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Where's this from? I can't seem to find the long sleeve version anywhere.
  I think it's sold out.  More importantly, what do *you* think about it?
^This exactly^ Winn Perry, Self Edge, Tanner Goods, Frances May, Steven Alan, I+W. Downtown is an embarrassment of riches for menswear right now.
As Oboy mentioned last month, Winn Perry is set to reopen day after tomorrow, Tuesday January 14th. The new location is downtown on SW 9th immediately next door to Jackpot Records. I walked by yesterday and the windows are all covered in butcher paper, but I was able to peer in a little bit through a gap between sheets. From what I could see, the space looks fantastic, and it looks like Jordan's got a pretty wide array of Alden models to kick things off with. I also saw a...
That's terrible advice.
Frances May in Portland got a small shipment of spring GBV in. They've got the bike shirt in short sleeve, not on their site yet. Anyone looking might want to give them a call.   Personally, I agree with what someone said a page or two back--they look like wheelchairs.   They also got the ikat plaid, a madras or two, the mexican blanket, another one or two. I picked up the ikat, wasn't particularly moved by anything else. I'm holding out for the stars.
Lots of good recs here.   What's Blue Line though? Haven't heard of it, Google isn't showing anything. I don't think you're talking about getting around on the Max, and I'd be surprised if you meant Blue Hour.   We ate at Ava Gene's a couple nights ago, it was spectacular.   Oboy's recs for DOC cannot be stated strongly enough. Best restaurant in the city, according to my opinion.   Kix, is the new Tasty spot over near you guys open yet?
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