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So I am new to the glasses game, not by choice but I need to pick some up. I got Lasik about 4 years ago, prior to that wore contacts for 10 years. Unfortunatley the vison in my right eye is a little down (apparently the Lasik "settled in"). I have free lifetime "touch ups" but dont know if I want to go that route again. Anyway, want to pick up some stylish glasses, but have no idea where to start or look. I plan onn going to try some on but want to do some online...
NIB Brooks Black Fleece Thom Browne white shoes, in box with dust bags sz. 10.5 $165 shipped, firm
I have several pairs of J. Crew 484 cut denim, cords and sun faded chinos currently up for sale on Ebay, feel free to pm me with any offers, willing to sell outright....
NWT Mens GAp 1969 'skinny' cut selvage denim. Brand new with all tags attached. sz. 32x32.
Mens RRL slim boot, sz. 32x32. I forget the name of the wash but they are a lighter distressed blue. These were pruchased brand new from the RRL @ Copley in Boston. I had worn them several times, they are in great condition, as you can see there are no stains, rips (not put there by RRL), and the they have not been altered in any way.
So i think i am going to go with a navy w/ white dots, looks good imo and goes with the white shirt/white ps. Two last questions: 1. should I be doing a full windsor? (does it matter that its a slimmer tie?) 2. which ps folding method should i go with? many thanks in advance
Thank you for the input. I will heed your advice regarding the tie clip.
Hello, Got a wedding, late afternoon, into early evening, up in the white mountains of NH... not in the wedding but am wearing dark charcoal suit, with dark brown cap toes, white shirt, white pocket square, plain silver tie clip, no idea what tie to go with... Was thinking solid black or navy... kind of ditched the black idea beacuse I am wearing the dark brown cap toes... thinking navy might go better. But what about a silver (a shade lighter or darker than the suit)?...
Guess I am afraid of paying to have the work done and still not liking the fit afterward, then I am totally stuck with 2 shirts I prob cant sell.... maybe I'll try it on a cheaper shirt 1st and see how they do...
The Tumi stuff just seems like it would be overpriced, like you said, maybe when it was being made in the U.S. it was better prcie/quality ratio... the Rimowa stuff looks awesome but wayy more than was looking to spend. No longer got a Costco membership so thats out... What are your guys thoughts on hard case vs. soft and also what is the right size to get that meets airline regulations? I am quite clueless about this stuff.
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