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Where's this from? I can't seem to find the long sleeve version anywhere.
You're putting words in my mouth. I never said that we shouldn't be discussing the brand, or even that we shouldn't discuss quality concerns. What I am saying is that that guy I quoted, the guy I was responding to, Mister Juiceman, has been clogging up the thread demanding answers with a fervor that seems weirdly aggressive and highly misplaced. He's compiling a dossier of photos that other people have posted to "prove his point", taking other people's quotes out of...
Give it a fucking rest man. It got old a long time ago.  You're on crack if you really think the quality issues are that pervasive. A few folks airing their grievances on an internet forum for fashion nerds does NOT mean that most of their products are defective. The reality is that they are selling lots of shoes to lots of quietly happy customers. Drop it.
  I think it's sold out.  More importantly, what do *you* think about it?
^This exactly^ Winn Perry, Self Edge, Tanner Goods, Frances May, Steven Alan, I+W. Downtown is an embarrassment of riches for menswear right now.
As Oboy mentioned last month, Winn Perry is set to reopen day after tomorrow, Tuesday January 14th. The new location is downtown on SW 9th immediately next door to Jackpot Records. I walked by yesterday and the windows are all covered in butcher paper, but I was able to peer in a little bit through a gap between sheets. From what I could see, the space looks fantastic, and it looks like Jordan's got a pretty wide array of Alden models to kick things off with. I also saw a...
That's terrible advice.
No discount. You must be thinking of something else. 
Yeah, that's what I'm thinking of. Thanks. I found this pic in their instagram feed:Looking at the shoes on the lower left and the lower right, it's hard to tell--are the uppers on those any different than the Trench oxford? Am I confusing my terms here--I mean, aren't the trench oxfords bluchers already? Anyway, they look rad. Gonna email George and Tony...
Am I right in thinking that I saw talk of a new shoe coming out soon? i.e. *NOT* a trench oxford, but another low cut shoe entirely?   Any more info on this? Will it be on the Elston last?    I'm considering talking to the boys about getting a custom pair of brown/dainite trench oxfords, but am curious if something else is in the pipeline that might be worth holding out for...
New Posts  All Forums: