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Was diagnosed with ulcerative esophagitis a few weeks ago and have been on prilosec/carafate, however was having bloating/burping/feeling full etc. My new GI said the ulcerative esophagigits didnt explain this and sent me for a GES today. I am 28 y/o, very healthy male, had as much blood work as you can think of and tests for everything from thyroid to lyme... Anyway the test was at Beth Israel in Boston, made me eat some horrible eggs (prob. about 2 or 3 worth), 2...
Thanks, I didnt think they could, but wanted to double check before going.
Going to see a dietician Tues., who works for the nutritional services dept. at on eofmy local Boston hospitals. I wanted to see if anyone knows whetehr registered/licensed dieticians employed by a hospital, can order medical tests, like bloodwork or allergy tests? Thanks
those do look nice, pic looks like its from yoox but I am not seeing them on there?
Been wanting to get a few pairs of driving shoes/mocs for a while, and with spring/summer fast approaching here in the NE I want to start my search. I really like this style: http://blog.purentonline.com/index.php/2010/04/29/the-new-tods-gommino-moccassin-lastest-colors-for-spring-summer-2010-collection/ Tods Gommino or Gommini? but didnt really want to drop $450 a pair.... I'd love to locate some of those for around $250-$275 but ebay seems pretty sparse in my sz. Any...
hey have you tried them on instore? i wear a 10.5 in everything and took an 11 in these, they run small imo... only selling because I have 3 pair... they are amazing running shoes
MEN'S BROOKS PURE CONNECT SHOES BRAND NEW!! IN BOX!!!! COLOR: LIME GREEN/ANTHRACITE/BLACK/METALLIC SILVER STYLE: 110108 336 SIZE: 11-US The PureConnect by Brooks is great for neutral runners who delight in lightweight, breathable, flexible shoes! Price is $57 shipped USPS, thanks!
NiB Remington Touch Control Shaver MB4550 Brand New unopened with receipt, price is $35+shipping (prob $5)
HI all...need some help here, just purchased this DY Albion here: http://www.ebay.com/itm/DAVID-YURMAN...item1e6b0b3294 Seller has pretty much all positive reviews on their DY sales, but I am still concerned. 1. comparing with some other Albion collection necklaces, this one has a weird hangtag on it which I havent really seen...but maybe it s a newer/older model? 2. Also the markings on the back of enhancer look a bit different from some others I have seen.... Not...
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