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Single Malt I prefer Lagavulin, and currently enjoying the Costco brand 20 year Speyside matured in Sherry Casks.
Must....Buy Immediately.  Gahhhh!    
Just got a Brooks Brothers 1818 Madison Suit for $240!  :)
I love Paris.  Dress nice and almost every nice restaurant will have a nice bar you can cozy up to.  Many Cafe's as well.  As for clubs, etc I would not know.  :(
Love my house (Had it since 1999)  I found the easiest way to make it better looking was to Paint, Change lighting, change Door hardware and the Wall plates.   :)
  To add to my collection.  :)  (From Brookstone $25)
^ This!   And I love the fact that Men TRY as opposed to the standard T-shirt and pajama pants/flip flops combo!  :)
Hello Gents!   I live in Las Vegas, a Divorced father of 2 and I am always looking for information and advice.  Becoming a better man (In all aspects) is what I strive for.   :)  
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