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If I have to explain myself...
^^ really? I don't belong here? and I'm also not allowed to state certain things, such as my opinion? Is this also "sarcasm" or are you just really full of yourself?
Sarcasm, or tongue in cheek, or whatever you want to call it, calling the shoes "complete garbage" is still incredibly rude and classless. Perhaps, you can get someone to fill you in on decency and manners.
What the hell's the matter with you? Why so angry? Just because they're not your cup of tea, doesn't make them CG and also it's kind of insulting to anyone who might like them and also to AE. There's different shoes for different folks, who wants to live in a world with all shoes the same? And if they really are CG, why would you even want them for $99? It's alright to criticize or state your opinion, but that was just rude. Play nice.
Sorry for the slow response. I wear the same size in both,12E. Now the snugness is far less noticeable then when they were new. Even if the RL's feel a little tight on first putting them on for the day, after 15 minutes it's completely unnoticeable, maybe due to the leather warming and softening. If I didn't have a couple of MTO shell Amoks on order, I'd get more of these as even a hair snug still fits my foot better than the Dundees I tried.
I have the RL Saunders and they have the leather insole, not the Poron. Also, the AE RL's are most often compared to AE's Independence line as far as the quality of the leather goes, though I don't have any of these to compare them too. My Saunders also have the 2-piece combination heel like the cordovan AE's. they fit a little bit more snug than than my 5-last shoes. I like them a lot.
Thank you. It's a 1970 Subaru 360.
My new Cappuccino Shell AE PTB's IRL:
Thank you. They are the Cappuccino / Truffle Shell. I'm exceedingly pleased with them.
Last night I received the first of my two MTO's from Paul's gracious offer and I couldn't be happier. I initially wanted the Kenilworths, but on ordering a pair of seconds in black, found that due to my flat feet that they bowed out at the ankles quite a bit. Next Allison sent some Black Hills to try those out, but they just didn't fit my feet well. I had noticed under the clearance section on AE's site that they had a PTB built on the 8-last with 4 eyelets instead of 3...
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