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i know has them and I think they have the one you were talking about. If not try
Hey guys, I am probably way behind the game, but can someone tell me what the deal is with Nubie Jeans is? Such as where you can get them in the states (preferably Chicago). How much do they cost? And which style and washes do you guys like the best. I like my jeans loose, but not that loose. The ojas seems like they could be a good match. Thanks a lot, Parker
Two other cool t-shirt lines I just found are Imaginary Foundations ( and Riv04 ( I don't know if any of you saw that new show on Vh1 called Strip search (not that I would ever watch it.), but the host had on a flying burrito shirt that I really liked from them.
yea, dido to that.
I want to say june 12-13th, i'll have to dig it up and let you know.
I just got an email about Trovata's spring sample sale. It's in Cosa Mesta and I am in Chicago. Anyone going to make it out to it? On a side note, what exactly do they sell at sample sales? Is it just remaining samples from that season?
I was at the new Barney's Co-op in Chicago on Halsted today and the had some great t-shirts. They had all of Trovata's new t-shirts and rogan's new t-shirts, but they are pretty pricey. They also had some great necklaces for men called miracle icons, does anyone have one of their peices? Also, they had a great line of jeans called Stitch, but for 300 dollars a pair I decided to pass.
A great new jean company for men is J & company. They do some great stuff.
With summer right around the corner I thought this would be a good post... Top ten favorite t-shirt lines: Altru - The designs are simple yet creative and they print on a great cotton/poly blend. Tyler Speed - Really funny, but not childish designs. Great designs from a football league in the 80's. Rock'n Clothing - Musically inspired vintage t-shirts, great designs and a real soft 45/55 blend. They have really good...
Hello, I am from Rock'n Clothing ( and we are in search of dedicated, well-spoken and outgoing people who want to make some extra money. The job will require you to set-up appointments and pitch clothes to trendy clothing stores in your area. In return you will recieve free shirts and a commision based on your sales. Being that the people on this forum are well into fashion, this is a good match. If you are interested please send an email...
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