Incotex Pants from Gilt sz. 32. Navy Tropical Wool & Tan/Khaki Cotton, $130 shipped each, these are 1st quality from Gilt.
They are Peal lightweights, but I havent noticed any difference between these and my 'regular' Peals, either weight-wise, leatherwise, or sole wise... not really sure what the diff is if anything
price dropp to $85 each shipped
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