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Yea, the stuff I heard about the nasal steriods were just from family members or friends, many had no problems, a few felt like it caused some anxiety even tho most ENT's insist not much gets absorbed into the body, and someone said they havent been able to stop using it since theyve been on it so long (would really like to avoid this)I actually just ran to the store and picked up this one:http://www.drugstore.com/neilmed-nasaflo-neti-pot/qxp164302with theisotonic packets...
So I have been having some awful breathing issues, apparently sinus related. I have a deviated septum so I am sure that isnt helping but prior to surgery, the ENT's I saw @ Mass Eye & Ear wanted me to try the steroidal nasal spray and using a neti twice a day for a few weeks to see how much relief was gotten. One of the huge problems, besides not being able to breath, is that at night the only way I can sleep is by stirctly breathing through my mouth...besides jthis just...
Thanks for the advice, didnt even think about how far it should hang or what size to get... the ceilings are 9 ft. in each bedroom and the rooms are prob. 16x19 ft. or something like that...no attic above these rooms, just another floor... I was hoping to do the install myself... each has a current light fixture where I want to install the fan, so not sure if the current box in place will work.. I would think the builder might have put the correct box in just in case. Its...
Looking to add a ceiling fan to my 2 bedrooms... I have never bought one before but dont really want to drop alot of $$$ on them. Was thinking like $125-$175 each? However not really sure what features/specs to look for. I have seen crappy ones at friends houses that make horrible noise and wobble, etc.
These were purchased brand new from Nordstroms, they are 100% authentic, new in box. Got them as a gift but I have way too many shades as is. Think they cost around $180. Evrything is sealed and new, comes with all papers, case, cloth etc. Lens have the 'rb' secret etch... send me any questions. Thanks
was thinking about this for the stove: http://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B000IEQ42Q
ha, that has been my thoughts exactly but looking to change it up a bit, I remember having a blast camping years ago... cant be that bad, especially if done right...not to mention nothing like drinking beers out in the woods around a fire... never been big on the hotel experience anyway.
Yea, I should have been more specific, will def. be camping out of a car, but sometimes would like to backpack camp...
selling (2) J. Crew madras shirts from this most recent season, each has been worn 1 time, and all are in perfect condition. Price is $30 each shipped. All are size Medium, although the one that is greenish plaid is their 'slim' version as seen in the pic. To me it fits pretty much exactly the same as the others, they all fit slim... the one labeled 'slim' might be a tad shorter in the body, i.e., like .5" but thats about it.
Want to start camping again this year, havent done it since my teens... however would like to be doing it comfortably, and not really roughing it. Gotta get all new gear, but not really sure what to be getting or what particular brands/items, so far the list includes: tent aero bed or cot (want a really nice comfotable one) large cooler canopy w/ screen, fan, push lights folding table fan for tent stove headlamp good flash light any reccomendations for specific items?
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