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For Sale: J. Crew 484 sz. 31x32, resin crinkle wash. Worn a handful of times but in great shape, see pics. Not tears, stains, fading, etc. $38 shipped.
only pairs left are the 'by Neil Barrett' all others sold
White/Orange 17" pair are sold, all others still avail.
These are 2 beautiful Etro dress shirts, retailed around $400+ each, the material is amazing and the quality/craftsmanship is top notch. Both are brand new, never worn with all tags. Price is $80 each shipped within the U.S. sz. 41 Made in Italy
(2) NWT Mens J. Crew 484 Slim Stanton Pant sz. 31x32, one blue, one peacock $40 shipped each
I did...ended up getting a new 2014 A4 prem plus w/ sports package for 37k (got them down to invoice price, got $1k for audi loyalty and then they matched that).... all in all pretty happy, only got $33k for my S4 trade because of the high miles so its a bit more than I wanted to spend but what can ya do
NWT James Perse L/S slub double layer L/S shirt sz. 2 Retails for $155 $40 shipped
Several pairs of new Sundek board shorts, all sz. 32. Neil Barrett pairs are approx. 14" Length (I think) $85 each shipped Regular line are 17" Length $55 each shipped
So after almost 3 great years I am trading in my 11' Audi S4...she's got 52k miles and just went out of warranty. Time to let it go. I am hoping to do a pretty much even trade, or only have to thrown in a few thousand toward something which leaves me around the $35k range... Not really sure what to look at, but want to basically get something with less than 7k miles and full extended CPO warranty.. Was thinking 2013 CPO Audi A4...any other ideas? never really looked...
I am an attorney in MA. and recently got my brokers license. I am representing a family friend who wants to make a purchase but it is kind of a complicated deal... They found a house they love but havent sold theirs yet. I've reached out to the seller and they said they'd work with us once I explained the situation... Basically my buyer would take out a $100k home equity line on their current home and structure the deal to say something like $100k goes to seller now with...
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