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price dropp to $85 each shipped
price dropp to $200 shipped
Black have been sold, Brown wingtips still avail. price drop to $230 shipped
Price dropp, $35 shipped
I have two concern areas that I am considering having lasered... my derma said it should help but its expensive so I wanted to see if anyone on here had experience with it. 1. I have a small stretch mark on inner thigh, about 1.5"x.5"... its older so no longer red, but still bothers me and I want to get it taken care of, he also prescribed Retin A cream but from what I read this only works on "young" fresh stretch marks which this is not. 2. on my cheeks I have redness,...
NWT Mens J. Crew Marled Vintage Fleece Sweatshirt, heavy, great material, sz. Small, current season in stores now.
What are the visual differences between the TB sport shirts and dress shirts? i.e., besides seeing the length in person how do you tell which is which? Do they even make TB sportshirts int he solid oxford? or are they only lightweight stripe designs, etc.Do all the RRL oxfords fit the same or are there certain ones that are slimmer than others?
BoO are too short imo atleast on me @ 6'1", as for Gitman, i havent tried them in a few years since when they first started to become popular again, but I remember them being quite puffy/baggy in the back... maybe that is different now, gotta stop by barneys and try em againThat looks nice but in the pics on the site it looks like it would prob. be too short, atleast on that guy its looks it
NWT J. Crew 1 pocket shit sz. M blue $35 shipped
Mens J. Crew Sun Faded Oxford Shirt, steel gray, sz. S currently in stores. Same exact as one pictured but in size small and doesnt have tags. I had this shirt in small and medium (i.e., the one pictured)... just sold the medium and now listing the small. It has been worn twice. Looks in new condition. Any questions email me. Thanks
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