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My cotton socks have held up with proper (likely more gentle than necessary) care. I'm hoping these are significantly thicker just because of chilly (0° or below) winters. The color palette fits the fall and winter seasons well. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
[/quote][/quote] I love this photo. What camera did you use? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
I ask because turning the socks inside-out, over and over, seems fairly traumatic. I'd prefer to not strain the fabric over and over if it's not necessary to do so.   Potential strain and damage wouldn't be compounded by the washer or dryer as I'm hand washing my Viccel socks with white Zote soap (if you like the smell of citronella, it's wonderful stuff) and hang drying using Mawa clip hangers.
Can anyone explain the reasoning behind washing these—or any socks—inside out? My assumption is that it assists with either cleaning the part of the sock that contacts your skin, or it helps preserve the dye (like turning a pair of raw denim inside out before a soak).
The quality of the summer weight seems to be on par with Viccel's other offerings, and the color of my forest green pair is great, but it takes on a sheer appearance when worn. I plan to treat the winter weight Viccel as my default 4-season dress sock; I have thicker military surplus socks for casual wear, or under Clarks desert boots.
So far, I'm hand-washing and hang drying my Viccel socks, and based on my experiences so far they will be my new sock wardrobe staple. I purchased a second order of all heavy winter weight, a full week's worth in navy and then a couple different colors to try.   I'v experienced no slippage, and all the socks from my first order fit my feet and heel perfectly, despite my unusually high arches. Some pairs require a bit of folding at the top; that's fine, because I'd...
My socks just arrived today, 2013-02-26, only about three business weeks from the time of my order to the Midwestern US. I'm looking forward to trying each of the three styles out (I ordered one of each weight).
That's a nice addition to the member discount, especially for those stocking up on basics. Will this free pair show up in the checkout process?
I've had trouble finding socks that fit for some time. I'm a size 8 US shoe (7.5 US without socks), so most one-size-fits-all socks leave a wad of fabric bunched up above my heel. Combine that with my preference for OTC socks and it makes it pretty difficult to find a line that works.   I just placed an order for three different weights of Viccel socks and am looking forward to receiving a package in a few weeks.
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